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Coffee Short Film

Hi all ! It is a heat wave again here in N.Y.C. Trying to stay cool indoors. Too hot to go out you can barely breathe! If you are having a heat wave as well, make sure to check on any elderly that may be alone, and drink lots of cold fluids :)
My good friend Shelley forwarded me this adorable short film about coffee that was featured in The New York Times from animator Gary Lieb. I thought it was really cute, let me know how you like it !


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Coffee As A Super Food !

Found a list of great super foods to eat/drink on a dai basis that are chock full of good for you ingredients. Click here to check and drink up to your good health !

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Fun Coffee Quiz !

Happy Monday all :) Don't worry just because it is Monday doesn't mean it can't be a good day right ? You have to be positive and push through no matter how lazy, or negative you are feeling. This way you will get that great energy back to you :)
Well while I was having my morning coffee ( Today's cup is Barista Prima House French Roast) and reading through my emails, I found a great quiz from Dr. Oz on how well you know your coffee. It's really informative and gives you the right answers at the end so you actually learn why coffee is so good for you, and how you can use it to improve your health ! So click here to take the quiz . I got 5 out of 9 ( but twice I switched the answers so I would have had 7 out of 9 lol) . Let me know what you guys score.

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International Delight Iced Coffee Review

Well the heat has been turned up the past week. With that brings pool parties, BBQ's, and iced coffee. If you are like me and you love iced coffee but never make it right, International Delight Iced Coffee is the perfect gift to you. The coffee is blended on it's own with the perfect balance of coffee,milk, and sweetness. It comes in regular, Vanilla, or Mocha. I tried the regular flavor. I really really enjoyed it. It has such a nice flavor to it, it wasn't watered down even just on it's on in a glass. (they recommend pouring over ice)and it was not watery at all. On the label it says it has Arabica coffee brewed (which is very good quality bold coffee). You can taste it. It's about $4.99 for a big carton. I barely have even put a dent in it. It's about 150 calories for an 8oz glass ( which I had about half of that). It's a nice treat on a hot day. It has way less calories than those Starbucks or Dunkin Donut sweet drinks with cool whip, tons of toppings, …

Happy Father's Day !!

I want to wish a very special Coffee Diva Happy Father's Day to all of the good father's out there. To my dad who has always been there for me. Who has taught me to always keep fighting. He always made me feel beautiful and special. Because of this, I had great self esteem and knew I deserved amazing things in my life. Five years ago I found the most amazing man to be my husband . I couldn't be happier. Thank you Dad for everything. I love you always . To my grandfather's I miss you both and hope you are watching over me always...
A special Happy Dad's day to the mother's out there who had to be single parents ( including my mom) and were forced to be the mother and the father. This one is for you too !!

Here is a video of my Father/Daughter dance song that I had at my wedding....

Friday Run Down 6/15

It's that time yet again. It seems that the week just fly's one after another. It is a beautiful day here in N.Y.C and I am thoroughly enjoying it ( we had so much rain this whole year). So here are all your favorite things coffee. P.S. I am enclosing a link for my husband's DJ mix site. He DJ's and everyone always asked him to please upload his great mixes online so he finally started doing it. There are only 2 right now but hundreds more to upload. So if you love music ( which who doesn't) check it out. And promote Mr. Coffee ( my hubby ) :) MUSIC

Are you a huge French Vanilla fan ? Yes I know, I am too. We here is a great French Vanilla recipe from Van Houtte

Coupon ? Who doesn't here and there right. Well Coffee Mate Natural Bliss Coffee creamers are offering a coupon to either print out or be mailed to your house. Just click the link and add your information.

Great review from my favorite coffee blogger friend Coffee Cu…

New Dunkin Donuts K-cups

Hello ladies & Fellas :) It's the coffee Diva here. I am super excited for so many things today. 1) A lady contacted me and said she loved my blog and wanted to know if I would like to try her Ginseng Coffee. Which of course I said YES ! lol I was very flattered, and excited. 2) Thanks to all of you guys reading, following, commenting, liking and posting I am up to almost 10,000 views which is beyond me. When I first started the blog it was just as a funny hobby for something I love, but now has turned into so much more. It's my job, and everything to me. 3) I received a few freebies in the mail from Target. And now, my breaking coffee news: Dunkin Donuts has just come out with their newest flavor k-cup Mocha :) Sounds yummy. I tried their French Vanilla K-cup on Mother's day actually, and I did not like it at all. (Which I will be reviewing at a later time. ) But who knows maybe this one is good ? Or maybe you guys love Dunkin. So check your local stores. And everyone…

A Cafe in Brooklyn is offering free coffee tastings |

A Cafe in Brooklyn is offering free coffee tastings |

I have got to go to my native hometown of Brooklyn and try this out !!!

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$100 Amazon Gift Card Flash Giveaway

$100 Amazon Gift Card Flash Giveaway

Good luck ! I entered and hope I win !

How to make a Cappuccino Zinger - from Nescafe Dolce Gusto

Cool video on how to make a fun drink using the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Circolo ( This is the machine I have ) .

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Sleepytime Sinus Soother

Hello coffee land ! It is a chilly rainy day here in N.Y.C and it looks as if it will be so most of the week as well. This weather always makes me feel sleepy for no reason . Well, If you are like me ( and the millions of Americans) who suffer from allergies any way you can get relief you take it. I personally take Zyrtec everyday in the spring/summer time. As well as eye drops some times when my eyes are itchy. I also eat 2 navels everyday for the Vitamin C content. There is research that suggests Vitamin C and an improvement in allergy symptoms. Mainly due to the Vitamin C building a stronger immune system. ( which is really what allergies are, a weakened immune system to outside allergens)Anywhoo , Celestial Seasonings have great tea and I have stumbled upon Sleepy time Sinus soother. It's not just for the winter, and it will help you fall asleep as well as soothe your allergy symptoms. I have yet to see it in my area/and try but take a look and let me know if you have allergie…

Operation Smile

Operation Smile: Spread the Smiles! Like Operation Smile on FB to see how you can help kids smile. #OperationSmiley360 *Please remember the FTC requires you to mention that you received a free sample courtesy of Smiley360 when sharing.

Soda Stream Giveaway

Iced Tea Brews for Summer

Hello all and welcome to June ! It is the first day to make this month great :) Here are some refreshing iced tea brews that customer's taste tested and posted on These look so good. I have not even seen these in the stores. Hope you enjoy, and buy some to keep you cool for this summer..

Iced Tea Brews

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