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Free Folgers Black Silk Sample

Head on over to Folgers' Facebook page to try your choice of Black Silk. I have tried this in the K-Cup form and it is great ! Very bold. Definitely doesn't taste like "Folgers". You can check out my review here.

Signing off a " Free Coffee Diva "

Smaller Companies To Get Into The Single Serve Industry

Life can seem overwhelming. Maybe not every day or month. Or it could be all day long. You never know. Life is very unpredictable. I find myself having a day that I will feel down out of no where. Not quite knowing why. I think it is because I have become so tuff living on my own ( and in NYC) that I often get through the day to day obstacles without an after thought. You get stressed. You get burned but you are almost used to it. I've been through so many hardships ever since I was young. They have made me stronger. But Every once in a while my heart will catch up with my head and say "hey slow down". Process what you've been through and what you are going through. It's good to let yourself feel your emotions to move on and truly experience life on every level you possibly can. Usually by the morning I am back to my routine. Which brings me to the best advice if you guys ever feel that way. Even right now reading this: Just make coffee! When life sucks, and lif…

Gevalia Dark Roast K-Cup Review

Today I am in a Pinterest kind of mood. Getting close to fall before we know it, I am getting that itch to buy new linens, blankets, and maybe a cozy chair. I love Pinterest. I have gotten such good design ideas from there. I love to look up apartments. Seeing people's bold designs inspires me to push my limits. I want to become a better decorator.

So I have a good review for you today. I have really loved all of the Gevalia K-Cups I have tried so far. This is another one: Gevalia Dark Roast is the newest one I have tried. It is " an intense complex blend". Full Bodied. 100% Arabica Beans. It smells great. Has a strong aroma reminiscent of when you walk into your favorite coffee house shop. Dark color. Rich and bold but not bitter at all. Nice and smooth. Me and my husband both loved it. I think it is good for every day use if you like a medium-bold coffee. I would give it Four coffee cups out of 5.

P.S. As I am writing, I am listening to the Coffee House station on s…

The Heat & Ikea ....

We have been having a bit of a heat wave here in NYC. Everyone seems to be cranky, hot, and lazy. Oh wait is that just me ? Minus the cranky lol. What is it about the heat that makes you feel so lazy! It took me forever to get out of bed today. I probably hit the snooze button a million times. I was supposed to go to my local Rite Aid and pick up a few things, but knowing that heat was out there. I just laid in bed until the last minute possible. Then of course the laundry has piled up. I told my husband I'd do it last week but that never happened. He kept forgetting to give me the laundry card. So finally today he remembered. He has run out of clothes so I HAVE to do all this laundry on the hottest day of the year! I don't mind doing the laundry regularly because I take care of everything in our apartment. That is my job. But I am dreading doing this "job" later. Luckily I have some time to drag it out and sit here in front of the fan with the shades drawn because …

Friday Run Down 7.12.13

It's another humid and rainy day here in N.Y.C. If I had a dollar for every time I have said that this year, I could probably buy myself a small car! I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful sun filled day. Here is the Friday run down:

Craving Coffee ? Maybe something cold or frosty ? Well Seattle's Best Coffee has $1.00 off coupon on their Facebook page for their frozen coffee blends. They look so yummy. I haven't seen them at my local store yet but I will have to keep my eye out for that one :) They come in four flavors. Coffee chiller, creamy caramel, mega mocha, and very vanilla. I wouldn't even be able to choose.

Hawaii's solution to their coffee borer beetle problem. Read here from

Interested in applying for the best coffee house competition? Check out all the details here including the application process.

Looking for a cheap decoration design for your wedding ? Well then stock up on coffee filters and check out this DIY Coffee filter…

Coffee And A Bit More..

Caio coffee readers :) I have been thinking a lot about expanding my blog. At first it started as a coffee/tea blog. All things in between. But I have so many other projects and talents I do every day that I think I should incorporate into the blog. Hopefully I will get more readers to sign up, and enjoy. As well as them sharing with me their own projects and opinions. I am really big into taking pictures, DIY projects,designing my apartment, fashion, etc. I know there are millions of apartment dwellers out their in cities all over the world. I would like to expand to those readers. I feel we share that bond together. Decorating a small space. Living in the city. All the pros and cons that come with that. Over the next few months I will still be blogging about my love that is coffee. But if you see a home project design picture or a stylish outfit I just purchased and was excited to talk about. Yes it is still the coffeediva :) It's just the other things I am in love with too....