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IHHS 2016 | Nespresso Prodigio Titan Expresso Maker | with Smartphone AP...

Okay so I found my new love! How amazing does this look? I have heard that Nespresso is really the highest quality single serve espresso you can get on the market. I always wanted to maybe buy one. This definitely would be great for my lazy husband LOL. Love you doll :)

Signing off an "Impressed" Coffee Diva

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum Review

Happy Thursday all. It's a beautiful day here in N.Y.C. It's going to be a busy one but I have to do my bike workout everyday. I love it. So that means I have time for a review 😀.
I reviewed Estee Lauder before, and I am blown away by their products.  Mainly because whatever they say the product does. It actually does! This serum was another sample I was using. I know it is geared for more mature skin such as wrinkles. I wanted to still try. I've seen it in every major magazine for years.
I was glad I did. I had such amazing results after only one use. My skin was clearer. My acne scars faded a bit. I woke up and wasn't red and irritated. It just overall completely refreshes your skin. I put very little on which luckily a little goes a long way. The serum scent is nothing harsh.  Not as nice smelling as the other Estee Lauder products. But I didn't care since it works so well. It is expensive at about $68 for the 1 oz and $92 for the largest. I will say it is wor…

Ulta Perfume Sale

Good Tuesday morning my loves. I hope you are all doing well. I have been having a very positive morning. I receive Ulta emails about sales and promotions. Today they are having a great sale if you are in the need for perfume. Calvin Klein Rollerballs' are on sale for only $10! You will see the discount after adding to cart. They also have free shipping $50 or more. As well as a free spring tote with any Fragrance purchase of $40 or more. Log on now to get these great steals!

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Pukka Love Tea Review

It's a beautiful Wednesday here in N.Y.C. I am currently cycling as I'm blogging. I love to multi task 😊. I hope you are all enjoying a lovely day and maybe would like to relax with a nice cup of tea 🍵.
You guys know I'm obsessed with coffee but i am also a big tea lover. All flavors and blends. I switch to tea usually in the late afternoon and or at night time. My favorite is any earl grey variety. Jasmine. Chamomile. All green tea types.
This Pukka tea I have never tried. It was in the organic section at my local supermarket and I thought to try. I love to try new products all the time.  This is called "love". It's a heart warming blend. It has organic rose, lavender and chamomile.  I love when teas aren't too overwhelming.  It has a light coloring as well as the flavor. You don't taste too much of either. No bitterness. It's caffeine free so good to drink before bed. I think the whole ritual of tea itself is so calming and restorative.  It&#…

Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Review

Happy Tuesday all. Hope you had a great weekend and you are ready for a new review. My weekend was nice. Went to the mall with my hubby on Saturday and finally found an amazing lady at Sephora to help me. I will be reviewing the foundation I purchased later in the week.  My sister gave me a bunch of Estee Lauder samples and I was currently using one of their cleansers. Perfectly clean to be exact. Let me just start off by saying it is so damn hard to find a good cleanser. You never know what will work. I've had cheap ones turn out good. Epensive ones might stink and vice a versa. I typically have nornal/oily skin. I am acne prone which is why most cleansers don't work on me. I use plain anti-bacterial soap at times because it kills bacteria on the skin and keeps acne at bay. Downside is it can be drying and striping. I currently am between samples and cleansers. I picked up an all natural Pacifica cleanser at Target a few weeks back and it burned my eyes so bad while using I h…

Lancome Teint 24hr Foundation Review

Good afternoon guys. It's Thursday and that means it's time for throw back Thursday.  I am throwing it back to the time when customer service meant something when you walked into a store. People greeted you and tried to actively help you. They were pleasant.  As well as educated in their field. Those were the days right???
Not anymore people. If you're a weekly reader of my blog (thank you) you know my distaste for Sephora and their workers. This past weekend was no different.  Another location.  No one greeted me. No one helped me. One worker just stared at herself in the mirror. Let me just state this: I never usually need help. I am a makeup artist and probably know more than the girls working there. But there is 100 different shades for the Lancome Teint foundation.(P.S this isn't about every worker. I know there are some very nice and extremely talented artists that work there. This is about the bad ones). Anyways, I thought to try something different and splurge …

Cooks Essentials Air Fryer Review

Hey guys I'm expecting! !! April fools 😂😂. It's Friday and I hope everyone enjoyed their day and didn't get pranked too much lol.
I ordered a cooks essentials air fryer on qvc as an early birthday present.  I saw it on t.v and at first was hesitant. I don't fry anything. Especially now with whole30, and I don't eat the breaded snacks they were showing. But then they proved me wrong by showing meat, steak, potatoes, etc. I have been cooking up such a storm lately. Potatoes being one of them since it's my only "bread" I can eat on whole30.  This looked like it would be helpful. 
When I got the machine I was so excited. The Color was adorable. It was the cutest machine. I'm a sucker for a gadget lol.
I love this!! I have no negative feedback what so ever. It is a healrhy way to cook. It does what they say. You can get crunchy potatoes.  I have made a few different types and look forward to trying meat and veggies.  Nothing ever sticks. You don&#…