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The Singing Coffee Beans

This is adorable ! I saw it on gocoffeego's facebook page. LOL funny enjoy all everyday we should all smile and laugh !

Jamaica Me crazy Kcup Review

Well I thought I was in love with Coconut when I met Green Mountain's Island Coconut k-cup, but apparently there is a new sheriff in town and his name is Jamaica Me crazy !! By Wolfgang puck. . I have heard rave reviews from my family and kcup drinkers that Wolfgang's kcups were really good, and thank god for them. I did a bedbathandbeyond run last week. Picked up about 4 boxes of kcups. And when I brought Jamaica home, I tried it immediately and fell in love. It is so good. I give it 4 out of 5 coffee cups. It has a sweet coconut flavor ( but different than Island Coconut) because it has some vanilla in the background that mellows the coconut out. It's a medium roast. So it can probably hold up better than the Island Coconut in the summer iced. It was smooth and just a little sweet. Some flavored coffee's just don't hold up when you drink them. It's not even like coffee. That's why I really really liked this one. It was a great cup of coffee medium bodied …

Coffee news & catching up

Happy Monday all ! I know you have missed me over the weekend, and this Saturday was my 25th birthday so I was pretty busy. I am very proud the young woman I have turned into and all I have accomplished . I have my own career as a makeup artist. I have my own beauty website. My own coffee blog. I have many activities I am into. I have my own apartment. I am married ! NO KIDS, I am very happy and excited I have another 80 years god willing to do more things in life :) So here are a few going's on with coffee and everything in the sun in between. . Have a great positive happy and loving week. And it is corny, but being positive has really helped me get through some negativity that was tried to throw my happy family off, but it never happened. I love all my family and in laws. Nothing will ever change ! 8 o clock has a promotion going on now, if you say which coffee best describes your personality ( just comment on their facebook page ) by 3/31/11 and you are in the running for a fre…

Where are all the good bag coffee's ???
Here is a great coffee video. I hope you enjoy ...

What are you sipping on today ? I had one cup of coffee I was given from a fellow coffee blogger. It was an Indonesian blend . The first time I tried it I thought the blend was too weak. So today I tried to make it stronger by using a smaller cup. And this time I thought it tasted umm how shall I say? Not good lol . So now I'm not into it. I've been having a hard time finding a good ground coffee to use in my Keurig. I feel like I am so spoiled with the high quality of the kcups nothing else tastes good to me anymore. The only good bag coffee's I've used really are Folgers Gourmet, some Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts french vanilla. And one gevalia blend I think as well. .. I will not give up on my hunt to find great coffee that comes in a bag !
Guys give me your favorite bag coffee picks.. Maybe I can find one to like as well !
Signing off a " determined " coffee diva

It's the first day of spring !

Hello coffee people! Let us rejoice it is the first day of spring! ... Although if you looked outside your window. It wouldn't look much like that. It was cold and rainy here in N.Y.C. About 40 degrees. And snowing in some parts . So much for that spring warm weather ..Well I have something to cheer you guys up. You need some spring revival blend from Green Mountain. Now I have never tried this blend yet , but I intend on it. So I am getting myself in the mood for spring. Today I got a big Yankee Candle order. I have so many tarts for all the beautiful scents of spring/ summer nights. I have one burning now called " storm watch" Smells amazing. I can't wait to burn it with all the windows open. There is nothing like a clean home, with the fresh summer breeze blowing in . With a nice candle burning. That is the simplest thing in life that makes me feel amazing.. And a cup of coffee in your hand while this is going on :)
Here is a place you can get these limited editio…


Well I have officially hit 2,000 views ( a little over actually) and I just want to give a big thank you ! To everyone who writes to me, sends me messages, suggestions, votes, reads , etc. You mean the world to me. I'm just one person in the big world of blogs , but I know I am out there with you guys reading. And it gives me purpose to keep this up every day and week. So I will continue to give you the best of the best . For coffee, tea, and everything in between ! Thank you !

Signing off "a 2,000 viewed" coffee Diva :)

It's Friday! You deserve a freebie...

St. Patty's Day Kcups

Gevalia St. Patty's Coffee

Hi guys! Happy new week :) Hope everyone had a great weekend, and is ready for a busy positive week ahead. St.Patrick's Day is this Thursday. I have a great deal for all of your Irish coffee lovers out there . Enjoy :)

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Sales stuff etc..

If you are like me, usually Sundays are for looking up great sales for the week, cleaning and organizing for the busy Monday ahead. I thought while I was looking through the weekly deals anyway, I would post them on here for you guys as well. In case you were thinking about stocking up !
Target has Folgers/Dunkin Donuts coffee $8. Keyfood: Martison coffee $3.49 Kmart: Maxwell House $6.99

Hope some of these sales helped you a little.. I will post any more things I find today for the weekend edition.. Everyone have a great day with a great cup of coffee :)
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Orange Blossom TAZO Tea Review

As I have written before, not only being a coffee diva, I also love tea. Lately I have been stepping my game up, and really trying to find some beautifully flavored teas. Recently I placed an order on I had a gift card. So I ordered the Vanilla Natural Infusions Coffee. And the Tazo Orange Blossom Tea. I steeped a nice pot yesterday night that I was feeling run down. And in the winter/fall months I love to drink tea at night. It's so soothing. And healthy for your mind and body. You just can't go wrong. Well this Tazo tea was the Cadillac of teas ! It made Lipton look ( and taste) like crap lol! The flavor is just beautiful. That is the perfect word to describe the tea. Beautiful . The smell is to die for. You get the scent of fresh Jasmine. And the taste is very light and refreshing. Which is probably the orange blossom. No bitterness, or after taste ( that some time's teas do have like coffee). And the presentation is to die for. You get this huge tin can.…

Today's tragedy in Japan...

I just wanted to take a minute out to send out my thoughts.To everyone in Japan, who was effected by the tsunami. My heart and love goes out to all of you and your families. I wish a safe and speedy recovery.. . So sad all these tragedies that occur so often in our lives. We all should hug each other and say I love you tonight..And be thankful...

If anyone would like to post loving and happy thoughts on here for Japan, feel free to comment on here. I will be posting tomorrow, but today silence from the meaningless coffee posts, for more important things in life... A tragedy that has occurred in Japan.


New Dunkin Flavors :)

The Shoffee Blog: Starbucks and Green Mountain - Together at Last (in Keurig K-Cups)

The Shoffee Blog: Starbucks and Green Mountain - Together at Last (in Keurig K-Cups)

Yes!!! First Dunkin Donuts. Now Starbucks coming to kcup form :)

I can't wait !!!

Folgers Black silk kcup review

Well as I have written before about Folgers, The kcups and gourmet blends have definitely saved Folgers their reputation with me. Normally, I was hating Folgers. Every canister I had bought always tasted horrible before. But then again that was before Keurig came into my life :) Anywhoo, I am reviewing another Folgers kcup blend. It is called Black Silk. I had heard tons of reviews of this coffee. It had a lot of good feedback and a lot of people were saying that it was a really good bold coffee. So when I went to my local kmart, I thought you know what let me try it. Why not right ? Well I am really really glad I did. I absolutely love this coffee! If you love espresso, or strong coffee, or a dark roast. I think you will love this coffee. My problem with a lot of strong coffee's or espresso's are as I stated with the Bustelo' consistency, are just too damn bitter. And that is the worst taste in my book. I like a bold but smooth finish. Well this is right up my alley. It i…

The Shoffee Blog: Green Mountain "Temporarily" Discontinuing Four Popular K-Cups

The Shoffee Blog: Green Mountain "Temporarily" Discontinuing Four Popular K-Cups
Some discontinued kcups to be mentioned....

R.I.P fellow kcups lol

Cafe' Bustelo Review

Well this wasn't my first time trying Cafe' Bustelo. I read online it was the number one cuban coffee in America. All people drink it not juts spanish. But I know the spanish people rave about it. I have yet to meet a spanish person that doesn't have a brick of Bustelo in their cabinet. LOL. So I wanted to try it really bad. Well the first time my father in law made me the instant version in a regular drip coffee maker. YUCK. It was so bad couldn't even drink it. . Second time was last week. I got the regular vacum packed version. It was supposed to be the "espresso blend". I made it the authentic way with the stove top moka pot. I thought it would be good. It had a nice fine consistency so I was thinking great. This will be perfect for espresso. I really wanted to love it...But once again I was let down. It had a really bitter taste during and after drinking. Honestly , I didn't even finish it. Which the worst thing I hate doing is wasting anything in li…

Sale on Coffee Makers ..

I know it's hard to believe, but there are some people who still love the old school way of making coffee. With the carafe and all. So I thought I would dedicate this to you guys. If you love your coffee maker then there is nothing wrong with that at all. You stick with what works best. And if your looking to upgrade to a newer version, here are some on sale now :)
Happy coffee making people !|kitchen+electrics&NOffset=0&x5view=1&shopperType=G&N=4294944483&Nao=21&PSO=0&CmCatId=70755|72486&mscssid=64205487f916d40d9ad732941894b3fc9xMnVNoVzaGWxMnVNoVzaGo200B40D0D963CFA86907D8B5C3E0A37F4EEE1106600&sa=1…

Coffee Tips and Things to Know - Cooking Light

Such a cute machine!!

This machine is adorable! I saw it on the williamsonoma website. I just wish it wasn't so friggin expensive, because then I might have to get it lol. Well check it out and let me know what you think!
What are your plans for this weekend? Anything exciting.. or more relaxing...

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Sale on Keurig Carousel ..

I love I always shop there for everything! Well I stumbled across this tonight. It was a sale on the Keurig Carousel. Usually it goes for 24.99 or more, and amazon has it for $14.99. Good price. I have the other carousel. The silver one that spins. They look great next to the Keurig. It's a must if you have your Keurig !

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