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My Summer Beauty Essentials

Good Wednesday evening! It was a beautiful day here in N.Y.C. I had a productive early morning cardio workout today followed my cleaning, errands, work, and some weekly Trader Joe shopping. My sister was nice enough to give me a Vivofit 2 Bracelet over the weekend. It is so cool. It tracks your steps, calories, as well as your sleep. I downloaded the fitness app to track my calories. I felt that I wanted to be more strict on calorie count. This app even lets you scan items on your phone so you can never cheat! I love it. It makes me not want to eat at night knowing i'll have to account for it in my diary. I have been doing great since I downloaded it! I feel motivated. I'm so thankful she gave it to me:)
The summer is nearing to an end. That might make some people happy. Some people sad. No matter which one you are, I thought I'd do my summer beauty essentials list. It's hard to narrow it down being that I have so many favorites. But I tried to pick out a few that I h…

This Weekend In Review

Good evening my lovely readers. It was a very busy Monday here. Most Monday's are. It was also hot and humid. The usual August weather. Not much of a fan. What I am a fan of however is having my beautiful sister over for a belated birthday dinner!
My older sister Samantha came on Friday. I asked if she would spend the weekend with us so we could celebrate her birthday.( I wasn't there on the exact date). She is my best friend. I am like a kid in a candy store when she is here. I get to pour my heart out to her about what's going on in my life. From anything big to the smallest of details. No juicy bit of talking goes unspoken. Hair. Makeup. Men. Life. Love. Anything and everything. Friday I made us a nice dinner with some cheese and appetizers. Then my husband brought home a cake to surprise her with. We watched  new movies (The Gallows & N.W.A). Listened to music. Danced. Laughed. Cried. The usual bonding we always have.
Saturday was equally fun filled with a trip to…

Post Weekend Ikea Haul

Good late morning readers!The past two days the heat and hormones have had me so tired and lazy. I guess all of the work I did on the weekend caught up to me as well. It was a lot. All day. Very physical. All the walking for 5 hours. Then the building of the items. Also a trip to homegoods on Sunday.
Saturday was a successful trip. For many reasons. First one was, us not getting lost in New Jersey which happens a lot lol. (I hate driving in New Jersey). It was a little crowded but we got out just in time. There was however almost a complete meltdown. As we were heading towards the checkout. We went to pick out the bookshelf. Of course the white was missing. Turned out it was out of stock. It didn't say that online or I would have had a back up plan. So naturally I was really upset. That was the whole point of the trip. I was ready to go and check out. My husband knowing how I am didn't want to leave without making sure I was happy. So we started walking over and saw a huge bo…

August Ipsy Bag

Good evening my lovely readers. Sorry for no post Wednesday it was a busy one. I am here now so all is well in the world!
I just received my Ipsy August Glam bag in the mail. I have to say I absolutely love all of the products. Even the bag is adorable. Three full size products were including:A felt tip eyeliner pen in black that makes the perfect cat eye application. Two plum products. One a nail polish (which I will be using on myself tomorrow). Lastly a full sized lip gloss that packs tons of color. At first I wasn't sure if the shade was flattering on me, then I instantly fell in love. Purple and all things of that family are huge for fall.

So I headed to Trader Joe's to do my weekly shopping. I picked up these beautiful mini Calla Lilies in a burnt orange color. They look so chic against my freshly painted aqua walls. Calla Lillies are one of my favorite flower. Mostly because I wore them the day of my wedding. All White Calla Lillies.

Today I received my shipment fro…

Ikea 2016 Catalog Is Here!!!

If there is one thing I surely look forward to all year, it is the end of summer. For many reasons. I'm not really a "hot climate" type of woman. I much prefer wearing a fur vest sipping champagne and watching a fire foar while snow falls. I of course don't own any of these items. But in my mind I do lol. But really. I love the end of summer. It's when the seasons are about to change. There is that whole feeling of rebirth. We go into cozy mode. We get back to comfort. Back indoors. The holidays will be coming before we know it. The best thing yet is receiving your new Ikea catalog in August. I just love Ikea. They have really good quality products at amazing prices. I like that they offer a different variety of styles for your taste. I just took a trip two weeks ago with my dad and I am ready to go back. Me and the hubby are planning to go on the weekend. I have another wall to paint with the leftover color I used in the kitchen and bedroom. I would like to do …

Weekend Shopping Haul

Happy late Monday all. Sorry for the later post. Its been a busy day. I've been taking online classes for interior design. I love learning all the styles and techniques.I was learning American Colonial today. It was a busy Monday filled with cleaning. Catching up on work. My cardio workout. Today was lower body. It was tough.
This weekend was very strange. My husband and I were ready and willing to shop. We thought let's do back to "fall" shopping. We wound up going to our local mall since we were still recovering from our hangover . Refer back to my Saturday couch posting lol.
I went to jcpenny and got a cute pair of black jeggings for the fall/winter. I don't have any black jeans. I Didn't find any tops or sweaters for fall. None of the stores really had any fall clothing. My hubby got a few shirts and jeans at Polo. Then we went for lunch at Applebee's. Went to Marshalls. Couldn't find anything there. Proceeded to go to the new T.J Maxx I found b…

salsa mix tape 001

My husband has his own youtube channel now for his mixes!! Sign up and show him love guys :)

Signing off a "Salsa" Coffee Diva :)

Trader Joe/Keurig/ T.J Maxx Haul

Hey guys. I drank way too much last night. No comments other than apparently I can't drink! I'm a lightweight. So here I am on Saturday bored. I'm cleaning out my pictures on my phone while I rest. I am supposed to be doing "back to fall shopping" tomorrow so we will see if grandma can be healthy by then :( lol
Here is my Trader Joe haul from the week. I found a nice one 20mins from where I live in the Bronx. This is where I will be doing my weekly food shopping.  Everything is healthy. Organic. As well as so affordable. I love Trader 😍.
I'm also including a pic from the Keurig hot chocolate haul I did last week. And my T.J maxx haul from last night.So what is everyone up to this weekend?
Signing off a "hungover" coffee diva

Tazo Iced Passion Tea Review

Happy Throwback Thursday guys. My throwback is to Tuesday. Not very far back lol. I posted about the 50% off deal at Target on Iced Tea K-Cups. I went. I saw. I conquered. I'm disappointed:(. I purchased the Tazo Iced passion tea. I didn't even look at the box to see that it has a whopping 26 grams of sugar per serving!! Are they for real? What the hell did they do, dump a barrel of sugar into the K-cup? Not cool man. Not cool. I am all for splurging a bit here and there. But I have a limit. I don't even add sugar to my coffee and I drink my hot tea straight. So this was even more of a shock for me. I think it's an outrage as well. I'm going to see if I can return them. I brewed one cup. Took a couple of sips. The flavor is definitely very sweet. Too sweet for my liking as it is without knowing it was 26 grams of sugar. I am very unhappy. I also have Iced Coffee from donut shop I received as a gift a while back I feel the same way about that too. It is "sweet…

50% Off Starbucks Iced Coffee & Tea

It is another year that is almost over. I can't believe the year that has passes before my eyes. So much has happened. I am very happy and thankful to be in a place that is filled with love, joy, and fulfillment. Another very special thing or more like person I am thankful for is my sister. Today is her birthday and I wish her so much love. Happiness. Health. Everything her hearts desire today as always. The best Leo I've ever known ;)
I guess sometimes I'm a bit out of the loop. Cartwheel app for Target being one of them lol. I just recently discovered the app and found out you can add coupons that they will scan in person!
Awesome. One of the great coupons I added that is going on bow is 50% off of Starbucks Iced coffee k-cups. As well as Iced Tea K-cups from Tazo. I love Tazo tea and really am excited to try these. They are regularly.$11.99 a pack which makes them $5.99 each now. I am going to my local Target tonight to see what  selection they have :)D

Do you guys have…

Sunday Shelfie & Europe

Bonjour readers :) It's a beautiful warm summer day here in N.Y.C. I finally have had a nice relaxing day here without running around all over like it's been the past few months. I made some blueberry pancakes in the morning and lunch for my hubby and enjoyed some iced coffee and a cookie for lunch. Felt nice to splurge a bit. The only task I really did amount to was putting up the 2nd of 3 shelves I have. I wanted to use for above the stove. It's such a large area. It's wide and tall. Pretty much the same size as the wall where I have my coffee station. That's why I knew this shelf would be perfect for that space. I could store extra nick nacks as well as useful cooking utensils. I used to have a railing from Ikea. It looked nice at the time but I think it was a little too small. The wall just looked huge in comparison. Now I feel the shelf with all of the accessories really shows how big our wall square footage is, as well as making the apartment look more like …