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5,000 Views and still going...

Hello my coffee lovers :) I have been away for about two weeks or so on vacation. I was with my sister and my family most of the time. It felt great. Sorry I wasn't posting , but I am home and will have a whole boat load of stuff to share with you the following days. I just wanted to give a special thanks to everyone reading. I have hit over 5,000 views and 53 votes for my blog. I am super excited the more views, votes, comments, I feel even more proud knowing people all over the world are reading my little ol' coffee blog. Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe !

Signing off a "very appreciative" coffee Diva :)

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Signing off a coffee diva

Friday run down 7/1/11

I am sure you are all saying the same thing " I can't believe it's July already". My has this year gone by so fast. I think because I got married in December everything seems like a whirl wind. I feel like before we know it, it will be fall again. I have so many things coming up. Vacation with my sister in a week. We aren't really going anywhere, but it will just be a vacation to spend two weeks together straight. We will drink, shop, eat, go out. It will be awesome and I can't wait! Then next month is My sister's 30th birthday! We want to go to six flags at the end of the month or to the outlets to get ready for the fall/winter season. Then I want to start to save for our one year wedding anniversary . We are going to go back to where we had our honeymoon ( Cape May NJ the most romantic places to visit Christmas time ) . I am just so antsy because I am excited. . . Well I wish you all a prosperous new month with love and happy things ! Here is Friday'…