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Coffee & Exercise ??

I am always reading and searching for great articles on health, wellness, and above all coffee! Here all of my favorites combined in a great article on the link between coffee helping exercise performance from Van Houtte blog.

Have you guys ever had a cup of java before working out ? Did it help you work out longer or stronger ? I'm up for any help. I work out now 5 times a week sometimes 6 or 7 even so it's hard to find motivation. Let me know what you guys think...

Signing off a " healthy energized " Coffee Diva ;)

Join Me On Recyclebank

Ciao my coffee readers ! I am asking you to join in the fun on going " green " for your family and the environment. This is another great site I am a member of. You can earn points, learn how to go green, and save money. Here is the link to join me :)

P.S. A very special thank you to everyone who has helped this blog take off and become what it is today as I saw I hit over 20,000 views. I can't believe it. I love you all and welcome your comments and many more coffee posts in the future.

A very " thankful " Coffee Diva

Tony Robbins Ultimate Edge

Tony Robbins Ultimate Edge: Thx @TonyRobbins for my free #UltimateEdge audio book! Check it out for yourself *Please remember the FTC requires you to mention that you received a free sample courtesy of Smiley360 when sharing.

For something a little motivation in y our life. I am a smiley360 member and I took part in this "mission". Sign up and take a look :)

A coffee Diva

Coffee Bean Direct Colombian Supremo Ground Review

Happy Fall & Columbus Day all ! It is very chilly here and I love this weather. Me and my husband are working, while most people have off so I thought what better way to start the work week than with a new coffee review!
This one is for a previously mentioned company that I worked with, Coffee Bean Direct. They sent me a few bags of ground coffee to sample. The first one I tried was Colombian Supremo. It was good. I really enjoyed it. Usually it is hard for me to be pleased with a good ground coffee to use in the Keurig. This one was enjoyed both by me and my husband. We actually just used the whole bag up today ! It is a nice light/medium roast coffee. Doesn't have the average " Colombian" taste that I am used to. It is a course grind that would be perfect for a French Press Coffee Maker. To me the taste was more reminiscent of a French roast actually. I give it 3 1/2 coffee mugs out of 5. No aftertaste. Not bitter, and not too strong at all. Nice everyday coffee.…