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Walmart & Kcups !

Hello to all of my readers! I hope you are all safe and sound through the earthquake. Me and my husband were here in our apartment and we both moved when we were sitting down and got kind of pulled forward. It scared the hell out of us, I didn't know what was going on, it was kind of surreal in a way. No one else in my building seemed to have felt it. Then later on I saw on the news it was an after shock ! This world is crazy. Who would think that would happen here in NYC. Now I am hearing a hurricane might come out way this week as well. Very scary. So everyone watch the news and be safe...

I just recently noticed while I was researching some coffee things on, they sell k-cups now as well as Keurig brewers. They are $11.88 a box. Free shipping to home. They have a lot of good flavors. The price has jumped almost $2 a box for k-cups so it is tough in this economy for people to buy them anymore. It is not really something we need, more something we want or like to enjoy.…

Keurig Sale

Q.V.C is where I purchased both of my Keurig brewers. They have them on easy pay which makes it easy to buy. Here are the latest ones on sale. Stock up now for the holidays and store it away if you have to. I know I want to start thinking of the holidays too .



Have a great week all :)

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Friday Run Down 8/12

Friday sale over at justkups, Get a 50 pack select box of kcups for $26.00 . Buy 1 and it will be shipped for free.

Another sale at justonecup. get 10% off your order with this facebook coupon code FBfanEOS. Good for today only so hurry !

Log on to folgers fan page on facebook and check out their new low fat mocha frappucinno yumm :)

Have a great weekend all !!

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Dunkin Donut Kcups Are in !!!!

For all the Keurig lovers, for all the dunkin donut lovers. Here is your perfect match :) Very excited to try these !!!!!

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Comsumer Coffee Survey ..

Friday Run Down 8/5/11

Log on to to snag some items you might have been looking at for a while in the clearance section :)

Log on to facebookcheck out 8 oclock coffee's fan page for a chance to enter and win a mug :)

While your on facebook check out Melitta's fan page as well. You can enter and win a free bag of coffee for you and your friend :) Sweet !

Whole latte love has just added these two new Italian brands : Segafredo Zanetti & Torrefazione Settebello ( say that three times in a row lol).

Can't have a lot of caffeine? Or just a little? Well you are not the only one. Check out folgers to see their line of half/calf coffee's .

Signing off a "loving" coffee Diva :) Enjoy your weekend all !

Image is a great site to combine all of your social networks together into one place. I just signed up for it and you should too!

Cosumer Report Says...

Happy Muggy August to you all :) It is in the 90's here in ny. Nice and muggy as usual in August. Rain showers later. I sipped on some Green Mountain Island Coconut. I think it was my last kcup. I have literally used all of my boxes of kcups up. I figured mine as well go through all of them, and start fresh in September with some great fall flavors :)... Well I read today on a consumers report for the best coffee: Gloria Jeans came in first. And second was Newman's own. I happen to agree with both of these companies. I absolutely love Gloria Jean's & Newman's own. GJ is more for flavor and special varieties. Where as I think Newman's own also has great flavor but is more for the serious coffee drinker. They have a lot of strong, dark blends. I have yet to have a bad kcup from either, so I will keep buying.

Have you guys ever tried either of these brands ? If so do you like or not at all ???

Have a safe, cool, and dry day for all !

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