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Coffee & Tea Re-usuable Ideas

Happy Monday all, or not... for some people (or most) who hate Mondays. Today is a Thursday for me. It is beautiful out. Just came back from errands and shopping. I found a very fun and interesting article online about fun ways to re-use your tea bags or coffee grounds. So you can get even more bang for your buck. Check it out and let me know if any of you use these ideas. I myself have used leftover ground coffee in the fridge as an " air freshener" . The coffee or tea is supposed to soak up the odor. Have a beautiful day all :)

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Bzzagent : Filippo Berio EVOO

Ok guys I know I normally am all coffee & tea but since olive oil is also food I wanted to share a great product with you guys. I want you to try out one of my favorite Olive Oils. Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil ! I'm a bzzagent on and I received it to taste test. I gave it 5 stars out of 5. Price, taste, health quality, and versatility . You will love it, and it is so much healthy to use in place of butter and other bad fats. Olive oil is a good fat. Eating Mediterranean is the healthiest way to be. That's how I eat. Protein. Lots of fresh fruit & veggies. Good fats like olive oil, avocado's . Good carbs. Whole wheat pasta & breads.

Let me know when you guys try or if you have tried already and what you think :)


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Product Details - Flower Mugs with Spoons

Product Details - Flower Mugs with Spoons

Happy Monday! Today is my Friday and I have been non stop busy since I woke up. Monday is my big cleaning day so I was doing work in the kitchen just before lol. When I clean I clean! I take apart the oven, the microwave, etc. That's pretty much why it's an all day thing. I love to clean when it's raining out. I open the window and let the fresh air in and light a candle. Nothing like a clean home, a nice scented candle, and of course a warm cup of hot tea/coffee on a rainy day :) (Or any day really). Well, Mother's day is coming very soon. Seems like just yesterday it was Christmas. If you have a coffee or tea lover, these adorable flower mugs might be a great gift for your mom. Maybe put it in a basket with her favorite coffee,tea, or biscotti. I have done that before for my mom and she loved it. What better gift than the one you know she will use everyday !

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Earth Day Freebie !

Happy Earth day all ! It's a nasty cold rainy day here in N.Y.C, and what better to cheer you up then some free coffee or tea from your favorite local coffee house, Starbucks. All you have to do is go into your local Starbucks with a reusable mug ( which you should be using anyway for the environment)and they will fill you up with some hot coffee or tea. Sounds like a good deal to me !
So are any of you doing anything Eco-friendly to support Earth day ? Well I am not that extreme. You wouldn't find me chained to a tree to save it or anything that radical, but I do try to do my part. I buy Eco-friendly products for the kitchen, bathroom,and cleaners. I like to buy my coffee Organic/Fair trade which supports local farmers. I use a reusable mug. All of my light bulbs are the energy saver kind. I am not perfect, but at least I am doing something on some level to help this beautiful earth. And you should too. Even if it's just one thing :)

Everyone have a safe day
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Vocalpoint Perks

Happy Saturday :) If you are a member of a website called Vocalpoint, you can sign up to receive free coupons on International Delights Iced coffee now. I just signed up and they said they are sending coupons. I am really looking forward to trying the Iced coffee in the summer. It kind of will take the guess work out of how to brew your iced coffee perfect, is it too watery ? Sweet? etc. This does it for you. I don't remember seeing it at my local grocery store so I will have to pay attention and seek them out when I receive the coupons. This site is great for coupons, freebies, and family help if you have kids. I signed up anyway lol Hey I'm a wife!
What are your plans for this Saturday? It's supposed to be a rain fest later today until Monday in the N.Y.C. area. I will be working. My hubby works all weekend and Mondays as well. Whatever you do stay safe, be happy, and as always enjoy that cup of coffee ! ( I am on my 2nd cup. I had Jamaica me crazy W.G.P and now Breakf…

Friday Run Down 4/20

Ciao' ! I know most people are super excited that today is Friday. Well today is me and my hubby's " Tuesday" , but here is Friday's run down to get all of you people excited for your weekend. I am in a great mood. Feeling really thankful for all I have in my life. My husband has given me a great life, and every day I look around and feel " rich" with all we have. It's always nice when you had such rough times, to see things work out. Me and my husband have such a strong bond and I know that sticking together through our struggles has given us a good life now and a great marriage. Ok sorry for my ramble but sometimes you have to be really corny and positive !! I hope you all feel the same way...P.S. As many of my regular readers now I have the worst allergies lately. Today thank god I don't have a sinus headache/migraine but my allergies are acting out ! My nose has been runny all day, and my throat a little scratchy here and there. So I am loa… has The Vue

Good afternoon! It is a rare 80 plus degree day here in N.Y.C. I had a great weekend with my sister visiting. Today I have had 2 iced coffee's. The first of the season for me. Do you guys like to drink iced coffee when it's hot ?? I have been so busy today it is crazy!!!! But here I am to spread good news and cheer .If you have been waiting for the brand new Vue brewing machine from Keurig, it is now available online on It is even more money than the Platinum machine at $249.00. But has tons of features and they even reinvented the "kcups" they are now "vue packs". I myself will not be buying this. I Have the platinum machine and it works amazing plus my espresso maker, so this is of no use to me. But good luck to anyone buying it, and let me know how it works! Looks both equally exciting and fun :)

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Cafe' Escapes New Flavors

Hello lovers :) It is a somewhat rainy day here in N.Y.C. I have been busy all week, including today. My sister is coming to stay with me for the weekend ( super excited) so I have been dusting and organizing all day , plus work, cleaning, and everything in between. It has definitely been a 2 coffee cup kind of day. I actually hope it rains the rest of the day. It relaxes me when I am very busy/frazzled. What are you guys sipping on today? And how is your week going ?

Green Mountain brand Cafe' Escapes ( hot chocolate & dark chocolate flavored kcups) has added two new very interesting and tempting flavors. Cafe' Vanilla & Cafe' Caramel. These look super yummy! You can buy them for $16.53 for a box set of 24. A little pricey but I guess if you don't drink everyday these could stretch a long way.It equals out to about $.68 a cup so when you think in those terms it's a good deal. Now these are not coffee. More of an alternative to when you are all coffee'…

Free Tea Factory Tour

I want to first say I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays over the past week & weekend whether it be Passover or Easter. I hope it was healthy, happy, and in the company of loved ones..

That being said who loves tea ??? Me !!! If you are taking a vacation to Boulder, CO or live in the area one of my favorite tea brands, Celestial Seasonings offers Free Tea tours. So cool !! Not only are they free, but you get to sample all the tea ! I would be in heaven. If I ever travel to Boulder, CO I have to check this out it looks amazing. Here is more info in case you guys would love to go.

Tea Tour

Did all of you drink coffee or tea at your holiday gatherings ? If so which did you drink/serve ??

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