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Wolfgang Puck Job Openings

Hi all ! I hope you have missed me so much !!! I have been away on vacation for a week. I stayed local and was with my family mostly. Got to see my mom, dad, sister. All of my favorites. Shopping, dinners, movies. Just having a great week with no responsibilities, no work, just fun. It went so fast and now I miss them all already :( But there is always another week right.
I know that this economy and time for the world is so very hard. People who have P.H.D's can't even find work, or get a job. If you live in any of the areas listed and are interested in working for Wolfgang Puck. Head on over to facebook. Like Wolfgang Puck, and then go to WP JOBS. There isn't much but there are 5 jobs listed. Maybe one is in your area. Wolfgang Puck is an amazing Chef and has a huge line of coffee and K-Cups that's why I wanted to feature his job opportunities. I wish there were more jobs open in the coffee industry and more advertised online as well.
Have you guys ever applied or se… website & blog Review

Hello my caffeinated readers. There have been many blogs, websites, and companies that I have come across in my quest of all things coffee. I have reviewed them ( mostly only the good ones :) My newest gem is I will be doing a thorough review . I will let you know why I give it my seal of approval and most definitely 5 coffee cups out of 5 on my Coffee Diva review scale.

So the perks: Well first off they are such an extensive website. They offer millions of K-Cups. All you could ever think of. Varieties that I've never even heard of! They don't sell wimpy counts either. Only 24 count each for the K-cups. That is important in them providing the best quantity for your money. They have free shipping all orders $45 or more. 100% price match guarantee which honestly I've never seen any other coffee website offer that. Loyalty points for every dollar you spend. Their top 5 picks. And contests ( which I just actually won on Friday can't wait to get my box of…

Lavazza Modo Mio

Mamma Mia ! Check out this beautiful baby from one of my favorite espresso brands Lavazza. This is the real deal authentic espresso machine. It comes with single serve capsules like many machines now a days. I wish I could get this one. Then again I already have a Keurig & a Nescafe Dolce Gusto Circolo. So, I should probably stop ! lol Take a look at this beauty . Looks like it is available in the UK. But there are similar machines that are available in the U.S.
Did you guys ever see this machine before ? Do you own an espresso machine ?

Signing off a " drooling " Coffee Diva ; )

Green Mountain Iced Sampler Freebie

Hey coffee readers. Today if you are on facebook, (which who isn't) like Green Mountain's page for a free Iced Hazelnut coffee freebie.I have never tried the Iced Hazelnut so I am excited to get this one. It is only for Keurig owners. It is a kcup free sample pack. It's been working on / off all day so there might be some left. Hurry ! I got mine earlier. I'm going to try again to see if I can score one for my momma. That would be perfect for a heat wave day like today... Stay cool & hydrated all !

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ShoffeeBlog | The Official Blog of Eight O'Clock Coffee and Tetley Tea Keurig K-Cups Coming Soon

ShoffeeBlog | The Official Blog of Eight O'Clock Coffee and Tetley Tea Keurig K-Cups Coming Soon

I posted early on that Eight O' Clock coffee would be in kcup form, but now it's announced that both Eight O' Clock & Tetley will be as well. I can't wait to try these new K-cups that are coming out ! I hope they have them in the stores:) I love tetley tea and I've tasted a lot of ground Eight O' Clock coffee bags and they are pretty decent. I think in the kcup form they will taste even better ;) They are said to come out this fall. Have you guys ever tried either of these brands before ? Are you excited they will be in our almight kcup form soon ??

Signing off an " Excited " Coffee Diva :)

Free Tea Sample !

Happy Saturday all! I just came back from running some errands and doing a little shopping. Boy is it humid and yuck out ! I am starting to hate the summer. The high Con Ed bills. The sweat. The bad allergies. The constant feeling of being stuck indoors with the AC on because you can't breathe outside. Ugh. Well I am back home, and I really have no plans to step foot outside anymore lol Here is a great free tea sample for you to perk up your Saturday.
Just log on to Facebook and like " Tea Forte' ". They are sending a 3 pack sample. I can't wait to try. They are Fair Trade Certified and USDA Organic. That makes me love it even more :)

Signing off a " humid & annoyed " Coffee Diva :) LoL

Friday the 13th Run Down !~!

Happy Friday the 13th all! Are you guys superstitious ? Me either. I just love to do some thing fun like watch scary movies on Friday the 13th ! Well I have been a busy bee as usual all morning and afternoon. I had tons of laundry to catch up on, which wasn't a great idea being that it's about 90 degrees out here in N.Y.C and very humid! But, this is my job full time to be a housewife. And an amazing one at that ( if I say so myself ). I do feel a bit light headed, so I will sip some iced water/coffee while I do the Friday run down for all things fun and coffee related !
How do you guys beat the heat when it's hot ? What are your coffee related tricks to cooling down , I'd love to hear !

If your on facebook, hit up Coffee For Less, they have Fun Fridays going on with great coffee trivia as well as 3 lucky winners that will get a free box of K-Cups! I definitely could use more I'm running low .

A good review on a Honduran blend coffee from dailyshotofcoffee.

The late…

Coffee Preventing Skin Cancer

I was forwarded another great article from a dear friend of mine. Every day there is more and more studies that find that coffee can reduce the risk of many diseases. Including a form of skin cancer. Check out this video to learn more !

Did you have your cup today ? I drank a small shot of espresso this morning :) Enjoy this beautiful day all !

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Four Healthy Drinks - Dr. Weil's Daily Tip

Four Healthy Drinks - Dr. Weil's Daily Tip

Coffee is so good for you, and here are 4 more good for you drinks ! !

Signing off A "healthy " Coffee Diva

DeLonghi MKE6 Electric

I had a small Moka pot that I used for one cup of espresso about a year ago, but then it broke ( I am such a clutz don't even ask). I always wanted to get another one just to have. I used to make my espresso on them. It worked well. Mine didn't make to much foam but on a good day, with the right espresso it did taste very authentic. It's definitely the european way to have coffee/espresso. Well I found a cute machine that is the moka pot, but electric. So it's virtually dumb proof it seems. I would love to try this out one day. Here is a cute how to video I found on youtube.
Hope everyone is staying cool in this heat wave. I pretty much am staying in . Too hot to move or do anything really. I hate the summer because on very hot or humid days there is nothing to do other than sit in front of a fan and drink iced water ! I am so much for suited for the fall/winter. I go out everyday even in the snow. It's so much more refreshing. Well stay safe all and have a great …

Starbucks Kcups Freebie

Happy Friday all ! Found a great freebie for you all. I requested mine, and I will be sending one to my mom as well. It's a free sample pacck from Starbucks. It's available on Click here to request yours !
I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone. I am over 10,000 hits which again is so amazing. Also to all the people who have been sending me love & comments. It means the world to me. Thank you again, so much . Have a beautiful day.

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4th of July Coffee Recipe's & More..

Well it's about that time of year again, it seems 4th of July and Christmas always come so soon ! This year my husband actually has off tomorrow so we will be having a nice fun BBQ the two of us! I am really happy. At night we can see the Macy's fireworks so it will be a great night. I found a great coffee BBQ recipe from one of my my favorite coffee resources. This one will be for BBQ coffee burgers ! YUMM !
And if you need some fun.. or some new songs then click here for great music. My husbands DJ mixes !

And I just want to wish you all a very safe ( no drinking and driving or using fireworks! ) 4th of July. I hope you have a great holiday with your family, and lots and lots of food ! lol

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Revv Kcup Review

It's another hot one here in N.Y.C . But you still can't stop me from drinking my coffee or reviewing it for that matter :) I have a new review for you guys. I just recentlly tried the Revv kcup variety. It's from Green Mountain and it's supposed to be their bold coffee. I tried the regular one which has 100% Arabica coffee. I thought it was a really nice strong cup. Definitely a bold flavor. Smooth. No flavor undertones or nutty flavor to me. But for me it was a bit too much, and it had a very bitter after taste which I did not like. I would give it about 3 coffee cups out of 5. I didn't notice a difference such as giving me any more energy. But if you love bold coffee or drink it black this one might be for you. Still on the fence if I would buy this again .
Have any of you tried the Revv kcup ? Did you enjoy ?

Signing off a " bitter " Coffee Diva