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Spring Bedroom Update

Happy Thursday my beauties ๐ŸŒž. Its a beautiful chilly day her in N.Y.C. I received some really good news from my husband. I am very happy and relieved as well. I am just so proud of him and in love. All these years later. I adore him.
So last weekend I decided to re-use what I already had on hand to make my bedroom look more appropriate for the Spring. I love the bright colors. It really puts a smile on my face every time I look in the bedroom now.
Here are some photos. Let me know what you guys think.

Signing off a "happy and smiley" Coffee Diva

Two's Company Turquoise Cote D'Azur Phone / Bar Cart - Sale

Saturday's Marshalls Haul 4/25

Evening guys. Hope you are enjoying your Saturday. Here is my Marshalls and Old Navy haul that I was telling you guys about earlier.
My new mattress pad. A beautiful agate stone that I adore. It was only $12.99. Wish they had two. I could have used as book ends. Gluten free coconut chocolate bites. A pretty floral tank top.
Then at Old Navy I purchased two tops on clearance. Good deal both for $29 with tax.

Ciao bellas a "coffee diva"

Saturday.. A week in review 4/25/15

Good morning love bugs! It is a beautiful Saturday here in N.Y.C. Colder than it should be but at least the sun is out. Have to be an optimistic right? There is so much to catch up on. I just woke up at around 9. My hubby's day's were switched at work so he is working today and tomorrow. I hadn't been sleeping good all week but luckily last night I finally got a straight nights rest. I just layed in bed though. It felt so nice. Usually I am up right away with my husband. Making the bed. Then breakfast for him. Coffee. The usual. But today it was just me and the big bed :)
So I purchased a beautiful queen sized mattress with the bed frame at Bobs Furniture about 4 years back I think it is now. I have absolutely adored the bed. It looks glamorous and expensive (even though it was not). The bed is high. Comfortable. Everything you want in a bed. Back track a few months now I had been noticing "creaking" sounds that I never did before and it looked like two pieces …

Saturdays Marshalls Haul

This is my baby Marshalls haul from Saturday. They didn't have much. I purchased a pajama romper from the gap outlet near my apartment. Then I purchased Chi shampoo from Marshalls and a quick fix face mask scrub. The mask felt great. You leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes. Then scrub. My face was so soft. The Chi shampoo is great to use to protect your hair. I used it years ago.

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A Renewed Monday

It's Monday guys, but for me its a day off. They switched my hubby's schedule for two weekends. He has today and tomorrow off. Its raining really bad here in N.Y.C so we are shacked up on the couch with coffee and Netflix.
I was lucky enough to have two of my favorite friends over last Friday. I received these two goodies. Philosophy's new face cream renewed hope as well as Balenciaga perfume. I'll be doing a review on both this week so stay tuned....

Signing off a " thankful and renewed" Coffee Diva

Influenster Campaign: Hello Oral Care

I received this beautiful package from influenster yesterday to test out. The brand is called Hello. They have all natural products. To chemicals or dyes.  They sent me two full size tooth paste products. In two different flavors. Grapefruit mint. Mojito mint. There was also a soft toothpaste. Two breath freshener sprays.

I am currently testing and will be doing a full review within the next week.

Signing off a "hello" coffee diva

Peet's Dark Roast Decaf Review

I know it's Monday again right? My Monday's usually are busy. I give the apartment a big cleaning. Bleaching of the counters and stove is set in place. It is necessary to do once a week at least if not more. My apartment has all white counters and stove. Keeping them looking spotless is very important to me. I also like to do meal prep so I can stay on track health wise. Although I cheated on the weekend. Let's not go there (lol). I did feel very tired today. Mid day I kind of lost my energy and motivation which is common when I am "hormonal". Another ritual I practice when I am "hormonal" is no caffeine. I try at least. I normally don't keep decaf in the house unless it's on sale. Or I got it for free.
Two weeks ago I had a few amazon gift cards. I decided to order a box of decaf and hot tea. Which I will be reviewing also.
Peet's House Blend Dark Roast Decaf was really good. I brewed it on the smallest setting of my Keurig. Prior to bre…

Formula X Nail Polish Review

T.G.I.F all. I'm posting later than I normally do. But I have to be honest I was kind of out of it today. You even have one of those days. The time just fly's by. Part of you feels as if what did you even so that was productive. I hadn't slept last night. This whole week I feel like I barely slept. I go through these patterns of sleeping good and then not. Last night was one of those. Tossing. Turning. Sweating. Thunder in the background.
So when I was up in the morning, needless to say I wasn't very energetic.
My husband always tells me its OK to rest or if I don't have a big to do list. But I am just not used to it. Although today I let myself just be. The most I accomplished was the usual cleaning. Getting dressed lol and doing my nails.
Which brings me to my formula x nail review. I had picked up these two colors on sale at Sephora. The matte color is a perfect nude. I never thought I would like
Matte on my nails but I love love love it!!! It's like doi…

Wednesdays Marshalls Haul

Happy rainy Thursday all. Yes another cold dreary N.Y.C day. I have another haul to share. I know I'm in Marshalls every week. But you have to be! One day you can see something the next week it is gone. I went in for a new soap dispenser for the kitchen. My old one broke. Then I found a cute picture. Some face masks. Body shop soap. A lipstick holder. I also saw my old favorite Burberry perfume. I wanted to buy it but I was trying to be good (yeah right lol). I'll probably go back tomorrow or Saturday to scoop it up. I love going during the week now. Its so quiet and peaceful. What is on the agenda today? I keep saying I need to give myself a day to rest. My body was feeling pretty weak last night. I worked out hard during the day. I'm just getting over being sick. So today I'm trying to rest. But its hard. I have work to do. As well as never being able to sit still. If you work from home do you guys have these same issues?P.S. I want to spray paint my Keurig white. Ha…

Bathroom Shelves Are Up

It's April now. Rainy season has commenced here in N.Y.C. I myself don't mind. Spring and rain renew my soul. I always love the healing effects I feel on a rainy day. I'm at peace with myself. Sure I love a beautiful sunny energizing summer day as well. But this season to me is about rebirth. A shedding of the winter. The cold. The turmoil you've faced thus far or might still be facing. Happiness to me has always been a day like today time and time again. Simple pleasures. Coffee of course. Errands done. Bills paid. A clean apartment. Candles on. Some calming meditation music. It leaves me nothing in my heart but the thankful prayers I have to send out to this world. Not a day goes by that I don't say thank you for something. It's not always easy to do that when you are going through tough times and I do have bad days believe me. I know that all to well. I've been living on my own since I was 20. There are still struggles and hurdles to overcome. But latel…

Makeup Forever Smokey Macara

Here is a photo of my makeup look for Saturday with makeup forevers' smokey extravaganza mascara. At first to be honest I didn't like the mascara. The brush was fat in the middle, and I wasn't sure it got them thick enough. But after a few times I really loved it. It makes my lashes super long and black. So many mascaras are not a pure black pigment. And they dry out. Not this one. You can put on several coats to make it a bit more dramatic as I like lol Let me know I'd you guys have tried this baby...
I give it 4 out of 5 mascara wands ๐Ÿ˜‚Signing off a "dramatic" coffee diva

Marshalls Haul

My Saturday Marshalls haul. Bvlgari perfume. Candles. Pictures for the hallway. Rugs for the bathroom and kitchen. My little mirror. I'm finally done decorating the bathroom and actually love being in there after 8 years here lol

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter. Happy Passover. Happy anything you believe in. I had a great Sunday with my hubby and family. I have a small apartment so about 4 or 5 people is my maximum allowance lol. Unless I was throwing a party. The weather was nice and the food was fresh. I served a cold cut platter with lettuce,tomato,turkey,cheese,etc. Cheese and crackers. An apple & tomato tart for sweet and savory. Then for dinner. Slow cooker healthy baked ziti. A nice roasted chicken. Cauliflower mash. Sauteed broccoli in chicken broth and EVOO. It was delicious.
The ring in the picture is my gorgeous wedding band that I was lucky to receive from my hubby for my birthday that passed last week. I hadn't received the ring until yesterday. It took a few extra days. I adore it. Past present future which are most anniversary wedding bands. It is a rose gold setting. I never cared for rose gold until recently. Funny how our tastes change over the years right? Chocolate and champagne diamonds in the front…