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My New Apartment Finds

So as you guys may or may not have known, I'm absolutely obsessed with home design. Decorating my apartment is my favorite thing to do. I guess you know when you are all grown up when you would rather spend money on items for your home. Its an amazing feeling. I find that small purchases can really make an apartment feel like home. I haven't decorated in about a year. But its a new start for me and my husband in many ways. Time to refresh. Here are a few of my new finds. Pretty gold high ball glasses. A beautiful espresso set. New patterned curtains. A fur throw. Some fur pillows. As well as a pretty teal throw for the couch. The two stores I shopped at were C.Wonder and Conway. I will keep you posted on my decorating journey. I'm home sick today so I'm posting via my phone :) 

Signing off a "sick" coffee diva

A Closet Office & Coffee

Does anyone around here feel more depressed in the winter time? I do. Usually by January the depression hits on and off. I noticed yesterday that it was dark, I didn't feel 100%, and a few other factors had me feeling the complete opposite of myself. It's funny how some days I can be so positive. Then other days be this negative sad person. I guess we all go through that. Can't be positive rainbows and sunshine every single day. I obviously notice this more during the winter. Not really in the spring or summer. Today the sun is somewhat trying to pop out even though it's about 5 degrees outside. Already I woke up in a way better mood. I am using Coffitivity in the background for some ambient coffee shop noise. I have done a review on it. They say it makes you more productive. I do agree that when I put music on in the background or something similar it helps me write.

What's new? Well the Patriots won the superbowl on Sunday. I could care less. I'm not a fan …