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Celestial Seasonings Holiday Collection

Good afternoon everyone. It's a cold Thursday here in N.Y.C. I have been working non-stop but I will try to stay up to date as much as I can. I stumbled upon Celestial Seasonings holiday line up of teas. Check them out here. They look delicious :)

Do you guys buy "holiday teas" around this time of year? Or just serve your year round regular favorites. Me myself I just drink regular during the holiday season. But these do look yummy. I'd be willing to make a switch.

Signing off a "Tea" Diva

Pumpkin Pumpkin Everywhere...

My coffee people! I have missed you all. I just recently accepted another job part time working in a really great store. I will be starting later this week. So wish me well :)
It's October. I can't believe that. As usual the days are just flying by. I am here to give you the best of everything Pumpkin ! Which is pretty much anywhere you look .

Own a Keurig Brewer?? Here are some great Pumpkin K-Cups From Greenmountain

Own a traditional coffee maker? Love to recreate your own recipes? Well here is a great Pumpkin Pie Spice Latte Recipe from McCormick Spices.

If you own a Tassimo brewer (as I lucky received from Tassimo for free) they have their own Pumpkin Spice Latte discs as well. I can't wait to try these. I am sure they are amazing. The Tassimo brewer makes barista quality drinks.

If you are like my mom and you love flavored creamers, well you will definitely want to try International Delight's Pumpkin Pie Spice creamer. It is to die for !!!

If hot tea is more…

Gevalia House Party Applications Open

A beautiful happy Saturday to all. I just came back from a nice treat. I went to get a pedicure with my sister at the nail salon. It felt great. After such a stressful week and month. I needed that. I haven't slept in days so I was practically asleep in the chair lol. I am enjoying a nice cup of Jamaica Me Crazy. It is the last K-Cup I had from that blend. Now I am ready to stock up on fall/winter flavors. But it was okay since it is warm here in N.Y.C.

I am a member of I have gotten one party in the two years or so I have been applying. It is very competitive and at times I get frustrated for never getting picked. None the less I still apply. You never know right? Well the newest party they have is " Gevalia For The Love Of Foam". It looks awesome! I applied and I hope I win. Here is the link so you can apply. It is very easy.

I hope you win! Good luck :)

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Friday Run Down 9/27/13

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry for the silence the past month. A tragedy has happened to me. One I never saw coming. But life goes on. So I am taking care of myself and being strong. At the end of the day, that's all you can do. Even if you don't want to.
So here is the Friday Run Down:

Interesting article from Daily Coffee News on Coffee & Beer. Read here

K-Cup Clearance !!! Order here before this offer expires

"Atlas coffee-infused Socks". Read about this new invention involving coffee lol.'s list of the best coffee beans to buy. See if your favorite is on the list

Illy's Sustainable Chain Reports.

Twinning's Chai Pumpkin Spice K-Cup review from Cross Country Cafe'.

Video from Strangers Coffee House.

Everyone have a beautiful Friday ! Enjoy this weather with someone you love ..

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Lipton Has K- Cups !

Good Afternoon Thursday readers. It is a very sticky,humid, and rainy August day here in N.Y.C. Yuck. It makes me feel sleepy. I have been home today because a piece in my shower is broken so I had to wait for the super to finally make his way up to my apartment and fix it. I was reduced to taking a bath a few days and washing my head in the sink. That was fun(not really). Well what can you do? These are the exciting activities that grown ups have to deal with on a daily basis. I am glad to be in an apartment when things like this happen so I never have to fix anything lol.

Today on my Facebook page I saw Lipton Tea now has Tea K-Cups!! Love this idea. I drink Lipton Tea all the time. They are available to purchase on $12.39 for a 24 count pack. I think that's reasonable for K-Cups. Lipton has three flavors so far. Black Tea,Green Tea, and Iced Tea. I would love to try the black Tea K-Cups.

Have you guys purchased any Tea in K-Cup form? Do you find they taste great …

Friday Run Down 8/16/13

I started out this week with a bang. I felt renewed with the cooler fresh air. I had tons of energy. Somewhere down the week from yesterday on I lost my spark. This happens a lot to me. As I got older and my lifestyle changed from going to clubs every night to being a housewife. I always have these spurts of energy. But then it dies out after a while. I could just be relaxing and then boom! I have to get up and go do something. I am not satisfied unless I am constantly doing stuff. Which stinks, because there are days that we should be able to just relax. And go with the flow. But I am trying. My husband hates when I am like this. He feels I work very hard and I should enjoy myself whenever I have the free time(One of the many reasons why I love him so much). If anything it is a compliment to myself if I do have some free time at the end of the night. That means my house is spotless. Work is done. My husband is taken care of. And now it's time for me :) How do you guys unwind?


Afternoon Tea

What a beautiful day it is here in N.Y.C. The humidity dropped and cool air took over. Finally good weather to do my Zumba in! I don't know about you guys, but when it is very hot and humid out I just can't be doing Zumba or cardio like that. Makes me feel like I'm going to pass out. I usually just do sit ups, push ups, & yoga in the summer. I do the same in winter but with my Zumba when I first get up. I was so happy I did an hour advanced session and it felt great. I always feel good when I am eating healthy and working out.
Speaking of being healthy, another thing I try to do every day if I am home is have afternoon tea. I usually stop drinking coffee after the morning time and I love the soothing feeling of stoping for a little bit mid-day and just relaxing. Savoring the moment. I usually go on my porch. Or read a little bit. I have so many different varieties of tea that I drink. Black, green, white, etc. Most are caffeine free which is another reason I switch t…

Sunday In Review: Wolfgang Puck "Breakfast In Bed" K-Cups

Good afternoon my readers. This week has just flown by. Today is my Friday. I can't wait to have two days off. I just want to spend quality time with my husband. Have a nice cold drink on our porch. Watch life slow down a bit. It has been a busy week. I am trying to incorporate a lot of new things on my blog. I do the Friday run down, and now I will be adding Sunday Reviews. I am also thinking about doing a little Book Corner Cafe' area where we could discuss or recommend our favorite books. I have been reading so much more the past year or so ever since my dad bought me a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas. It was one of the best gifts I ever received. I just finished reading Angels & Demons by Dan Brown. I read the Da Vinci Code first. I know he has a few other books but I got a bit bored after a while of reading two books about Church and conspiracy theories lol. I am on to "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo". I loved the movie and my sister said the book was great (…

Friday Run Down 8/9/13

Allergies, rain, unpacking, and weekly shopping. That's what's trending over by my side of the world today. Here is the Friday run down. I hope you all enjoy a safe and fun weekend :)

A good article from Daily Coffee News about Starbucks new "beliefs". Just a side note. . . Why the hell would anyone want or need to take a gun into Starbucks?? Ugh what has this world come to ?

On Facebook? Who isn't ? Head on over to Keurig's Facebook page. Like them and enter their Summer Sweepstakes for a chance to win a brand new Keurig Vue Brewer !

Tully's Hawaiin K-Cups are on sale on

Cross Country Cafe is reviewing Newman's Special Blend K-Cup. Read here.

Also on Cross Country Cafe, you can purchase Donut House Collection Cinnamon Roll K-Cups on sale. Purchase here.

Have your own office or work in one? Well tell your boss they have to get this! The new Keurig Bolt. Made with Keurig technology in mind, but tailored for an office. Check…

Pumpkin Spice Coffee Is Back

It's that time of year again. Where the summer nights start getting a bit shorter. We go back to work. Back to school. Back to reality. The summer is slowly ending. With that there is the promise of cooler nights. Warmer drinks. The best time of year, the holidays. Accompanying those beautiful memories are a seasonal favorite. Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice coffee! I love this blend in the fall/winter holidays. It's a tradition now to have it in my household starting from October through winter. It gives me just one more reason to love fall :) You can shop here and get Pumpkin Spice in any way shape or form. Ground bag, K-Cups, or Vue Packs.

Do you guys have seasonal favorites? Have you ever tried Pumpkin Spice before ? Well read my review on the coffee here.

My thoughts for the day:
I am back from my week vacation. I am so happy to be with my hubby but it sucks working again.
I hate humidity. August can rain and be humid almost everyday. I love the rain but leave that humi…

Advil® Allergy & Congestion Relief Friends' Mission

Free Folgers Black Silk Sample

Head on over to Folgers' Facebook page to try your choice of Black Silk. I have tried this in the K-Cup form and it is great ! Very bold. Definitely doesn't taste like "Folgers". You can check out my review here.

Signing off a " Free Coffee Diva "

Smaller Companies To Get Into The Single Serve Industry

Life can seem overwhelming. Maybe not every day or month. Or it could be all day long. You never know. Life is very unpredictable. I find myself having a day that I will feel down out of no where. Not quite knowing why. I think it is because I have become so tuff living on my own ( and in NYC) that I often get through the day to day obstacles without an after thought. You get stressed. You get burned but you are almost used to it. I've been through so many hardships ever since I was young. They have made me stronger. But Every once in a while my heart will catch up with my head and say "hey slow down". Process what you've been through and what you are going through. It's good to let yourself feel your emotions to move on and truly experience life on every level you possibly can. Usually by the morning I am back to my routine. Which brings me to the best advice if you guys ever feel that way. Even right now reading this: Just make coffee! When life sucks, and lif…

Gevalia Dark Roast K-Cup Review

Today I am in a Pinterest kind of mood. Getting close to fall before we know it, I am getting that itch to buy new linens, blankets, and maybe a cozy chair. I love Pinterest. I have gotten such good design ideas from there. I love to look up apartments. Seeing people's bold designs inspires me to push my limits. I want to become a better decorator.

So I have a good review for you today. I have really loved all of the Gevalia K-Cups I have tried so far. This is another one: Gevalia Dark Roast is the newest one I have tried. It is " an intense complex blend". Full Bodied. 100% Arabica Beans. It smells great. Has a strong aroma reminiscent of when you walk into your favorite coffee house shop. Dark color. Rich and bold but not bitter at all. Nice and smooth. Me and my husband both loved it. I think it is good for every day use if you like a medium-bold coffee. I would give it Four coffee cups out of 5.

P.S. As I am writing, I am listening to the Coffee House station on s…

The Heat & Ikea ....

We have been having a bit of a heat wave here in NYC. Everyone seems to be cranky, hot, and lazy. Oh wait is that just me ? Minus the cranky lol. What is it about the heat that makes you feel so lazy! It took me forever to get out of bed today. I probably hit the snooze button a million times. I was supposed to go to my local Rite Aid and pick up a few things, but knowing that heat was out there. I just laid in bed until the last minute possible. Then of course the laundry has piled up. I told my husband I'd do it last week but that never happened. He kept forgetting to give me the laundry card. So finally today he remembered. He has run out of clothes so I HAVE to do all this laundry on the hottest day of the year! I don't mind doing the laundry regularly because I take care of everything in our apartment. That is my job. But I am dreading doing this "job" later. Luckily I have some time to drag it out and sit here in front of the fan with the shades drawn because …

Friday Run Down 7.12.13

It's another humid and rainy day here in N.Y.C. If I had a dollar for every time I have said that this year, I could probably buy myself a small car! I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful sun filled day. Here is the Friday run down:

Craving Coffee ? Maybe something cold or frosty ? Well Seattle's Best Coffee has $1.00 off coupon on their Facebook page for their frozen coffee blends. They look so yummy. I haven't seen them at my local store yet but I will have to keep my eye out for that one :) They come in four flavors. Coffee chiller, creamy caramel, mega mocha, and very vanilla. I wouldn't even be able to choose.

Hawaii's solution to their coffee borer beetle problem. Read here from

Interested in applying for the best coffee house competition? Check out all the details here including the application process.

Looking for a cheap decoration design for your wedding ? Well then stock up on coffee filters and check out this DIY Coffee filter…

Coffee And A Bit More..

Caio coffee readers :) I have been thinking a lot about expanding my blog. At first it started as a coffee/tea blog. All things in between. But I have so many other projects and talents I do every day that I think I should incorporate into the blog. Hopefully I will get more readers to sign up, and enjoy. As well as them sharing with me their own projects and opinions. I am really big into taking pictures, DIY projects,designing my apartment, fashion, etc. I know there are millions of apartment dwellers out their in cities all over the world. I would like to expand to those readers. I feel we share that bond together. Decorating a small space. Living in the city. All the pros and cons that come with that. Over the next few months I will still be blogging about my love that is coffee. But if you see a home project design picture or a stylish outfit I just purchased and was excited to talk about. Yes it is still the coffeediva :) It's just the other things I am in love with too....

Coffee & Good Health

I have read numerous articles on the health benefits of coffee consumption. This article definitely will blow you away on the benefits of coffee drinking. I think it is safe to note ( even though I am not a doctor). The amount you drink, should still be within moderation. Two cups a day the most. Not being used with sugar as well to see the full benefits. Otherwise you are defeating the purpose of drinking coffee for health!

Read here

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New From Tassimo: Tassimo Tea Bar

Hello my friends. Today is a hot and humid day here in N.Y.C. It looks like it is going to be that way all week :( Hate that. I can never work out when it is this humid out. Except for yoga maybe. Well I have been so busy lately I missed you guys. I just did a big renovation to my hallway. I painted it a beautiful bold dark teal color with white trim. I have been finishing little by little. Adding new pictures, accessories as well as light switches and such. What a project !! What have you all been keeping busy with ?

I was contacted by a very sweet lady from Tassimo. They are a huge company that sells single serve machines like the Keurig world wide. She told me that they have a brand new product out called Tea Bar (And provided me with Free Samples. How amazing was that). The Tea Bar has three flavors so far. Sweet Black Tea, Peach, and Raspberry. These are meant to be served iced. Just in time for Summer ! They are $9.99 for a pack of 16. They can be bought through Tassimo's …

Coffitivity: The New Sound Of Creativity !

The newest thing to hit the coffee scene is not a new coffee as you'd think. It's Coffitivity. It's basically the hum of a coffee shop in the background of people talking, drinking, eating. Playing in the background of your computer to boost your creativity. I like the idea because I myself have always been a "background music" type of creative person. In fact when I put music on while I'm working or even just doing my make up, I feel everything always comes out better. The music keeps me focused. As well as motivated. I think that is the most important thing when you are working. Especially if you work from home as I do. You need that stamina to finish whatever job you are doing. I am listening to Coffitivity as I type right now ! Also if you are a person who is alone a lot ( again me ) this might be perfect for you as well. If you are at the computer and you are just looking for a little white noise. Check out this article from The New York Times on Coffit…

Eight O'Clock Original Medium Roast K-Cup Review

Hello all. I know it is nothing but rain lately here in N.Y.C. I am trying to plan a mini vacation for me and my husband for next month. It has been such a trying year for us and we deserve a get a way. How is the weather around your neck of the woods. I hope you all are safe and warm. Here is a new review to keep you guys thinking positive.
So over the past few months I have tried a lot of the new K-Cups that are now available. Eight O'Clock Coffee being one of them. I have been so delighted to find that most of the brands that I'm not familiar with or crazy about taste great in K-Cup form. Eight O'Clock coffee has been around for a long time and I have tried their bag coffee here and there but was never much of a "fan". But now I am hooked. I tried the medium blend first. It is a great medium roast. Perfect for everyday drinking. No after taste. It has 100% Arabica coffee in their K-Cups. Which is probably why they taste so good ! I have even tried the Hazeln…

Friday Run Down 6/7/13

It is a stormy day here in N.Y.C. It was a very long, busy, and most importantly stressful week. It's funny the difference a few days or a week can make. Last week might have been perfect. This week horrible. But that just means it has to come around again. I am doing some evening work since it was a hectic day for me. Enjoying a nice glass of Cabernet Sauvignon as the rain pours outside. Candles glowing and music playing to spark my creation. I hope you are all staying safe from the storm. Here is the Friday run down.

"Send Dad Peet's Single Cups 5 Box Sampler & receive FREE SHIPPING + 15% off!" from Peet's coffee. Order online

Here is a great article from The New York Times entitled " This is your brain on coffee " .

Check out the New " Rubi " . A machine designed for self serve fresh coffee on demand from Seattle's Best Coffee.

Green Mountain is running a great deal for summer "For a limited time, enjoy a free tum…

Coffee " Lingo " In The States

Want to know how to order your favorite coffee at the local hipster joint ??? Click here for a funny list of coffee terms via The New York Times article

Signing off a " Coffee Diva

Old Navy Active Wear Review For Crowdtap

I received a coupon from (since I am a member) for a free active wear bottom and top from old navy and I love them. I wear the yoga pants everyday to do my cardio work outs. Zumba. And yoga. They have great prices. They hold up well. You can sweat in them. Best of all they look really flattering ! So head on over to your local Old Navy and check them out :)

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New Bunn My Cafe MCU

Here is a new machine from Bunn that can be used with kcups. Check it out to see how you can brew !

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Top Five Summer K-Cups

Well just as fast as Christmas ends every year summer arrives out of the woods. These past few days here in N.Y.C have reached temps in the mid to high 80's. None the less it's been hot ! But I have welcomed the heat with open arms and windows. I thought a great post would be to do my top five k-cups to enjoy in the summer. A lot of people ( me included) still drink hot coffee even in the summer. But I do like to switch it up with a seasonal flavor. So here is my list of favorites. I hope you will try and enjoy in the sun with good health.

1. Green Mountain's Island Coconut. Has a great flavoring. Obviously coconut. It's a light roast. Best way to describe is it tastes like a mounds bar ! Yumm.

2. Wolfgang Puck's Jamaica Me Crazy. This is very similar to Island Coconut but with a slight variation. It tastes like caramel meets coconut and has a Jamaican love child ! The other difference is Jamaica Me crazy is a medium roast. So it feels more hearty than say the Isl…

Advil Allergy & Congestion Relief -- Smiley360 Connect

Advil Allergy & Congestion Relief -- Smiley360 Connect

Great for allergy sufferers. If you get sinus pressure headaches and have allergy symptoms try out Advil. :) It will help. I suffer from allergies spring/summer seasons. I get bad migraines with them as well. I took this one day and it did relieve the pressure.

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Blackberry Z10 Review For Crowdtap & Verizon

Happy Saturday lovers. How has your week been? I hope good. Well if you are like me and you hate the Iphone at this point and the followers that shell out hundreds of dollars every month for essentially the same type of phone, then I have a great new one for you.
I was very lucky to be chosen to try the new Blackberry Z10 phone from Crowdtap & Verizon. I can't say enough about this phone. I love it. It has a nice screen that is not really huge ( like the Samsung Galaxy models) or too small like some cheaper Android models. It is right in the middle. It is pretty user friendly. I didn't even read the guide before using. You take nice pictures. You can make videos. You can video chat or take pictures either front or back which is very cool. It is fast. No lagging or freezing in the screen. The biggest seller of them all is that the Blackberry has a great battery life. I gave it to my husband as an early birthday present and he has been using it every day and loves it. All …

Top 11 Summer Ready Iced Coffee Drinks

Finally the weather is warming up. I can feel my spirits lifting ! Now to a change in our daily coffee drinking. Iced. Here are 11 great summer ready coffee drinks from Yumm. Let me know if you guys have tried any of these drinks. I love to do an iced coffee in the summer. But I will still drink hot coffee if it's not humid out in the morning on my porch. Before the sun has set. There is still a breeze from the tree I can feel. Everything is just right :)

Signing off A " warm " Coffee Diva

Friday Run Down 5/3/13

Hi guys!! I have been away on vacation this past week with my husband. Today was our first day back at work. The bad part was going back to work. The good part is it's only a three day week so we will be off again on Monday. It was so nice to spend quality time with my husband. We did a million things in one week. Saw family. Went shopping. Purchased some new well deserved ( and needed ) furniture. I even did an hour Zumba Core workout today. Which may I just add was so intense. It said I burned 600 calories. It was fun. I just love it! I use it on my Wii machine. Anywhoo enough about me. How was your week without me ???
It is Friday so you know what that means. The Friday Run Down!! Here goes...

A funny post on "27 Unexpected ways coffee can improve your life" has a greatr K-Cup giveway. Just click and enter. Good luck :)

Thinking about working in Specialty Coffee??? Well take a look at this article for more information

Russian Coff…

Espro Press Review

Earlier I had did a thorough post on the Espro Press and all it's great qualities and where to purchase. Everything you needed to know about what the Espro Press is. They were nice enough to send me the small version of the Espro Press and I just love it. It eliminates the need of using a french press but has the same type of idea in mind. Just a highly updated and technologically advanced version. The Espro Press has two filters to make sure that there are no ground bits in your coffee. It keeps the coffee warm in the double insulated stainless steel wall. A minimum of two hours. ( I tested this I think mine was for about an hour. Give or take). It's beautiful. Let's you use whatever coffee you like. And it gives you the option to really customize your own brew. I like to keep it and use it for when I run out of K-Cups. Or when I have a special blend to taste and review. I don't want to use an old drop coffee maker. Yuck. Espro Press is the new wave of the future an…

Maxwell House "House Blend" K-Cup Review

Good afternoon. It is finally a warm sunny day here in N.Y.C. I have so many reviews and posts to catch up on since I have been so busy working. But I have a great review for you today. It is Maxwell House's House blend kcup. Now I will be honest since we are all such good friends. I really did not expect Maxwell House K-Cups to be good. Their regular ground coffee in the can is mediocre at best. So I was expecting the K-Cup to be watered down or taste weird. But I was wrong. Which I am so many times in life ;) The coffee was a very nice medium blend. It tastes strong in the sense that there is no watering down of this K-Cup. The coffee is fresh. 100% Arabica. No after taste. No gritty taste. No flavor. Just plain old good drink till the last drop coffee.
I had one cup yesterday and was so excited to have another today. I even told my mom about them. What made me even more happy was that my local Key Food grocery store had them in stock. A few years back when I first got my Keur…

5 Worst Mistakes to Avoid When Making Your Morning Coffee

5 Worst Mistakes to Avoid When Making Your Morning Coffee: Think your coffee is up to snuff?  Chances are you’re guilty of one of these common mistakes when you make your morning brew.  Major Cohen, an 18-year coffee expert and senior project manager in coffee engagement at Starbucks, knows how to make a cup. “If...

Happy Weekend All ! Signing off A " Coffee " Diva

Friday Run Down 4/19/13

Hello everyone. I hope you are all having a beautiful Friday. I just wanted to take the time to say that I am so sorry to anyone who was effected by the horrible events that took place in Boston this week, and that are still conspiring today. It is so sad to turn on the T.V and see all that is wrong in this world everyday. No place is safe anymore. I think that's why I really enjoy the smallest things in life like coffee or this blog. Life is short as we all see and we have to be thankful for everything we have. Stop with the money and what car do you drive. It's so unimportant in the comparison of life itself. Let's all us good people still believe in love and life and pass it on to another.

Here's the Friday Run Down. I hope it cheers anyone up in some small way :) My loving positive thoughts are out there in this universe ..

Stop in today at your local Dunkin Donuts to get your choice of a fresh brewed Iced Tea for only $.99. In your choice of classic, peach, or r…

Try The Cottonelle Clean Care Routine

Hello readers. As per my last post about, here is another great item to review and use. Cottonelle Clean Care Routine. I was very lucky enough to be a member. I received a very generous box of over 36 rolls of Cottonelle toilet paper and three tubs of wipes. I have been using every day and it really does make you feel nice and clean every time after using the bathroom. You can tell the difference from the cheap stuff I usually use and Cottonelle. A lot of times when you use cheap toilet paper it leaves behind some. Or on a hot day you just don't feel all that " fresh " . Try Clean Care Routine. You have nothing to loose but that "dirty feeling" .

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Woolite Detergent Sampling

Hey guys. Hope you are all having a great weekend. Sorry for the loss of posts here and there. It has been very busy. I am doing a lot of work writing , but don't worry I didn't forget about you all. . I have a great post today on Woolite Detergent. I am a member for and I received a sampling kit. It came with coupons, and detergent samples to try. The detergent is great and it is supposed to work on everything from your dedicates to your jeans. Lights to darks. So head over to and sign up to get started on what could be a beautiful thing ! (Including freebies :))

Signing off a " Clean " Coffee Diva How To Use It For Free Stuff

Hi Kiddies ! The Friday Run Down is my second post on Read it here.
Comment, like, follow, you know the drill. Support your favorite Coffee Diva :)

Thanks Everyone

A " Coffee " Diva

My First Post On !


Head on over to and check out my first writing post. I will be in the money savings blog tab ! So show some love, and sign up with yofreesamples to get great freebies, tips, and advice on everything !

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I Just Joined Smiley360

I Just Joined Smiley360: I just became a Smiley360 member! Discover and review exciting brands for free, too! Sign-up at #smileymember *Please remember the FTC requires you to mention that you received a free sample courtesy of Smiley360 when sharing.

Friday Run Down 3/22

Hey blogger readers !! It is Friday. Very cold here in N.Y.C even though the calendar says Spring. There is so much going on in my life that I feel so run down and tired. Finding the energy to last throughout the busy days are hard. But coffee, and very loud techno music helps ! What are your plans for this weekend ? My Birthday is Tuesday so I am planning . Well here is the Friday Run Down.. :)

The benefits of coffee drinking chart. Really great numbers to make you want to go brew a cup right now !!

Another great article on the health benefits on drinking Green Tea or Coffee from

Cross Country Cafe has a sale on Emerils' K-Cups. Order here.

Register online for tickets for SCAE . The world of coffee.

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Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Dry Oil

Want Silky Shiny Hair and Body ? Well you should try out Garnier's New Dry Spray Oil. You can use it on your face, body, and hair. I am a bzzagent and #igotitfree ! Check it out :)

Campbells® Slow Kettle® Style Soups

Campbells® Slow Kettle® Style Soups: Thx Campbells® #SlowKettle 4 the free soup and cool stuff! Get a $1 off #SlowDownAndSavor *Please remember the FTC requires you to mention that you received a free sample courtesy of Smiley360 when sharing.

Friday Run Down 3/15/13

T.G.I.F all. I'm feeling a little under the weather. I think I caught a small bug/virus last night. Thank god I wasn't throwing up and I'm better today. This weather is dark and dreary and is making me feel depressed again. . What do you guys do to cheer up when you are feeling under the weather or sad ?? A favorite show ? A cup of coffee ?

A K-Cup Review from on Starbucks' Cafe' Verona Dark Roast K-Cup. Read it here.

One cup connection has Tully's French Roast on Sale for $9.99. Purchase here .

Do you like coffee & Tea like I do ? Well here's the best of both worlds. Hong Kong Coffee/Tea Recipe.

The Republic Of Tea has Free Shipping on all domestic orders $50 or more from now until 3/24th so shop quick !

Boyer's Coffee now has their Irish Coffee Blend out just in time for St. Patty's Day. So shop now! Get 17% off any order. Just type in "shamrock" at checkout. Now through the 3/17th.

Now Dunkin Donuts has their…

Espro Medium Pre-Review

Back in 2002 two innovative mechanical engineers sat down for coffee and sketched their first of many designs to come into the company we know today as Espro. Their names were Bruce Costantine and Chris McLean. By 2004 Espro was born. They had found a way to take out the biggest problems that are faced by the French Press. Coffee grinds everywhere. Breaking models. Staying warm for five minutes.
Espro has made a beautifully stunning work of art. Their Press is stainless steel. Vacuum sealed. Double walled to keep the coffee hot for a minimum of two hours. It has a unique two filter system that filters the coffee in two stages that enables the coffee to be pressed 9-12 times finer in comparison to an average French Press. In doing this they have removed 10-20% of leftover waste. They came out with their large model first, and now they have a medium one.It will be 12-18 oz. This Press will save 20 to 30% of waste! The new Medium Press is available for a discounted rate on Espro's K…

Another Sugary Ban On Drinks, Now Coffee.

Afternoon . It is a snowy/rainy cloudy dreary day here in N.Y.C. What else is new lol ? I just read an article from the New York Times that explains all about Mayor Bloomberg's new "rules" on buying coffee and what we could put in it . Read on.

Does this bother you guys to put in your own sugar ? Is it a problem ? Do you think it will stop people from buying " big sugary coffee drinks " ? For me not so much. We all know no matter what you tell people they will do as they please. Case in point people still smoke even though we know the horrible health risks. I don't even use sugar in my coffee so another reason this won't effect me. I never order large coffee drinks either. I once in a blue moon will order a small or Medium French Vanilla Skim Latte at Dunkin Donuts. But 7 days out of the week I make my own coffee at home. It's cheaper and most of the coffee I try out I think stinks. Yes even Starbucks, and definitely Dunkin Donuts. The hot latte i…

Friday Run Down 3/1/2013

Well here we are yet again. Another Friday. The weeks just seem to fly by. In a couple of weeks I myself will be 27. I really can't imagine where the years have gone. I feel like it was just yesterday I graduated high school. Then before I knew it I was moving out, getting engaged, married, and a million things in between from the time I was 20 until now. I met my husband when I was 20 and haven't looked a day back since. I am an old school romantic. I believe in lasting love. Growing old together. And of course soul mates. Well if any of you can relate to me in the years flying by, how have you dealt with them ? Do you find yourself savoring that cup of coffee just a little bit longer to try and soak up the precious minutes each day has ? Do you sit outside and star at the clouds? Do you hug your loved ones a little tighter everyday? I do :)
OK well your favorite part of the week ( I just know it !!) The Friday run down of all the gossip and facts regarding the coffee/tea w…

New Higgins & Burke K-Cups And More !

Happy Early Evening all. I hope your week is going good. It's almost the weekend so hang in there. If you have had your Keurig for a while you might need a bit of new inspiration or flavor should I say. Well rocks and they have everything you could ever want this is new! They have tons of new K-Cups Including Higgins & Burke, Maxwell House, 8 O'Clock Coffee and more. So shop on my Keurig people and enjoy the sweeter simpler things in life.. a good cup of coffee.

Signing off a " new " Coffee Diva

Follow & Join Me On Pinterest.

Well a few months back I found Pinterest. And now I am as hooked to pinterest as I am to coffee !!! It inspires me of all the things I love and helps me organize my many racing thoughts. I have so many things I love in life. Most are of art. Home design. Make up art. Food art. All things beautiful (rightly so). It is perfect for me since I get ADD and I want to take on and do so many projects. It helps me plan out how and what to do. In a timely manner. Take my time to explore and research and be inspired to take the next step. Well here is my Coffee, Tea, Etc Board. Come follow me and join so you can enjoy what you love most. Yes they have coffee !!!!


Hope you Enjoy :

Signing off an " Inspired " Coffee Diva ...

P.S. I should warn you the addiction might keep you on the computer a while so step away from time to time so your eyes don't cross from the beautiful images lol

The Art of Roasting


Campbells® Slow Kettle® Style Soups

Campbells® Slow Kettle® Style Soups: Thx Campbells® #SlowKettle 4 the free soup and cool stuff! Get a $1 off #SlowDownAndSavor *Please remember the FTC requires you to mention that you received a free sample courtesy of Smiley360 when sharing.

Melitta JavaJig

New " My kcup" type of device. Has anyone seen this or used it yet ? I'm curious how it holds up to the My Kcup ( which I personally think stinks because every time I use it the coffee tastes horrible ! ).

Signing off A " Coffee Diva "

Friday Run Down 2/22/13

It's a cloudy chilly day here in N.Y.C. The usual here in New York around this time of year. I don't know about you guys, but I've been depressed lately and this weather definitely does not help! How do you keep "sunny" in these times of darkness ?? Or warm when the weather is oh so cold outside ?? Usually coffee cheers me up. A cup of coffee. Seeing my husband smile. I'm corny like that :)Well I wish you all a beautiful healthy weekend. Here is the Friday Run Down . . . .

This weekend only from Cross Country Cafe " Caramel Vanilla Cream Keurig Kcup coffee is ON SALE- $10.99 per box of 24! " .
Place your order here .

New Inventory sale !! Shop on :) Sale on K-cups and more :)

Keeping your coffee or beans in the fridge ??? No you didn't !!! You could be ruining your $20 Starbucks gourmet roast blend. You better check out this article from dailyshotofcoffee.

Pretty floral tea sets from The Republic of Tea to lift your spirit…

Market Watch Coffee Article

Good afternoon my little coffee cups :) I am sipping on some Coffee as I read this very interesting article from on facts and figures on America and it's obsession with coffee. Read here .

Let me know what you think of the article . Do you agree or disagree ?

Signing off a " Caffeinated Coffee Diva "

Friday Run Down 2/15/13

Hope everyone had a safe and very loving Valentine's Day yesterday. Here is the Friday run down of the best thing in :)

Some news on Fair Trade from Daily Coffee News.

I posted earlier how Keurig & Lavazza have come up with tLavazza is giving away a free Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System each month. Well now Keurig reported on facebook : " Lavazza is giving away a free Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System each month. Simply like the Lavazza USA page and you will be automatically entered for a chance to win". Log on to facebook and like them. I love Lavazza. They are in my opinion the best Espresso brand I have tried so far! I can only imagine how good this machine is.

Illy's Universita del caffe : Check out this video. Very informative about their Universita del caffe.

My super uper duper favorite apartment blog that I find so much inspiration from every day, did a post on their favorite single serve espresso brewer. DeLonghi Lattissima P…

N.Y.C Local Shops By Numbers

Great graphic from on New York City's Coffee Shops. See if there are local shops in your area :)

Happy Valentine's Day xoxo Love to all in the world ...

Signing off a " Loved Coffee " Diva

Campbells® Slow Kettle® Style Soups

Campbells® Slow Kettle® Style Soups: Thx Campbells® Slow Kettle® for the free soup and other cool stuff! Receive a $1 off coupon #SlowDownAndSavor *Please remember the FTC requires you to mention that you received a free sample courtesy of Smiley360 when sharing.

I'm a member. Check it out :)

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Go Veggie Tonight !

Either you are a vegetarian, or you are just looking for new and fun ways to eat healthy. Try out Morningstar Veggie burgers. They have so much more than just "veggie burgers". There are starter meals in the frozen sections, appetizers, as well as dinner meals. I am a bzzagent and #igotitfree from Check them out. You have nothing to loose but that unhealthy burger :)

Signing off a " healthy veggie " Diva

"McSteamy" Has Aquired Tullys

I love Tully's they have great Coffee. Check this out :)

Introducing the Keurig® Rivo™ Cappuccino and Latte System


Friday Run Down 1/4/2013

Afternoon all! This is the first Friday run down of the new year. So let's make it good :) Hope you all had a very safe, healthy, and happy New Year's. I wish you love and the best things in life for this year.

Barista Prima House has a link from on their facebook page, for two coupons. One is $2 off or $5 off when you spend $30 or more on their website. So check it out on facebook.

Take advantage or Tiki Hut Coffee's Fan Appreciation Sale. "Enter the code THANKS2012 as you complete your next purchase (thru Jan. 31, 2013). That'll save you 8% on your order!" Order on

11thstreetcoffee now has Golden French Toast Kcups! Yummy. Order here.

Cross Country Cafe has some fun ways to re-use your Kcups ! Check out these eco-friendly options.

"Olympia Coffee Roasting Co to open third retail cafe". Check out the article here.

It's National Hot Tea Month ! Sip on for health and relaxation. Here is a great selection from…

Maxwell House Has K-Cups !!!