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YvesSaintLaurent Black Opium Perfume Review

I just received this free sample from Influenster and YSL for the new Black Opium perfume. I was really hoping for a full size bottle plus this perfume  is amazing! This isn't your mom or grandmas Opium like we all remember. Its sophisticated and modern. Sexy. Woodsy. Spicy. The after tones are beautifully sweet. Jasmine and vanilla with a hint of raspberry. I just love it. I wish the price was a bit less but will make a nice splurge for the holidays. This is 100% my taste and scent. I give it five coffee cups out of five!!!

Free Dunkin Donuts Coffee Today!

Happy Tuesday/National Coffee Day! My husband always makes me laugh. I told him what holiday it was he says "I really think people just make up stuff to be a holiday now"! LOL I agree. It seems like any little thing is "national day". If you are a coffee lover like I am then you should rejoice. This past weekend into the new week has been very busy. I haven't really had a "rest day" so I know I have slacked on the posts (I hope you guys still love me). I got up today and randomly thought to paint the top of these two ottomans that I inherited from my mother in law. They are very nice and I love that the top flips up to store items on, but the brown was chipped bad. Rather than go out and buy brown paint I love to use what I already have. When I makeover an already existing item in my apartment it gives me so much joy. I feel like I went furniture shopping without actually buying anything! Cardio is done for the day as has been pretty much every morni…

Crest Pro-Health Advanced+Extra Whitening Review

I am a member of and my latest campaign is Crest Pro-Health Advanced plus extra whitening mouth wash. I #gotitfree to say #byebyeburn!! No other mouth wash you have tried has been as effective as this one! First off, the mouth wash has many benefits in using besides just whitening. In just *7 days it can give you a more healthy smile*. Stronger teeth. Less bad breath. Restore your enamel. As well as kill germs and cavities and the best one yet, whiten your teeth. Just one minute twice a day can reserve your spot in having a beautiful but more important HEALTHY smile. Without the burn. When I use the mouth wash it does not burn. You just feel bubbles. It actually feels good. You look forward to using it knowing you are swishing your way to a healthy smile :). I usually use strips every 6 months to a year. They always make my teeth sensitive. It's never a good experience. These I would recommend to anyone looking to have a healthy mouth or whiter teeth or both! I will …

Tuesday Nightstands

Happy Tuesday all. I'm enjoying a nice hot pumkin spice latte now while the chilly air flows in. I took yesterday off to relax my legs and body. I worked out all week straight. Then on the weekend I walked many miles. Needless to say I needed to chill. I just rested in bed. No work out. I organized a little and did a meal prep for the week. Finally got to sleep last night as well after taking a hot bubble bath and a melatonin. One more thing to add to the list of why I love fall. Hot bubble baths and showers at night 😊.
After this coffee it is back to cardio. I just wanted to share this adorable dresser my mom got me two weeks back. It is so cute I put it in my bedroom and have loved it ever since. It has three draws as you can see so I use it to hold extra beauty items and what not. I just adore it. I'm thankful she got it for me.

Well you all enjoy your Tuesday!! I will be posting details and updates later on my shopping haul from this weekend.
Signing off a "back to ca…

Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer Review

Good Monday morning to you all. I did not sleep that well, but I am up and ready to go. I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was very event filled (I think that's why I didn't sleep well. My body needs some rest). I thought my husband was supposed to work on Sunday but then he didn't have to. We took a last minute trip to the Palisades mall in West Nyack. The mall is huge. There is about 4 floors I believe. I wanted to do some fall and winter shopping. We both purchased a few nice shirts. Some other cute items. We went to dinner. It was a perfect Saturday. Sunday I just wanted to stay home. Rest. Watch football. But I wound up tagging along with my hubby to return something in Yonkers. Of course I always find shopping everywhere I go :( so then I went to bath and body works. The list continues on until about 7pm. Needless to say my legs are sore from all that walking! I think I will skip my workout today lol.

I received a free sample shipment from Crowdtap and Aveeno…

September Pumpkin Favs

Good evening on this beautiful Thursday night. Okay I would prefer it cooler but I don't control mother nature. I hope everyone had a great day. Mine was productive but it dragged :(. I got a very sweaty cardio session in the morning in. I love working out and sweating like there is no tomorrow before I shower and take on the world. It feels cathartic.
One of my many favorite stores is Trader Joes. I took my weekly pilgrimage there last night and found my new two favorites for September. Naturally they are food and coffee 😊. Pumpkin Biscotti and Pumpkin Spice K-cups 🎃🎃. Holy canoli right? They are so dang good. You guys have to try. Let me just preface by saying I have had my many different varieties of pumpkin spice. This one my friends is the best.
First off the smell. It smells like heaven, thanksgiving, and a gorgeous crisp autumn day when you open the package to take out a k-cup. Yes I just said all that! Second, its fresh! You can see the ground coffee and smell the nut…

Pumpkin Spice Sales

I know it may still be warm where you live but it really is Pumpkin Season. Some of you will either run for the hills. Some will rejoice. I clearly am one of the many who revel in the love of all things pumpkin. Pumpkin decor. Coffee. Colors. Everything. I thought it would be good to sort through any sales going on right now so you guys can stock up on your favorite flavor :) is running 20% off Pumpkin Spice Ground Coffee

Keurig is running buy 4 boxes get $8 off plus free shipping. This will include all the fall flavors that were recently added. has 10% off for fall. Enter promo code TAKE10 at checkout. is running buy one get one 50% off for "siptember". Also get a $5 Target gift card back when you buy three Starbucks items. They have included the fall line.

If tea is more your thing, has their seasonal flavors up and ready to be ordered!

I hope this helps. If any other sales come up I will post a.s.a.p!


Folgers Flavors Coffee Enhancers Review

Hello everybody. How was your weekend? Mine was great. I went to my mom's house on Friday and stayed until Sunday. We had a nice dinner with my mom and her boyfriend. Went to do a little shopping Saturday. Then Sunday I left. But before I took the trip home I went to the local mall and I purchased a few goodies at White Barn Candle in the mall. It was great seeing my family as well as getting as getting away for a little.
Well it's Monday. It's the holiday (Rosh Hashanah- Happy new year all). It's beautiful out. I been busy all day but I think we need to do a new coffee review. Don't you? Today I will be reviewing Folgers flavors coffee enhancers. I received a free package to try out from Crowdtap and Folger's for free. They come in four different flavors. Mocha, Caramel, Hazelnut and Vanilla. I have tried three of them so far. My favorite is Caramel. I love to make a latte and drizzle on top. The Vanilla is also good. I'm not usually a mocha person so I h…

How to Make a Pumpkin Spice Latte


Aroma Milk Frother Review

Happy post Labor Day everyone. I hope you had a safe and fun holiday. I got so much done over this past weekend. I am still tired. I repainted the last wall that needed a coat in my living room. (It used to be bright red. Didn't go with my aquamarine color). It was a project of course. I had to take down this huge shelving system my husband put up (that I hated). Plug the holes. Paint pretty much around a huge flat screen T.V (I didn't want to remove it). Then there were a million wires behind the desk which were driving me nuts after seeing how pretty the wall came out. I added command hooks to the back of the desk to try and corral the wires the best I could. It's not perfect, but nothing is. It's a 95% improvement. I love the color of the wall. Everything goes and has a calming open flow to the apartment now. The color on the wall opened the space.
In between that. We went shopping to a few stores. I needed a new bathroom set. Naturally I can't just do one thin…

My New Glasses

Happy Thursday guys! It is still hot and steamy here in N.Y.C. I am definitely not a summer person as it is, but I hate when it just keeps dragging on in September. I guess I wouldn't mind it as much if I could open a window at least. It is so humid though. :(.
I went to pick up my new glasses yesterday at Metro Optics in Throggs Neck. I can't say enough about them. They are so sweet. Kind. Understanding. Not pushy at all! Everyone I dealt with was nicer than the last. The lady sat me down and explained to me when and where I would wear my glasses. For me it's not really if I can't see something. It's more of a blurry issue. When I wear the glasses they just make everything seem 10X's clearer. More vibrant. No blur at all. I am supposed to wear them while on the computer. Reading. If I am on my phone a while. Definitely distance. If my eyes feel tired. Also at night or when it starts getting dark out. That's when things were most blurry for me. They feel …

Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths Review

Happy First day of September all!I hope this month brings positive opportunities. Good health. Love. Great coffee. And everything your heart desires for this month. Sorry for the few days absence. I had a bit of a health scare you can say over the weekend. I went to get a routine eye exam on Saturday with my husband. Me and my husband will both have to wear glasses. He was definitely more blind than me lol. I will just be wearing mine for distance and on the computer when they start bothering me. The doctor did inform me that I had slight pressure in my eyes and wanted me to see a specialist just in case. I naturally freaked out and started crying. I've never had an issue with my eyes or "pressure". One of the owners/doctors came over to calm me down. She was so nice and understanding and explained to me what the doctor did in a more compassionate way. She said my vision was still great and they just check things out now so god for bid in the future there will never be…