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Nescafe' Taster's Choice Review

Hello coffee fanatics ! I have a new review for you all. It is for Nescafe' tasters choice instant coffee variety. Now you all now I am a pure Keurig lover and all things kcups. But I don't discriminate lol. I love all coffee. Bagged coffee, espresso from the stove, and even instant. I know I said that word that makes most coffee snobs cringe (instant yuck) lol. But I actually found a great brand and flavorings that will make even the most pretentious enjoy this cup ! I have received a sampling pack of tasters choice and it had two varieties I tried and really loved. One of them was the 100% Columbian, and the Hazelnut. The columbian was really good. It had such a nice flavoring and was medium bodied. But not one sip tasted bitter, or even instant to be honest. It's pure Arabica so you know you are getting quality flavor. The hazelnut I really ejoyed the flavor as well. Was nice for when I am in the mood for flavored coffee. A bit lighter than I like but still good. Since …

Friday run down 9/23

Log on to Seattle's Best Coffee fan page on facebook and get $1 off coupon on their " level system" coffee bags :)
Check out the fall specials at .

Gevalia's Pumpkin Spice coffee is back ! Check it out as well as other seasonal favorites .
Coming to the big apple coffee fest ! Check it out here for the details. I wanna go this looks awesome !

Have a great weekend all . Signing off a coffee diva :)

The most caffeinated cities ..

Here is a great study I found of the top 25 most caffeinated cities. NY was second which in my head I was thinking it had to be number one or at least in the top five. We were beat out by Chicago. Check out the list. Was your city on there ??

Signing off a "#2" coffee Diva :)

Friday Run-Down 9/16

Another weekend is here people! I don't know but the weeks fly by. Today and this past week was such a busy week for me as usual. I feel very run down. But I'd rather feel like that then do nothing ! So here is the Friday Run down ...
Do you love blogs ? Well then you will want to check out tikihutcoffee's new blog.
Well I am not the only coffee reviewer out there. Check out Van Houtte's own Na'eem, and his take on the latest from Van Houtte. always has a sale. And today it is on Green Mountain "our blend" Kcups. $22.39 for a pack of 48. So stock up now !
Coffee People's "organic" is exactlly what it reads. 100% organic. Stop by at to check out their review for Organic.
Looking to try a new espresso ? Something bold ? Well then Ethiopian coffee could be for you. Check out this review to see if it is for you or not .
Tonight Green mountain will be working with others to help people who were effected by hurricane Irene. …

The Seasonal Flavors Are Here !

Hello coffee fans ! I have good news for all of you coffee people who love the fall/winter seasons like I do. The seasonal flavors are coming out gradually. Green Mountain's fair trade pumpkin spice kcup is out now ( one of my favs check out my review from last year if you are wondering about it ) . Can't wait to stock up on that flavor that is great this time of year, but especially when it gets chilly out.And now International Delight coffee creamers have come out with a "peppermint mocha " creamer. Yumm. Imagine on Christmas morning, having a cup of coffee with this in your mug .. snow falling outside your window and being surrounded by family . Just makes me all happy inside ;) There is nothing more loving than that! So check out facebook and you can see all the new deals on seasonal kcups and new coffee creamers..
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Green Mountain Freebie Alert !!!

There is nothing better than getting a free sample in your mail to brighten your day. It's a great way to try new products, or get a surprise to lift your spirits. Also, when things are really tough , it can help out a lot. That's how I first started signing up for samples. When my husband lost his job 4 years ago and we were struggling. Anything to help did. But years later, though we are doing great , I still sign up for samples because you never know, and I love to get a surprise :). Simple things in life make me happy. And I know this one will make you coffee lovers happy. If you have facebook, like the greenmountain fan page and you can get either a free sample of bag coffee , or kcup portion pack! I signed up and got the free kcups since I have a lot of bag coffee still, and could use kcups any time!!!! Great deal, but hurry because they will go super duper fast !

Green Mountain

Signing off a " happily sampled " coffee diva :)

The Shoffee Blog: K-Cup Reminder: Always Check the Count

Great Deal ..

If you are looking for a bigger variety of kcups, you can purchase from and get 50 count coffee variety/sampler packs at a cheaper price. And they offer free shipping on all which is a great deal! They have tons of varieties to choose from so you can go wrong. Check them out .

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Marc Anthony Keurig Commercial

Keurig Commercial

Here's for all of the Marc Anthony/ Keurig Fans :)

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