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Old Navy Beauty Finds

As I was waiting on line at old navy last week, I stumbled upon these beauty goodies for the face. The mask felt nice and made my skin smooth. The porw strips work just as good as the biore ones. The lashes looked awesome. I wore them on Thanksgiving. Best part was I had a 50% coupon so they were all $4 and the lashes were $1!!!!

Signing off a "thrifty and pretty" coffee diva

Cyber Monday Deals

Seasons Greetings my family and friends. Last week was a bit hectic so mind the few days absence from posting. Don't worry, I have tons of deals for you guys as well as pictures to catch up with you all. First off how was your Thanksgiving? I hope you enjoyed it with love and good health. I had a beautiful holiday with my in-laws. It was so fun. It was also the first time we drove on the holiday as well as being out. Usually we would be stuck home or I go to my mom's house. I wanted to do something different. My husband always worked on the holidays (me as well) so it was nice we both had off.
Did you guys black Friday shop? I didn't. I stayed in and enjoyed the comfort of my own apartment which I tell you never gets old. Anytime I see young kids and feel I wish I were younger again it's immediately erased knowing I have my own place. It feels great. I am always so grateful.
I think the best way to go and what most people do is online shopping. Today is Cyber Monday…

Homegoods Weekend Haul

Good late afternoon on this beautiful chilly Monday. The weekends just fly by. It is scary to me sometimes to think and realize how quick life goes by. It also makes me hug my husband a little bit tighter every night. Especially this time of year. We had a busy weekend again. I wanted to do a little more Christmas shopping for some family members on my list. Bathandbodyworks had a great deal. I was able to use my 40% coupon even though the manager said "They don't normally do that". It was within the three day grace period so they need to get it together. I worked retail my whole life and it takes no energy, money, or strength to just honor something. Anywhoo before we enjoyed brunch at a new favorite diner by the mall. Me and my husband love eating at local places to support our borough. (Also I live diners :)). Sunday we had to do the weekly food shopping. It took a while being that we were getting extra for Thanksgiving as well as my husband needed to pick up food to…

Fridays Manicure 11/20


Bathandbodyworks Weekend Haul

Good evening readers! It has been a gloomy slow Wednesday here in N.Y.C. I am guessing it has gone slow mainly because I am stalking my front door waiting for my UPS man! My dad was so kind enough to get me the brand new Keurig. They had an amazing TSV on QVC last week and I could not resist! You get the carafe and a million other things for $139 I believe. It should be coming today. I have already re-arranged my kitchen in preparation for this joyous occasion. I switched my espresso machine to my coffee cart and I will be putting the new Keurig in the kitchen now that I have so much room on my counter. I took away my microwave and toaster oven a while ago, it just freed up so much space on my counter. Plus it's a gorgeous deep mocha color (exclusive to Q.V.C) and I think it will look amazing against my newly painted tiffany blue walls :)

The days and weeks are flying by. That means the holidays are creeping closer. I have been so busy sorry I haven't posted since Sunday. I w…

Fall/Winter 2015 Bedroom Decor

Sharing a few pictures of my fall/winter bedroom decor  🎄🎄

Fridays Manicure

Enjoy your weekend all ⛄⛄⛄

Kohls Wax Melt Review

Good evening all. Its Tuesday night and my allergies haven't let up all week. I powered through cardio in the afternoon. Took my vitamins. Drank tons of green tea and water, but nothing let's up😩.
Yesterday I decided to burn a new wax melt "autumn hayride" from kohls candle section. It smells divine! Pure holiday in one little melt. It smells like a pine tree but fresh not like one that you get for your car. The scent lasted hours. I just loved it. I have to purchase this scent in the candle form. I'm very impressed. This was my first time trying candles/melts from Kohls. I give it a five coffee cup out of 5 review. I will be burning this all through the holidays.

Have you guys tried this scent yet? Do you like Kohls candles?

I must rest now. Goodnight all.Signing off a "congested" coffee diva ;)

Tassimo Delivery

This flavor is absolutely delicious. I will let myself have one cup on the weekends since there are calories and sugar. If you have a Tassimo I definitely suggest! I love caramel anything ☕🍮.

A Holiday Shelfie

Thank god it's Monday! Hey why not? Who says Monday can't rock as much as Friday? My weekend was really good. I was able to just rest for once and catch up on some new movies. My husband had a boys night out on Saturday. I worked out. Decorated for the holidays as well. (Hence the shelfie photo). Sunday was just sleeping late and football. I usually feel bad if I just relax but I told myself I deserve it and I loved the quality time with my hubbz.
I did my cardio in the morning. It always starts the day off right. I've had such a busy productive morning after my workout. I received good news that Amazon picked me to be an AMZ reviewer for them. They send you tons of products for free and they only ask you to review honestly. Yes please! Such an honor. I am very proud of where my blog has started and where it is going. The more I work, network, and commit the better results I get. Just like anything in life. I actually taught myself how to do a blog. Templates. Embeded co…

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Ikea Winter Catalog

T.G.I.F my little dolls! I hope you all had a wonderful week. Mine was okay. Everyday to be alive is a good day. Seemed like it went by so fast. Today have errands, work, and beauty projects. Maybe shopping later tonight when hubby gets home. Of course I will be posting Friday's Manicure later. First I want to share with you exciting news again....

Ikea's Winter Holidays are now open online and in stores. You can browse here for inspiration as well as shopping for great Holiday items for cheap. My favorites are their lights and candle holders. They are shiny, festive, and fit in well with everyone's decor. Some of their house items you can even buy as a gift. Who wouldn't want some great candles from Ikea for their apartment for the holidays? I would! Again, we are all budgeting and short on cash during the holidays (due to all the spending lol) so wouldn't it be great to be able to decorate for less? I actually just went through my holiday stuff last night. Got r…

Green Mountains New Coffee House K-Cups

Hello readers! It is a very dark and gloomy day here in N.Y.C. It's a great day to be curled up on the couch with coffee and a good book :). My hubby had an extra day off from work (since he has never called out) and he decided to take it today. I am so glad. I love to see him get a break from work. He works so hard and does everything in his power to give me a great life! I am always thankful. This month I am participating in #30daysofthanks on Instagram. It's a fun way to post a picture each day and have a thankful thought. It really should be #365 days of thanks, but at least one or two months is better than nothing.
I had a nice strength training work out in the morning while hubby sleeped in. I use the weights and did arm workouts, squats, etc. Then I proceeded to stretch and integrate into yoga. It felt great. I get so caught up in doing cardio every day a week I forget that it's good to switch it up to new routines. As well as stretching which is so good for the b…

Target Haul 11/3/15

Good evening lovelies. Here is a few goodies I picked up at Target yesterday with my husband 👍

Keurig 2.0 My K-Cup Re-Usable Filter

Happy Monday and November to you all! I am so excited. It is my favorite time of year. I probably will begin holiday decorating this week. I don't want to hear it. I love the lights. The music. The food. Why just put up your tree for one week a year when you have two months? No comments lol. I have been busy all day since I woke. Just finished doing three loads of laundry. All the towels and sheets. I need some lunch. But first. Some exciting news.... She's here!!! The new Keurig 2.0 my kcup reusable filter that everyone has been waiting for is here!!! Take a look. I am so excited that the new brewers can use this. Not only do a plan to buy the new Keurig (if I don't get one as a Christmas present) but I would definitely like to buy a filter and stock up on some ground favorites. I love this video because it shows you how to use it as well as trouble shoot a few issues you might run into. I think now that they brought the filter out to work with the new brewer a lot more …

This weeks Mani 10/31

Happy Halloween All 🎃👻🎃👻