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Happy New Year !

I just wanted to wish everyone a very healthy new year. In case I don't post anything this weekend. 2011 was a great year for me. It was good most of the whole year ( which is rare lol). Other than a few months that seemed a bit down in the summer and getting very sick on last new years eve. I over came it like I always do :)I am just thankful to celebrate for the simple things in life. My husband still having a good job in this horrible economy. All of our bills being paid and on track. Having a beautiful apartment to live in. Being healthy !!My family. Having my sister and husband in my life who are both my angels .. . I hope everyone can be thankful for all they have in their lives as well and enjoy a beautiful weekend. ( Safe of course No Drinking & Driving !! )

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Remember no matter what you are going through in life, you have the right to celebrate every day.No matter how small it might seem to celebrate. It is…

The Attendee Project

Happy Holidays. Hope everyone had a festive Christmas & Hanukkah. New Year's Eve is this weekend. I am very excited. Last year I got very sick out of no where on New Year's Eve. I almost went to the hospital with a 102 fever. Thank god it broke. And I was ok. Just very very weak. Thank god my husband was there by my side the whole time. So I am just happy to be healthy this year. No big crazy plans. Just me and my husband, what I love most. I feel me and my husband have overcome so much in our life. And it is our time to celebrate. Be thankful. And live life happy. The way it was meant to.....
Does coffee mean the world to you ? ( me too) Well you can have a chance now to shine, and show your love for coffee. " The Attendee Project Contest". Enter for a chance to win $500. That could buy a lot of coffee :)

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Friday run down 12/16/11

Ciao! Christmas is closer and closer. It is just flying by. Here is the run down for this Friday of the holiday season. Did you guys finish your shopping ? Me either lol Hopefully this might help...

Will you be traveling this holiday season ? Well you will want to keep your coffee brewed nice and fresh. Here is Bodum's Coffee press to give you freshness. Also Bodum has free shipping on all standard orders now through 12/18. Hurry !!

Fair trade tea purchases are up 38% . That is good news for local farmers ! (

Whole latte love posted a video of the best "prosumer espresso machines". A "prosumer" is a combo of a professional and a consumer ...

Tiki Hut coffee is offering free shipping today as well as many websites.

Like Barista Prima House on Facebook, and you will be able to send 3 free samples to your friends or family members who own Keurig's. That would be a great holiday gift for many people :)

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Happy One Year Wedding Anniversary !!

Just wanted to take some time on this special day to honor my husband and our union as a family. ..Happy one year wedding anniversary to my husband Anthony. The love of my life. This was the happiest day of my life walking down that aisle and seeing you there..And every day i spend with you. You are an amazing husband. You treat me like a princess everyday. You make me smile when I wake, and you are the last thought on my mind as I lay down to sleep... I love you with all my heart.. I will never forget this special day in my life and I will celebrate our love forever....

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Friday Run Down 12/9/11

It's a chilly day here in N.Y.C. Can't believe that my one year wedding anniversary is this Sunday. Feels like it was just yesterday putting on my dress. Walking down the aisle. I miss that day, it was the best day of my life so far. Anyways, let me stop before I start crying lol. Here is the Friday run down. Hope you all have a warm and safe weekend :)

Shop Keurig for every gift you can imagine !! From over 200 different kcups , there really is something for everyone !!

Shop Illy's holiday boutique hand selected gift from the masters!

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Espresso Gift Packs...

If you have a super coffee aficionado on your hands, and you can not think of what to get them for the holidays. Try an Espresso Gift pack. Wholelattelove has the best brands out there (including one of my favorite.. Lavazza) . So you will rock as Santa giving these as gifts :) Enjoy....

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Design meets function...

While all you readers now that I am hands down the Keurig cheerleader , I can't help but sometimes stumbling upon a coffee machine that is so adorable I almost want to buy it. This would be that one! If there were no Keurig in the world I would buy it ! It's a little pricey but I think worth it. It's a De'Lhongi kMix 10 cup Coffee Maker. It has a super modern/retro design to it. Looks like an espresso machine ( which makes sense since De'Lhongi is one of the biggest espresso manufacturers for 100 years) . This allows you to preheat your cups as you would an espresso. Comes in 8 super funky colors. I'm partial to the fushia :)) This would be an awesome gift for anyone who is really trendy, and loves their coffee . They have it available on HSN with flexpay ($37.48 plus 10 for shipping) So you can get it home for under 50. And then pay the rest the next few months. This is the first time I've seen it. It just looks fabulous !! And you know you are getting suc…

Friday Run Down 12/2/11

Illy is running a great deal today for a beautiful autmoatic espresso machine regularly $395 on sale for $245 today.

If you have a Keurig brewing machine, or you want one. Log on to to , Like Keurig, and sign up for your "keurig wish list". You can put as many items on there and this way your family & friends will know exactly what to get you this year !

If you love adding flavored milks to your coffee, log on to to get coffee mate creamer single shots. It's a great way to spruce up your coffee. Add variety, and they stay fresher then buying the cold milk version. I am thinking about trying the peppermint flavor for the holidays :)

Want to give, but also give back ?? Well here is the Fair trade holiday gift list. Now you can support local farmers and communities while getting your family and friends a high quality product !

Have a beautiful seasonal weekend all :) Enjoy this time of year ...Spread love and happiness to …

Hawaiin Hazelnut Kcup Review

Seasons Greetings :) My dad recently got me a few boxes of kcups, one of them being Wolfgang Puck's Hawaiian Hazelnut . This is my new favorite kcup. Sometimes I have to admit I am very picky when it comes to Hazelnut. I don't always love all of them. So I was really surprised to love the flavor. IT was Hazelnut but tasted more rich, and not generic or cheap. It had a nice medium bodied roast so it held up well , and didn't make the Hazelnut seem "watered down " or weak. I think it would be great in the summer iced, or now in the winter to brighten up your mood in winter when you get a bit blah. I give it a solid 4 coffee cups out of 5. I really love it, and my husband did . If you are a Hazelnut fan, you will adore this. Definitely the best Hazelnut kcup so far in my opinion.

Question of the day.. What is your favorite part of December ? The cold? The holidays?

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