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My Rock Star Coffee Shipment !

As I had stated earlier in my blog I am a fan of "dailyshotofcoffee" on facebook. They have really great articles about coffee and it's just a laid back coffee blog. No coffee snobs here ! lol. Well I had received a 3 pack of coffee through a contest from daily shot of Coffee. Three different bags were sent to me. I received it so quick. I was so excited to get the package.I was sent a bag of Rev Coffee Roasters Costa Rica Cattleya whole bean blend. Coffee Del Sol Panama Palmyra Rainforest alliance Whole bean blend. Dream Coast Coffee Breakfast Blend whole beans. And last but not least a bag of Chocolate covered espresso beans blend !! I can't wait to review these bags. I am actually going to buy a coffee grinder, since as a coffee lover I'm embarrassed to say I don't own lol. But hey now these bags will push me to buy one. They smell amazing through the bags. I am super thankful and lucky to have received them. So I want to support everyone..



Hello all. Sorry no posts for a few days. It's been a very crazy week. My birthday was on Monday , and then Drama yesterday. Yes that's Thursday's name. Not Thursday, but Drama. I think we should add that to certain weekdays that certainly seem that way ! All is well in the land of coffee. I had received an interesting email from a lady called Luba Tolkachyov. She is the co-founder of a company called CoffeeConnect or "coco" as they call it. It's basically an app on your phone you can use to meet people locally on the sight that are signed up to conduct business. Or just meet new friends. Or chat. And it will come up where one another is located in your area and then you meet. I have a few pros/cons to this, and I guess if this really launches big maybe they will work out the bells and whistles anyway. This seems to be pretty new as they are still funding for it.
Meeting new people. If you are not a teen , or you don't have 5 kids that you have "…

How to make the perfect cup of Coffee ..

If you are like the millions of people out there that still use a drip coffee brewer everyday, you have to some times wonder to yourself " Am I doing this right" ? How much coffee am I supposed to really use per cup ? Well here is a great Van They have a bunch of instructional videos on youtube on how to make the perfect ___ ( insert drink of your dream ). So check it out and let me know if this is your way of brewing or do you tweak it to your own taste .

Enjoy your Sunday ! Signing off A " coffee " Diva

Thank You !

So I was feeling pretty good lately being that my birthday is approaching this Monday. But this news definitely takes the cake! One of my regular reads and followed blogs actually featured me in one of their top 49 blogs to read. I feel like I won the lottery lol. I am so honored especially since I know there are so many great blogs out there about coffee, maybe even more high tech. But I think I deserve it, and mine is special because I put love into every one of my posts. So again thank you for recognizing me and my work ! I look forward to reading other blogs and supporting one another as well. You made my day, and my month. I will promise to always love & honor coffee always !

For all my readers out there, check out the link to all the great blogs out there. Support us all. And Enjoy :)

A super duper excited thankful honored " Coffee Diva "

Barista Prima House Blend Review

Ciao everybody. I hope you are feeling positive that warmer months are coming, more sunshine, and happier days. The winter can be tough on everyone. Today it is humid and warm in the 70's in N.Y.C. Well I have a new post to share since I have been so busy and haven't been able to do a post or any new reviews in a week or so. I am reviewing Barista Prima House blend kcup.
Let me just start by saying this company really rocks. All of the Barista Prima kcups that I have, I have gotten for free as samples, and through a company that sent me a huge pack of all 4 varieties to taste test. I love companies that treat their customers well. That's a plus already in my book :) Ok back to the coffee, I really like this house blend kcup. I think it's a great blend for someone who likes a medium-dark coffee but without the bitter after-taste. It's aroma is nutty with a hint of chocolate. Definitely in the woodsy category. The other blends have that same aroma/taste but much stro…

Half Off Espresso !

If you frequent Starbucks, you know that going in for one drink, let alone a few can really leave your wallet feeling a bit light ! So any deal there is out there I am all about finding, sharing, and using ! I love getting freebies. And everyday I am on the hunt for a free item, or a great deal. So here is one if you go into Starbucks and buy any full price Espresso beverage, you can get one later in the day for half price. Must be after 2pm and you must have your receipt. It is only good for the next few days ( March 8th - 14th)so hurry up and take advantage :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends. I am having a good day, today went by so fast and I can't wait for my hubby to get home. Don't forget to set your clocks ahead an hour for daylight savings time. Yay for spring and happy sunny days :)

Signing off a " half priced " coffee Diva

Starbucks Single Serve Maker

It is out in the news today that yet another single serve maker is out ( to confuse us all) . But this time Starbucks is making their own. They are said to come out with their own single serve maker. It doesn't really make sense to me being that they have kcups with Keurig. But hey I guess any way to jump on the popular one cup band wagon , and make more money. Any company will do lol. Here is an article on all the details . I definitely will not be buying this. And P.S I think Starbucks coffee sucks, and it's way over priced and over rated ! T.G.I.F all don't forget to set your clocks ahead an hour. Ciao ...

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Keurig Vue House Party.

Would you love to try the new Keurig Vue? Or maybe even get if for free ? Well sign up with and apply to be a host . I am super duper excited and I hope I get this. Anything that Keurig does I want to be apart of :) So good luck and happy entering !

Signing off an " excited and hopeful " coffee Diva

Keurig Try-Me Packs

While I was at Bed Bath and Beyond the other day stocking up on kcups, I happened to notice these little "try me" packs from Keurig. They come 3 in a pack. They are $2.99 each. I think this is a great way to try a certain flavor. The kcups are not cheap, and some flavors are so funky, you just don't want to chance not liking what you pick out. I picked up the Kahlua myself. Not sure if I would like it or not.They had a few other varieties but I already had those flavors. I also got a new regular size pack of kcups, Wolfgang Puck Breakfast in Bed which I will be taste testing next week and reviewing. As well as me and my husband's favorite. Chocolate Glazed Donut. Yumm :)

Have you guys seen these little packs in your local bed bath and beyond or anywhere else? If so which flavors have you tried ?

Signing off a "try me " Coffee Diva