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oldie.. but not so goodie anymore

I used to use Folgers coffee all the time. My mom always got Folgers so I guess I was just copying her in some small way lol. Then about two years ago when I was on my own, I realized this coffee tastes like crap lol. So I switched and went to Maxwell house. That I loved. Although sometimes if I put to much I think it tasted a bit funky. Or bitter. But maybe that's just me. . .
I thought today I'd use up the old Maxwell house I had with the baileys hazelnut creamer today to save some of my k cups. Well, the coffee wasn't bad let's just say that. But that smooth "everyday coffee" taste I used to think It had, just wasn't really there anymore. It kind of blend in to the hazelnut creamer ( mind u I only put 1tbsp) . I guess some time's an oldie is just an oldie for that reason, and it really isn't anything special. And maybe it never was. Now my palette is so open to so many new things that I've tried in ground gourmet coffee and the amazing k cu…

Sometime's all we need is a cup of coffee to make it all better

As I wrote the other day, I have been having a rough month. The past week has been both good and bad for me. So I've been struggling you could say. Today I thought I didn't even want to get up and deal with it all, but some how I pulled it together. And got up. And cleaned and worked. Did my website. And I felt like the one thing I was so looking forward to make my day just a little brighter, to just reward myself that I did have the courage to get up and face another day. Was my coffee. As corny or stupid as it sounds. . Some time's it could be the biggest or smallest things in life that will awaken us, and show us light when we feel there is only darkness left. .
My coffee choice was Kona blend kcup that I reviewed before, but I put it with the new "bailey's hazelnut coffee creamers". It is so good. I really wanted the french vanilla one but my key food only had the big french vanilla and I thought it might go to waste lol. So I got the small hazelnut for $…

Loving June? Not so much !

I don't know June just seemed to be a really stressful, really hectic month for me. I was really looking forward to the summer, having a great time, celebrating the up coming wedding. But it seems to be the complete opposite. Extra bills. Doctor appointments. Stress. Apartment obligations , etc. I want to enjoy my time (which is now) But I'm struggling. So many things on my mind. So many things to do. Anthony works the late shift so , a lot of things are always put off because he never has any time in the day to do them. Which I hate. Procrastination is not my thing lol. . I am going to see my mom and sis in S.I for two weeks in July. My sister is graduation medical and billing class (which i'm super duper proud of her) so at least I'll have some sort of vacation then. My dad is also having another hip surgery so I will be seeing him. So I think that will really help me. When I am having a hard time it's hard to not see my family. . Well I can't wait for this m…

Cheap doesn't have to mean bad..

Today my review is for Folger's Gourmet Carmel Drizzel Coffee. I first bought this coffee to try in Kmart. I was looking for kcups of course, and waned to maybe get bag coffee to spread it out in between, so I wouldn't use all my kcups up! So I thought well I really hate folger's coffee the past few years . Would this be any good? Well I am so glad I got it! This coffee is only $5.99 to start with, and it tastes amazing! The caramel drizzle is just that. Has a great hint of caramel in the background of just a nice mellow nutty coffee. Medium roast. Nothing to light or strong. Great for the morning or at night. I can not wait to try all the other ones. I just wish the stores sold them all. Some of them you have to buy on But it would be worth it. So who says you have to spend $20 on a bag of foo foo name coffee to get "gourmet" style flavor at home. At an affordable price. Scale of 1 to 5 coffee cups I give it 5! Definitely try this it's a super du…

latte art Latte Art

Happy weekend all:) Here are a few slides to display the beautiful work of "latte art". Love it! Enjoy and let me know what's in your cup this weekend ? Do you drink more or less coffee on the weekend?
Signing off A coffee Diva

Bormioli Glass Mug Combo

Bormioli Glass Mug Combo
I'm thinking of getting this. I really hated Gevalia's customer service, but the coffee was worth it to be honest. I have only tried one so far but the creme brulee decaff was very good. And works great in my Keurig kcup filter. So I think I am going to try this. Get the two boxes, and I love these cups, I've wanted them forever!! lol for purchase

Top 10 Best Selling Single Serve Coffee Makers - June 2010

Top 10 Best Selling Single Serve Coffee Makers - June 2010

My babies are on this list! Keurig, and my new coveted item the nespresso maker!

A few of my fav things...

Hello my coffee people! Today is me and my hubby's day off. Thursday/Friday. So much to do so little time . Well as I wait for him to get home, here are a few pics of some things I'd love to get . And some things I think you might love. So enjoy and I will post the links where to buy each. .

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Kona Blend :)

Hello my coffee lovers. I hope you enjoy my youtube posts on all things coffee, including my wish list. The nespresso maker I posted is quite amazing. I put it on my wedding registry list and I really hope I get it ! Well today I don't really have anything to say, other than talk about my coffee of choice. Today's choice for me was Tullys Kona blend. It's a very good coffee. It reminds me of a good every day coffee. I know many coffee's can have that "everyday" coffee taste, but they all still are slightly different in their own ways. I felt like treating myself today that I can have caffeine again so I went for the kcup. I am in the mood to buy some new ones. Today I got an email saying that on there was a sale free shipping on any orders any price. That is a great deal. I might order a summer blend later. Their prices are good too because they have 24ct boxes for 11.99 about. Anywhoo so yeah Kona blend is good and would recommend it as a good …

The Ultimate Espresso? Nespresso Essenza C100 and Aeroccino Review

It's getting hot in here....

So I know they say Florida has the worst humidity and heat. But I gotta be honest with you, some time's NY city can really rival them. The heat is up in NY. Which means all the lunatics are going to be out. Including the hoochie mamas with the pum pum shorts and cellulite flying every where ( who really shouldn't be wearing all those "little outfits for summer"). It makes me quite nauseous. Just because you are "skinnier" doesn't give you the right to let me see your c section scars. Seriously. And what's up with the mom's who had the kids when they were 14, so they like to share clothes with their 16 year old daughters because they think they are sisters? Oh boy where has this society gone? To shit I say. And I'm only 24 ! So yeah it's hot, and humid. Bad hair day. I put my hair back, I wasn't even going to try and blow out my platinum locks. If I did I'd just sweat my hair into an afro by the end of the afternoon. Of course I p…

French Press

Positivity ? Is it learned or Instinct?

Happy Monday all. Monday is a good day to start fresh. If you cheated on your diet on the weekend, today is the day to start over. Today is the day to work out. To start a new outlook. To be positive. I usually believe that bad things happen Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday lol. . My whole life I have tried to be positive, but have struggled a lot. So many years I have been depressed. I feel like it comes and goes. Some weeks, days, or months, are really bad for me and it's hard to even get up in the morning. And some times I am so happy. It's so hard to stay balanced, and keep that positivity when I'm young, and so many things have happened. I never used to worry as much as now, or stress out as much as I have these past few years. But you have to take the good with the bad right. It's been the worst two years for me ever, but then in the same sense I met the love of my life. My soul mate. The one man I always was looking for but never thought i'd find. And we'…

Yoga is Sweeeet!

So yeah, it's been a rough two weeks, so I have kind of veered off my "healthy path". . But I have been trying to get back on the hoarse so to speak. I just did a 30 minute routine of yoga. I love yoga because you can do it on your own intensity, but still have it be effective. And I don't know about you ladies, but working out is a bitch. I'm sorry but whoever says " oh yeah I like to put my big but on the floor and bang out 400 sit ups , just to look like I didn't swallow a bottle of salt in the morning, was fun". They were sadly mistaken!@ I hate working out. That's my biggest problem. I have grown to have um, how shall we say it, ADD . I used to work out for an hour when I was 18 just shaking my rump shaker to techno, and over the years, and the pounds, I just lost my will power. My energy level is constantly at a 1. So to get up and work out just to loose 1 pound at the end of the week, it just hasn't been happening the past two weeks.…

A little Paris anyone ?

Happy Saturday all. I am home with my fiancée' still taking care of him. Today is his last day home then he goes back to work tomorrow. I know I will be sad and miss him, but this is life. So lately I have been trying to occupy myself with happy thoughts. Not of negativity and bills and worry. So, I was thinking after getting married in December, I want to really do a lot of stuff to our apartment that I've been wanting to do for 2 years now. One of them being redecorating the bathroom. I was thinking of doing Parisian theme maybe. Something very glamorous but affordable. My bathroom is big for a studio apartment, but I still need to find ways to make the space more efficient. (Ex. Shelves, cabinet's). .. so if anyone has any idea's for colors, or arrangements or website's please comment back and let me know. I found this picture online. I thought it was some sort of inspiration. Obviously my bathroom isn't this big lol. . So what are your plans for the weeken…

Don't worry... Be happy....

So today is still Thursday for me, but it will prob come up Friday since it is after midnight. Sorry my blog is late. Even though so far I only have two followers, which of whom the two are both family members lol! .. Never the less, here goes my rants for the day..Well I am still drinking the same Decaff I reviewed yesterday. ( Gevalia creme brulee Decaff which by the way you can purchase on . So no review today. Life has been a big rough for me the past few years, as I'm sure it has been for many people. This was a tough week for me as usual so I am just going to leave you guys with a happy picture to try and put a smile on your face and maybe mine.. Have a great day and hope tomorrow is better than todays :)

The bumpy road ..

To say I had a long night would be an understatement. My fiance' got sick, and was in the ER last night. What a nightmare . I am just glad he is ok. Sometimes in life, It seem no matter how good of a person you are, and how hard you work it's never enough. There's always the bills that never end. They just pile up and pile up , right when everything goes. And you need to do a huge shopping. Or someone gets sick, something breaks, an unwanted bill comes out of the blue and you're set back a few hundred. It just seems like it never ends. It's hard to not get stressfull with so many things in life. If your just a regular working middle class family like me and my fiance' then you know exactlly what I'm talking about. It just gets so discouraging. It's like what's even the point of going on and working so hard ? If it feels like yo…

Love & Coffee

Good afternoon all. . Today is Wednesday , my fiance' had to take a personal day because he wasn't feeling good. I am taking him to the doctor today. I think when your significant other gets sick , you realize evern more than often how you love them so much. It is amazing how when you love someone so deeply that you put their feelings before your own. And for those few hours or moments when you are worrying so much about them, you realize it's not about you anymore in life. There is someone else you have to care for . . .
Well my coffee for the day is Green Mountain Island Coconut blend. It is amazing. I use it with my Keurig Mini Brewer. The best coffee maker I have ever used in the entire world!!!! lol
So just a quick rant abou the Keurig in case someone is still on the mr. coffee pot lol..The whole system is great. You use these "kcups" which has a perfectlly measured out amount of coffee. They come in like hundreds of flavors. Teas. And hot chocolate. And the …


Hello to all my future friends out there in cyber space. I'm sure if you've read my title, you have assumed this is a blog about coffee. Which it mostly will be. I have grown to love coffee a lot over the years, And I have an opinion about pretty much everything in life lol. I should have been a lawyer .. So today, I thought I'd take a journey in life, with some humor, (and a cup of espresso on the side ):) I hope you all join me , email me, follow me, or whatever else you do ... This is my first day ... so let's see how this blogging thing goes

The coffee Diva :)