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Cyber Monday Coffee Deals !!

Now from get "20% off your next order with Shopping cart code CYBMNOV11 "

Bedbathandbeyond has free shipping today on all orders $99 or more. They sell all Keurigs, as well as kcups and accessories !

Kitchenaid is offering a free cook book with any purchase of a coffee maker or food processor !'s deals for cyber Monday .. click on the link

Great unique idea from wholelattelove for the coffee enthusiast in your life :) Check out wholelattelove's deals as well
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Happy Shopping all :)

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Good Deals on K-cups From Q.V.C

Happy Thanksgiving week all :) You know I always try and get you the best deals out there now. A lot of times Q.V.C has great deals on the Keurig brewer. But they actually have a few deals on bigger boxes of k-cups. If you don't mind paying a few bucks for shipping, they have a lot of deals going on now. They offer easy pay so you can break the payments up each month, but receive them now. As well as the new Starbucks kcups, tea, and seasonal flavors so check them out !

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Friday Run Down 11/18/11

Hello all.. sorry I have been out for a few days. My husband took some time off that he had, so we just spent quality time together. It felt really nice to have him here with me. I'm a romantic at heart, and I adore my husband. So the second he leaves I always miss him right away :) .. Anywhoo I hope you are all doing good and getting geared up for Thanksgiving. Here is the "Friday run down" a day later... lol

Get rewarded for shopping this holiday season! Starbucks is offering $5 gift cards to everyone who purchases 3 Starbucks items at the local grocery store. Click here for the rebate form !

If you are on Facebook, be sure to like Seattle's Best Coffee. They are offering free coffee samples for everyone working on black Friday ! posted buy 1 get 1 free , for Starbucks. Now through Nov 20th. So hurry before this ends tomorrow !

Love tea ? Chai? Or always wanted to try ( like myself) Here is a list of the best Chai teas from kitchen daily .

Van Houtte &…

Budget Saving Tips For The Holidays..

Good evening coffee loves! I am doing this post for everyone out there who is struggling or on a budget. Which pretty much is every person, from every city, and every walk of life. Let's face it, it's hard to live on a budget and buy people great gifts. As much as we want to, and try to plan to. Some time's you get down to the wire a week or so before the holidays, and have not much money to spend for 10 different people. It's not your fault. Most of the time it is bills and grown up stuff right lol. But, It's not about the money, or the gifts when it's holiday time. Not to be corny, but if I've learned anything from going through rough financial times in the past, and growing up. Gifts really don't matter. It's having your family around. A small place to call your own, and the love of your life right by your side. I like to show my love by taking care of people and opening up my home to them. Having them stay over, and cooking a feast . I was just …

Top Five Selling Grinders

Ciao! If money is no object for you this holiday season, here are the top 5 selling coffee grinders from whole latte love. I personally don't have a coffee grinder but I was interested in one eventually. With the keurig brewer all of that hassle is already done. So take a look and see maybe you find something for yourself, or a family member..

Signing off a " thrifty " coffee Diva

P.S. I will be posting thrifty holiday gifts using coffee or other things to help all the people out there struggling with money (which who isn't)or on a budget that still want to show their friends and family they care this week. So stay tuned !!

Friday run down 11/11/11

Happy Veteran's Day to all of the troops serving over seas or who have served before. My grandfathers both served. And I have a dear friend who is away right now. My love goes out to all of them, and my thanks.
Here is today's Friday run down. Enjoy your weekend all..

Need a reason to buy more kcups ?? well wants to rewards you for it.. Check out their Perks Points Plus Program .

Coffee Icon is saluting veterans today. Stop by their facebook page and like them, they are giving away coffee makers, single serve makers, and more !

Check out whole latte love's facebook page for a great espresso cocktail recipe !

Roast magazine posted this today on facebook: " TODAY (and everyday) buy a cup of coffee for someone who have served in the Armed Forces. ". That's awesome !!

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Barista Prima House Virtual Tasting..

Ciao all :) In case you missed Barista Prima Houses' live virtual tasting on Tuesday( which I did since I was away for our weekend) . Here is the link ... Enjoy

Watch live streaming video from baristaprima at

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Seasonal Flavors Are Here ..

Ciao ! It is a beautiful day here in N.Y.C. Today is our "Friday" so me and my husband are taking a drive to see my family. We are going to stay over and just enjoy the company, can't wait to see everyone later.
Well even though the temperature is in the 60's, it is holiday time. And International Delight Coffee Creamer has their holiday flavors out. The pumpkin spice is great ( I did a review on it a while back if you search on here), it tastes just like the Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice k-cup. I am dying to try the Vanilla spiced rum ! Sounds great :)

Question of the day.. what are everyone's plans for the week ? And have you tried any of these flavors ?

Signing off an " excited " Coffee Diva

" Dream by the fire "

All of you readers know how much I adore coffee, but I also love tea as well. I love the calming effects it has when you sit down and take a few minutes to relax while you sip away, as well as so many health benefits. .
I stumbled upon this great tea that would be beautiful for the holiday season. It's called " dream by the fire" and it's from the republic of tea. So check it out if you love tea and are looking for something a little festive this season..

Signing off a "tea" DivA

Friday Run Down 11/4/11

Happy Friday all ! Hope everyone is doing well. It's a beautiful chilly day here in N.Y.C.
I want to start off by saying thank you so much for all your reading, comments, and support. I have hit 6,000 views now! I am so proud and excited. So thank you coffee people!

Just want to give another shout out to had applied for probably 20 or 30 parties. And was starting to loose hope that I'd ever get chosen for anything. Then out of no where I saw FedEx was delivering a package to me from houseparty. I can't wait to try all the great kcup flavors with my family and share my sample packs. They gave me so much stuff I could not believe it. I will be enclosing a picture of all the stuff. So sign up and start applying, because you never know !

Coffee Cup News has new Starbucks Kcups reviews. has highlighted the best coffees from gocoffeego. Check out the ggourmet list.

Make a choco-cappuccino ! Here's the how to video from whole latte love

Check out y…

New Coffee Machines

It's November !! Yay, my absolute favorite time of year. I start decorating and listening to Christmas music right after Halloween. I just love the winter/holiday seasons. I know it's corny, but I feel that magic does happen. The love I feel thinking of all the holidays I've spent with my husband and family, just makes me want to burst. No matter how rough me and my husband had it over the years, Christmas was always special. . So here's to the early Christmas spirit .. Be happy and show your love..just true love ..

Question of The day : When do you start to celebrate & decorate for the holidays ?

Here are some new coffee machines I had stumbled upon recently. Tell Santa you want and maybe you will receive :)…