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Happy New Year !

I just wanted to wish everyone a very healthy new year. In case I don't post anything this weekend. 2011 was a great year for me. It was good most of the whole year ( which is rare lol). Other than a few months that seemed a bit down in the summer and getting very sick on last new years eve. I over came it like I always do :)I am just thankful to celebrate for the simple things in life. My husband still having a good job in this horrible economy. All of our bills being paid and on track. Having a beautiful apartment to live in. Being healthy !!My family. Having my sister and husband in my life who are both my angels .. . I hope everyone can be thankful for all they have in their lives as well and enjoy a beautiful weekend. ( Safe of course No Drinking & Driving !! )

Signing off an " excited to ring in 2012 " Coffee Diva
Remember no matter what you are going through in life, you have the right to celebrate every day.No matter how small it might seem to celebrate. It is…

The Attendee Project

Happy Holidays. Hope everyone had a festive Christmas & Hanukkah. New Year's Eve is this weekend. I am very excited. Last year I got very sick out of no where on New Year's Eve. I almost went to the hospital with a 102 fever. Thank god it broke. And I was ok. Just very very weak. Thank god my husband was there by my side the whole time. So I am just happy to be healthy this year. No big crazy plans. Just me and my husband, what I love most. I feel me and my husband have overcome so much in our life. And it is our time to celebrate. Be thankful. And live life happy. The way it was meant to.....
Does coffee mean the world to you ? ( me too) Well you can have a chance now to shine, and show your love for coffee. " The Attendee Project Contest". Enter for a chance to win $500. That could buy a lot of coffee :)

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Friday run down 12/16/11

Ciao! Christmas is closer and closer. It is just flying by. Here is the run down for this Friday of the holiday season. Did you guys finish your shopping ? Me either lol Hopefully this might help...

Will you be traveling this holiday season ? Well you will want to keep your coffee brewed nice and fresh. Here is Bodum's Coffee press to give you freshness. Also Bodum has free shipping on all standard orders now through 12/18. Hurry !!

Fair trade tea purchases are up 38% . That is good news for local farmers ! (

Whole latte love posted a video of the best "prosumer espresso machines". A "prosumer" is a combo of a professional and a consumer ...

Tiki Hut coffee is offering free shipping today as well as many websites.

Like Barista Prima House on Facebook, and you will be able to send 3 free samples to your friends or family members who own Keurig's. That would be a great holiday gift for many people :)

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Espresso Machines; Espresso Coffee Makers; Coffee Makers from Wholelattelove: Capresso, Jura, Saeco, Gaggia, Rancilio, Nespresso

Happy One Year Wedding Anniversary !!

Just wanted to take some time on this special day to honor my husband and our union as a family. ..Happy one year wedding anniversary to my husband Anthony. The love of my life. This was the happiest day of my life walking down that aisle and seeing you there..And every day i spend with you. You are an amazing husband. You treat me like a princess everyday. You make me smile when I wake, and you are the last thought on my mind as I lay down to sleep... I love you with all my heart.. I will never forget this special day in my life and I will celebrate our love forever....

Signing off a " very happily married" coffee Diva

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Friday Run Down 12/9/11

It's a chilly day here in N.Y.C. Can't believe that my one year wedding anniversary is this Sunday. Feels like it was just yesterday putting on my dress. Walking down the aisle. I miss that day, it was the best day of my life so far. Anyways, let me stop before I start crying lol. Here is the Friday run down. Hope you all have a warm and safe weekend :)

Shop Keurig for every gift you can imagine !! From over 200 different kcups , there really is something for everyone !!

Shop Illy's holiday boutique hand selected gift from the masters!

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Espresso Gift Packs...

If you have a super coffee aficionado on your hands, and you can not think of what to get them for the holidays. Try an Espresso Gift pack. Wholelattelove has the best brands out there (including one of my favorite.. Lavazza) . So you will rock as Santa giving these as gifts :) Enjoy....

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Design meets function...

While all you readers now that I am hands down the Keurig cheerleader , I can't help but sometimes stumbling upon a coffee machine that is so adorable I almost want to buy it. This would be that one! If there were no Keurig in the world I would buy it ! It's a little pricey but I think worth it. It's a De'Lhongi kMix 10 cup Coffee Maker. It has a super modern/retro design to it. Looks like an espresso machine ( which makes sense since De'Lhongi is one of the biggest espresso manufacturers for 100 years) . This allows you to preheat your cups as you would an espresso. Comes in 8 super funky colors. I'm partial to the fushia :)) This would be an awesome gift for anyone who is really trendy, and loves their coffee . They have it available on HSN with flexpay ($37.48 plus 10 for shipping) So you can get it home for under 50. And then pay the rest the next few months. This is the first time I've seen it. It just looks fabulous !! And you know you are getting suc…

Friday Run Down 12/2/11

Illy is running a great deal today for a beautiful autmoatic espresso machine regularly $395 on sale for $245 today.

If you have a Keurig brewing machine, or you want one. Log on to to , Like Keurig, and sign up for your "keurig wish list". You can put as many items on there and this way your family & friends will know exactly what to get you this year !

If you love adding flavored milks to your coffee, log on to to get coffee mate creamer single shots. It's a great way to spruce up your coffee. Add variety, and they stay fresher then buying the cold milk version. I am thinking about trying the peppermint flavor for the holidays :)

Want to give, but also give back ?? Well here is the Fair trade holiday gift list. Now you can support local farmers and communities while getting your family and friends a high quality product !

Have a beautiful seasonal weekend all :) Enjoy this time of year ...Spread love and happiness to …

Hawaiin Hazelnut Kcup Review

Seasons Greetings :) My dad recently got me a few boxes of kcups, one of them being Wolfgang Puck's Hawaiian Hazelnut . This is my new favorite kcup. Sometimes I have to admit I am very picky when it comes to Hazelnut. I don't always love all of them. So I was really surprised to love the flavor. IT was Hazelnut but tasted more rich, and not generic or cheap. It had a nice medium bodied roast so it held up well , and didn't make the Hazelnut seem "watered down " or weak. I think it would be great in the summer iced, or now in the winter to brighten up your mood in winter when you get a bit blah. I give it a solid 4 coffee cups out of 5. I really love it, and my husband did . If you are a Hazelnut fan, you will adore this. Definitely the best Hazelnut kcup so far in my opinion.

Question of the day.. What is your favorite part of December ? The cold? The holidays?

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Cyber Monday Coffee Deals !!

Now from get "20% off your next order with Shopping cart code CYBMNOV11 "

Bedbathandbeyond has free shipping today on all orders $99 or more. They sell all Keurigs, as well as kcups and accessories !

Kitchenaid is offering a free cook book with any purchase of a coffee maker or food processor !'s deals for cyber Monday .. click on the link

Great unique idea from wholelattelove for the coffee enthusiast in your life :) Check out wholelattelove's deals as well
for cyber Monday !

Happy Shopping all :)

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Good Deals on K-cups From Q.V.C

Happy Thanksgiving week all :) You know I always try and get you the best deals out there now. A lot of times Q.V.C has great deals on the Keurig brewer. But they actually have a few deals on bigger boxes of k-cups. If you don't mind paying a few bucks for shipping, they have a lot of deals going on now. They offer easy pay so you can break the payments up each month, but receive them now. As well as the new Starbucks kcups, tea, and seasonal flavors so check them out !

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Friday Run Down 11/18/11

Hello all.. sorry I have been out for a few days. My husband took some time off that he had, so we just spent quality time together. It felt really nice to have him here with me. I'm a romantic at heart, and I adore my husband. So the second he leaves I always miss him right away :) .. Anywhoo I hope you are all doing good and getting geared up for Thanksgiving. Here is the "Friday run down" a day later... lol

Get rewarded for shopping this holiday season! Starbucks is offering $5 gift cards to everyone who purchases 3 Starbucks items at the local grocery store. Click here for the rebate form !

If you are on Facebook, be sure to like Seattle's Best Coffee. They are offering free coffee samples for everyone working on black Friday ! posted buy 1 get 1 free , for Starbucks. Now through Nov 20th. So hurry before this ends tomorrow !

Love tea ? Chai? Or always wanted to try ( like myself) Here is a list of the best Chai teas from kitchen daily .

Van Houtte &…

Budget Saving Tips For The Holidays..

Good evening coffee loves! I am doing this post for everyone out there who is struggling or on a budget. Which pretty much is every person, from every city, and every walk of life. Let's face it, it's hard to live on a budget and buy people great gifts. As much as we want to, and try to plan to. Some time's you get down to the wire a week or so before the holidays, and have not much money to spend for 10 different people. It's not your fault. Most of the time it is bills and grown up stuff right lol. But, It's not about the money, or the gifts when it's holiday time. Not to be corny, but if I've learned anything from going through rough financial times in the past, and growing up. Gifts really don't matter. It's having your family around. A small place to call your own, and the love of your life right by your side. I like to show my love by taking care of people and opening up my home to them. Having them stay over, and cooking a feast . I was just …

Top Five Selling Grinders

Ciao! If money is no object for you this holiday season, here are the top 5 selling coffee grinders from whole latte love. I personally don't have a coffee grinder but I was interested in one eventually. With the keurig brewer all of that hassle is already done. So take a look and see maybe you find something for yourself, or a family member..

Signing off a " thrifty " coffee Diva

P.S. I will be posting thrifty holiday gifts using coffee or other things to help all the people out there struggling with money (which who isn't)or on a budget that still want to show their friends and family they care this week. So stay tuned !!

Friday run down 11/11/11

Happy Veteran's Day to all of the troops serving over seas or who have served before. My grandfathers both served. And I have a dear friend who is away right now. My love goes out to all of them, and my thanks.
Here is today's Friday run down. Enjoy your weekend all..

Need a reason to buy more kcups ?? well wants to rewards you for it.. Check out their Perks Points Plus Program .

Coffee Icon is saluting veterans today. Stop by their facebook page and like them, they are giving away coffee makers, single serve makers, and more !

Check out whole latte love's facebook page for a great espresso cocktail recipe !

Roast magazine posted this today on facebook: " TODAY (and everyday) buy a cup of coffee for someone who have served in the Armed Forces. ". That's awesome !!

Signing off a " salute to the veterans" coffee Diva

Barista Prima House Virtual Tasting..

Ciao all :) In case you missed Barista Prima Houses' live virtual tasting on Tuesday( which I did since I was away for our weekend) . Here is the link ... Enjoy

Watch live streaming video from baristaprima at

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Seasonal Flavors Are Here ..

Ciao ! It is a beautiful day here in N.Y.C. Today is our "Friday" so me and my husband are taking a drive to see my family. We are going to stay over and just enjoy the company, can't wait to see everyone later.
Well even though the temperature is in the 60's, it is holiday time. And International Delight Coffee Creamer has their holiday flavors out. The pumpkin spice is great ( I did a review on it a while back if you search on here), it tastes just like the Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice k-cup. I am dying to try the Vanilla spiced rum ! Sounds great :)

Question of the day.. what are everyone's plans for the week ? And have you tried any of these flavors ?

Signing off an " excited " Coffee Diva

" Dream by the fire "

All of you readers know how much I adore coffee, but I also love tea as well. I love the calming effects it has when you sit down and take a few minutes to relax while you sip away, as well as so many health benefits. .
I stumbled upon this great tea that would be beautiful for the holiday season. It's called " dream by the fire" and it's from the republic of tea. So check it out if you love tea and are looking for something a little festive this season..

Signing off a "tea" DivA

Friday Run Down 11/4/11

Happy Friday all ! Hope everyone is doing well. It's a beautiful chilly day here in N.Y.C.
I want to start off by saying thank you so much for all your reading, comments, and support. I have hit 6,000 views now! I am so proud and excited. So thank you coffee people!

Just want to give another shout out to had applied for probably 20 or 30 parties. And was starting to loose hope that I'd ever get chosen for anything. Then out of no where I saw FedEx was delivering a package to me from houseparty. I can't wait to try all the great kcup flavors with my family and share my sample packs. They gave me so much stuff I could not believe it. I will be enclosing a picture of all the stuff. So sign up and start applying, because you never know !

Coffee Cup News has new Starbucks Kcups reviews. has highlighted the best coffees from gocoffeego. Check out the ggourmet list.

Make a choco-cappuccino ! Here's the how to video from whole latte love

Check out y…

New Coffee Machines

It's November !! Yay, my absolute favorite time of year. I start decorating and listening to Christmas music right after Halloween. I just love the winter/holiday seasons. I know it's corny, but I feel that magic does happen. The love I feel thinking of all the holidays I've spent with my husband and family, just makes me want to burst. No matter how rough me and my husband had it over the years, Christmas was always special. . So here's to the early Christmas spirit .. Be happy and show your love..just true love ..

Question of The day : When do you start to celebrate & decorate for the holidays ?

Here are some new coffee machines I had stumbled upon recently. Tell Santa you want and maybe you will receive :)…

Folgers New Filter Packs

BoOoO. Happy Halloween!! A trick for me would be waking up with no coffee !! Ahhhh ...Have a safe time all :)

Even though it seems like Keurig is taking over the world and single serve coffee in general ( you can even get single serve espresso machines) some people will not convert. And still love a pot of coffee. They love the drip coffee. Folgers has come out with a really neat way to brew easier with your drip machine, but in a single serve way. These new filter packs, let you pop them into your machine without scooping out coffee, and putting in new filters each time. Each filter holds enough for either 4-6 cups of coffee or 8-12. So you are still technically using your old school brewer, but with a slightly modern and more intelligent technology. Now all the great benefits of single serve coffee. The freshest brew every time. The perfect measurement is already done, and no clean up! Check out this demo video on the filter packs. I think these will become a hit and they will come o…

New Kcup Holders..

Morning all. How are you doing? Recently I have seen some new k cup holders out there from q.v.c and bedbathandbeyond. I have the 24kcup carousel that spins. I love the way it looks, but these are super cute too. Thinking of getting one as well. Here are the newest I've found :)

Signing off a "snowy coffee Diva " P.S. It's snowing here in NyC :)

"America's Coolest Coffeehouses "

Hello coffee peeps ! It is a very cold and rainy day here in NYC. They say it might even snow a little tonight. Nothing better than having a hot cup of coffee on a nasty day right? I had Folgers French Vanilla Biscotti Kcup. It was so good I love it. What is the weather like in you neck of the woods ?? Stay warm and dry ...
A new review from Travel & Leisure magazine. " America's coolest coffeehouses. It rates the top 27 . My home town N.Y.C is on the list. Check it out to see if yours is !

Signing off a "very cold " coffee DivA ;)

Green Mountain App

If you have an iphone, you can get an app from It is a Green Mountain kcup finder. This is really for the coffee lover !!!

Check it out and download :)

Signing off an "i coffee " diVa

Starbucks New Blonde Roast ..

Starbucks has been known for their dark strong bodied coffee.But now they are switching over to the light side (hoping for the saying that blondes have more fun ).Check out his video on what their thinking was behind the "blonde roast ". I think this will give Starbucks a wider coffee audience since a lot of people don't like dark roast coffee. So now there really is something for everyone at Starbucks.

Have any of you ever tried this yet ??

Signing off a " once blonde " coffee DivA ;)

Friday run down 10/21

First of all just want to give a shout out to Barista Primehouse . I received my free sample today in the mall and I can't wait to try the kcups. I will be reviewing them this week. Very much appreciated and needed (especially in this economy when money is tight and coffee really isn't something you have to buy or need). I received the sample after friending them on facebook. So be sure to click "like" on their page and you never know when they might run free samples again!

Really cool design coffee mugs :

If you think you town or community can be the next biggest fair trade supporter, then check out this link : And who knows your may be chosen !

Learn all the facts about the perfect espresso:

Sign up and get your free sample for Nescafe's n…

Drink up to support breast cancer !

Drink up and support breast cancer (p.s. studies have shown that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of breast cancer) ...

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Big $10 kcup Sale !

Hello Coffee friends! Hope everyone is well. It is a very rainy, windy, nasty day here in the N.Y.C area. Yesterday was my day off, and it didn't go as well as I'd like. But I always start fresh and renewed the next day. Can't let myself stay negative long. Well here is a great sale to start the week off or end depending on your schedule :)
Log on to to get their $10 mega sale. They have newman's own decaf, Tully's Extra Bold house blend, and more. So check it out. It's a really good deal. You get 24 kcups. (Only thing is shipping unless you spend $75 or more).

What is the weather like in your area? Is it looking like fall ? And are you looking forward to all the beautiful holidays coming up ? This is my favorite time of year...

Signing off a " rainy " coffee DiVa

Green Mountain Columbian Fair Trade Review

Earlier this week I told you guys that I received a free sample box from ( & Green Mountain ). I had received the Colombian Fair Trade. Me and my husband both tried it this week and loved it. Between the flavor, and supporting local farmers and their crops, we were delighted. I usually am a big fan of Colombian coffee. I love Timothy's Decaff Colombian kcup. And now this is another Colombian I really enjoy. It is a medium roast coffee. Tastes nice and strong ( but not bitter at all). Great to have every day, or on a special occasion. I think it could hold up really nice against a dessert since it isn't flavored, and won't compete with the sweetness of cake or cookies, etc . It had a very smooth flavor. A lot of coffees put so many different notes into them, which can be good or bad. But when I drank this it was just so nice to have a really good plain coffee. I usually love french vanilla or hazelnut, but some days I want something nice and strong. This is …

Great Weekend Sale !

Hello all :) I found a great deal for you. Today on It's Java Junkie Fan weekend. (In celebration of all their fans on facebook) If you shop, you can get 10% off your next order all weekend long. Just enter coupon code 10FanFB.This is a great way to enjoy the weekend, with a discount off of kcups, and a fresh brewed cup of coffee on this beautiful windy fall day :)

Happy Shopping..

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Friday Run Down 10/14/11

Happy Friday all :) Here is this Friday's run down.. Have a great weekend. Stay dry!

Check out Folgers new single serve coffee demo .

Match the color of your tea, to the variety ..

Specials for kcups and more !

A great recipe from Lipton Tea :)

You would think we this economy that sales in coffee shops would be down. But not in our city that runs all day and all night . Check out this article on the best new shops that are opening up in Manhattan . It's great to see that small business' are moving up . Take a look at the list and stop by to support them :)

Happy Hour Sale ! Shop now , offer ends at 4pm.

Signing off a " rainy " coffee DivA

Free bzzagent Green Mountain kit..

Hello my coffee lovers! How are you today ? I am doing good. It's a nasty chilly day here in N.Y.C but I love the cool weather. . .
So I have signed up on, and I'm a bzzagent. Which pretty much means I am sent campaigns to review and try. It's a really great website. I've already gotten makeup, and high heel insoles. Yesterday I received my Green Mountain kit. They sent a free box of kcups ( Colombian Fair trade) , and a sampler pack of a few different varieties as well. Then all you do is share your opinions about the product whether you like or not, and you get a bunch of coupons as well for kcup packs ( which is a big help ). So log on to bzzagent and sign up, you never know what free things you might receive :) Green Mountain definitely rocks too. They always are giving away free samples on facebook. So be sure to "like" them.

What's in your cup today ? Me, French Vanilla Fair trade from Target .

Signing off a " coffee " DivA

Friday Run Down 10/7/11

Seems like every week the weekends come faster and fast. Especially now, In October. After Halloween it is just a sleigh ride into the holidays lol. Well here is the Friday run down : Enjoy !!

More and more reasons why coffee is good for you ! ( From Tiki Hut Coffee on FB )

Buy 1 pack of 50 Keurig K-Cups and Shipping is FREE !

Coffee News about Fair Trade to read up on !

Have a great weekend. And remember to smile, It's national smile day :)

Art & Coffee

Are you an art lover beside just being a coffee fanatic ? Well me too. I love all things beautiful. I guess partly that I am a make up artist I am drawn to color. Color in every form. I appreciate the green trees outside my window. A painting in a museum. Or now an intricate design on my cup of coffee. Illy is one of the most renowned coffee brands in Europe and they are bringing art & coffee together for a powerful fusion.
These cups were designed by Neapolitan world traveler Francesco Clemente. They are so fantastic. Each cup and saucer goes together as if they were attached. Such vibrant colors to match the bold flavors of Illy coffee. These would be a great treat in any ones kitchen. They are available online ( for a very high price tag , but again it is like a work of art) They would make you smile instantly and make you stop and remember the small things in life are the most special .. ...

For purchase :…

What Fair Trade Really Means..

I know you all have probably seen every where now a days " fair trade " . Especially with coffee. And you might be wondering exactly what it means. Well fair trade is a very good thing. It means that the farmers were given a fair price for their harvest. That in turn means that you are helping a community develop by buying their product. That lets the farmers also make the best product possible. In this case, the best, most fresh coffee. Green Mountain is one of the biggest coffee companies that supports fair trade. They have over 25 varieties of fair trade coffee. Log on to facebook and friend Green Mountain, then click on the tab " fair trade " to read all about it. But be sure to show your support and purchase the coffee too ! Green Mountain is one of my favorite brands of Kcups. I love every one of their flavors.It makes me feel good that in some way I am helping a community far away. If you are ever lost, just look for the picture above. That is the fair trade…

I've gone pink for Breast Cancer

Happy Weekend all. Today is the first day of October, and as most of you probably know October is breast cancer awareness month. So many women are effected by this. I am posting my blog all month long in pink as just a small gesture of respect . This is to my two aunts who battled the disease and died. To every one else I know struggling. For my sister,my mother,my future daughter, my self and the future. There is Hope & Love. And I am sending it your way....

If anyone would like to share any stores on here please feel free to xoxo

Signing off a " coffee Diva "

Nescafe' Taster's Choice Review

Hello coffee fanatics ! I have a new review for you all. It is for Nescafe' tasters choice instant coffee variety. Now you all now I am a pure Keurig lover and all things kcups. But I don't discriminate lol. I love all coffee. Bagged coffee, espresso from the stove, and even instant. I know I said that word that makes most coffee snobs cringe (instant yuck) lol. But I actually found a great brand and flavorings that will make even the most pretentious enjoy this cup ! I have received a sampling pack of tasters choice and it had two varieties I tried and really loved. One of them was the 100% Columbian, and the Hazelnut. The columbian was really good. It had such a nice flavoring and was medium bodied. But not one sip tasted bitter, or even instant to be honest. It's pure Arabica so you know you are getting quality flavor. The hazelnut I really ejoyed the flavor as well. Was nice for when I am in the mood for flavored coffee. A bit lighter than I like but still good. Since …

Friday run down 9/23

Log on to Seattle's Best Coffee fan page on facebook and get $1 off coupon on their " level system" coffee bags :)
Check out the fall specials at .

Gevalia's Pumpkin Spice coffee is back ! Check it out as well as other seasonal favorites .
Coming to the big apple coffee fest ! Check it out here for the details. I wanna go this looks awesome !

Have a great weekend all . Signing off a coffee diva :)

The most caffeinated cities ..

Here is a great study I found of the top 25 most caffeinated cities. NY was second which in my head I was thinking it had to be number one or at least in the top five. We were beat out by Chicago. Check out the list. Was your city on there ??

Signing off a "#2" coffee Diva :)

Friday Run-Down 9/16

Another weekend is here people! I don't know but the weeks fly by. Today and this past week was such a busy week for me as usual. I feel very run down. But I'd rather feel like that then do nothing ! So here is the Friday Run down ...
Do you love blogs ? Well then you will want to check out tikihutcoffee's new blog.
Well I am not the only coffee reviewer out there. Check out Van Houtte's own Na'eem, and his take on the latest from Van Houtte. always has a sale. And today it is on Green Mountain "our blend" Kcups. $22.39 for a pack of 48. So stock up now !
Coffee People's "organic" is exactlly what it reads. 100% organic. Stop by at to check out their review for Organic.
Looking to try a new espresso ? Something bold ? Well then Ethiopian coffee could be for you. Check out this review to see if it is for you or not .
Tonight Green mountain will be working with others to help people who were effected by hurricane Irene. …

The Seasonal Flavors Are Here !

Hello coffee fans ! I have good news for all of you coffee people who love the fall/winter seasons like I do. The seasonal flavors are coming out gradually. Green Mountain's fair trade pumpkin spice kcup is out now ( one of my favs check out my review from last year if you are wondering about it ) . Can't wait to stock up on that flavor that is great this time of year, but especially when it gets chilly out.And now International Delight coffee creamers have come out with a "peppermint mocha " creamer. Yumm. Imagine on Christmas morning, having a cup of coffee with this in your mug .. snow falling outside your window and being surrounded by family . Just makes me all happy inside ;) There is nothing more loving than that! So check out facebook and you can see all the new deals on seasonal kcups and new coffee creamers..
Signing off "a coffee diva "

Green Mountain Freebie Alert !!!

There is nothing better than getting a free sample in your mail to brighten your day. It's a great way to try new products, or get a surprise to lift your spirits. Also, when things are really tough , it can help out a lot. That's how I first started signing up for samples. When my husband lost his job 4 years ago and we were struggling. Anything to help did. But years later, though we are doing great , I still sign up for samples because you never know, and I love to get a surprise :). Simple things in life make me happy. And I know this one will make you coffee lovers happy. If you have facebook, like the greenmountain fan page and you can get either a free sample of bag coffee , or kcup portion pack! I signed up and got the free kcups since I have a lot of bag coffee still, and could use kcups any time!!!! Great deal, but hurry because they will go super duper fast !

Green Mountain

Signing off a " happily sampled " coffee diva :)

The Shoffee Blog: K-Cup Reminder: Always Check the Count

Great Deal ..

If you are looking for a bigger variety of kcups, you can purchase from and get 50 count coffee variety/sampler packs at a cheaper price. And they offer free shipping on all which is a great deal! They have tons of varieties to choose from so you can go wrong. Check them out .

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Marc Anthony Keurig Commercial

Keurig Commercial

Here's for all of the Marc Anthony/ Keurig Fans :)

Signing off a coffee Diva

Walmart & Kcups !

Hello to all of my readers! I hope you are all safe and sound through the earthquake. Me and my husband were here in our apartment and we both moved when we were sitting down and got kind of pulled forward. It scared the hell out of us, I didn't know what was going on, it was kind of surreal in a way. No one else in my building seemed to have felt it. Then later on I saw on the news it was an after shock ! This world is crazy. Who would think that would happen here in NYC. Now I am hearing a hurricane might come out way this week as well. Very scary. So everyone watch the news and be safe...

I just recently noticed while I was researching some coffee things on, they sell k-cups now as well as Keurig brewers. They are $11.88 a box. Free shipping to home. They have a lot of good flavors. The price has jumped almost $2 a box for k-cups so it is tough in this economy for people to buy them anymore. It is not really something we need, more something we want or like to enjoy.…

Keurig Sale

Q.V.C is where I purchased both of my Keurig brewers. They have them on easy pay which makes it easy to buy. Here are the latest ones on sale. Stock up now for the holidays and store it away if you have to. I know I want to start thinking of the holidays too .



Have a great week all :)

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Friday Run Down 8/12

Friday sale over at justkups, Get a 50 pack select box of kcups for $26.00 . Buy 1 and it will be shipped for free.

Another sale at justonecup. get 10% off your order with this facebook coupon code FBfanEOS. Good for today only so hurry !

Log on to folgers fan page on facebook and check out their new low fat mocha frappucinno yumm :)

Have a great weekend all !!

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Dunkin Donut Kcups Are in !!!!

For all the Keurig lovers, for all the dunkin donut lovers. Here is your perfect match :) Very excited to try these !!!!!

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Comsumer Coffee Survey ..

Friday Run Down 8/5/11

Log on to to snag some items you might have been looking at for a while in the clearance section :)

Log on to facebookcheck out 8 oclock coffee's fan page for a chance to enter and win a mug :)

While your on facebook check out Melitta's fan page as well. You can enter and win a free bag of coffee for you and your friend :) Sweet !

Whole latte love has just added these two new Italian brands : Segafredo Zanetti & Torrefazione Settebello ( say that three times in a row lol).

Can't have a lot of caffeine? Or just a little? Well you are not the only one. Check out folgers to see their line of half/calf coffee's .

Signing off a "loving" coffee Diva :) Enjoy your weekend all !

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Cosumer Report Says...

Happy Muggy August to you all :) It is in the 90's here in ny. Nice and muggy as usual in August. Rain showers later. I sipped on some Green Mountain Island Coconut. I think it was my last kcup. I have literally used all of my boxes of kcups up. I figured mine as well go through all of them, and start fresh in September with some great fall flavors :)... Well I read today on a consumers report for the best coffee: Gloria Jeans came in first. And second was Newman's own. I happen to agree with both of these companies. I absolutely love Gloria Jean's & Newman's own. GJ is more for flavor and special varieties. Where as I think Newman's own also has great flavor but is more for the serious coffee drinker. They have a lot of strong, dark blends. I have yet to have a bad kcup from either, so I will keep buying.

Have you guys ever tried either of these brands ? If so do you like or not at all ???

Have a safe, cool, and dry day for all !

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5,000 Views and still going...

Hello my coffee lovers :) I have been away for about two weeks or so on vacation. I was with my sister and my family most of the time. It felt great. Sorry I wasn't posting , but I am home and will have a whole boat load of stuff to share with you the following days. I just wanted to give a special thanks to everyone reading. I have hit over 5,000 views and 53 votes for my blog. I am super excited the more views, votes, comments, I feel even more proud knowing people all over the world are reading my little ol' coffee blog. Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe !

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Check this out guys .. a great new site that will promote your business / and yourself. While combining all of your social networks into one place :)

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Friday run down 7/1/11

I am sure you are all saying the same thing " I can't believe it's July already". My has this year gone by so fast. I think because I got married in December everything seems like a whirl wind. I feel like before we know it, it will be fall again. I have so many things coming up. Vacation with my sister in a week. We aren't really going anywhere, but it will just be a vacation to spend two weeks together straight. We will drink, shop, eat, go out. It will be awesome and I can't wait! Then next month is My sister's 30th birthday! We want to go to six flags at the end of the month or to the outlets to get ready for the fall/winter season. Then I want to start to save for our one year wedding anniversary . We are going to go back to where we had our honeymoon ( Cape May NJ the most romantic places to visit Christmas time ) . I am just so antsy because I am excited. . . Well I wish you all a prosperous new month with love and happy things ! Here is Friday'…

Coffee Humor

Life is tuff, we all know it and go through it every day. Some days are worst than others. Some days it is hard to stay positive. But remember the simple things in life that give you joy like coffee and always have Hope. In case you are going through a rough time here are some cute coffee jokes to put a smile on your face :) Have a great day all !

Coffee Funnies:

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Friday Run Down 6/24/11

T.G.I.F to all :) I have been feeling great thank god. I am back to my healthy routine of working out 1/ 2 times a day, eating healthy, mediating, etc. I hope you are all having a beautiful week. Here is the Friday run down of all things coffee:
Log on to SLO's facebook page and enter to win free roasted coffee in celebration of " Fair Trade Friday " :)
Log on to for some coffee art inspiration !
Log on to and check out their blog on 10 facts about coffee you may not know ! ( Very interesting )
Learn more about an interesting tea you might not have heard of from Republic of Tea :
Shop at for all your favorite Wolfgang Puck Kcups , because they are back in stock!
Log on to and see how they are being eco friendly. They are making their carbon footprint 20% less with every cup . " Click on ecolaboration" to read …

Great website for Keurig lovers!!

Hello my coffee peeps! I had received an email from a really nice lady, who was from She had informed me of her website. It is special for people like us who love coffee (especially Keurig) . They have tons of kcups online. Different brands : Green Mountain, Gloria Jeans, Caribou, etc. They even have a lot of specials on kcups. Like buy 3 24ct kcup boxes get one free. As well as other special boxes that are discounted. One 24ct kcup box is 9.99 which is cheaper than a regular box that is now 10.99 or even 11.99. Plus it has more. Regular ct is 18. So that in itself is a beautiful thing. Another thing I really love about the website is it has all the extra's that come with your Keurig. Like accessories. Kcup holders, and snacks. Who doesn't love their daily cup of coffee with a little treat ? You can purchase Tea as well, which I review on here many times. Just because you have a Keurig doesn't mean you can't cheat and have tea :) They also offer c…

Father's Day gift

The Shoffee Blog

Here is a great deal for father's day, for all of the coffee dad's out there :)

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Green Mountain Sweet Black Tea Peach Kcup Review

Along with my coffee kcups being the light of my life, I also love hot and iced tea. I have tried I think almost all of the iced tea kcups. Let me just say off the bat for this review if you like very sweet tea these really aren't for you. Unless you add a gallon of sugar and then maybe you will like. These are fresh brewed glasses of strong black tea, with a hint of flavoring. I just recentlly discovered a peach one at Marshalls. I like the flavoring. You get that very "tea" flavor from it but in the background you get hit with a nice peach flavoring. It's great on a hot day like today with dinner or lunch. My husband does not drink them because they aren't sweet enough for him! But I don't drink anything sweet or with sugar so they are perfect for me. If you are a very loyal green, black, or any kind of tea hot. I think you should switch to one of these iced tea kcups. They are great. Refreshing. The only draw back they all leave a funny taste in your mouth…

Coffee today? Ugh a little too hot for that !

Hello all :) I hope you are all cool and well hydrated in a shady place. Today's temps in nyc topped in the 90's. And if you suffer from allergies like I do, the med-high range today might have you suffering a bit. I am on the hunt for a good allergy pill 24 hours relief mostly sneezing and sinus pressure. I am trying a "rite aid" compare to brand . I will see how it works, if not I am going to try zyrtec. I have had two people tell me it works well. . Anywhoo if coffee is not your thing, and you love hot tea, then on a hot day today you will definitely want a nice refreshing iced one. ( but without the calories of course) . Check out this Starbucks " ideas in action blog" about a new refreshing Tazo tea :)

P.S. Anyone reading please send me your allergy tips and great meds that you take as well @ I'd love to hear my coffee people's advice :)

New in stock..

New in stock on is a cult favorite kona blend from green mountain. If you are dying to get some here is the link:

"Kona is hard to find because the crop is down 50%.. "

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6/3 Friday Run down !

Hello Sunshine :) This day is gorgeous here in N.Y.C and how can anyone not be positive with this weather, and this life ! Here is the Friday run down on all things coffee .. .enjoy

Roasting coffee perfectly :

Happy National Coffee Day ( the healthy way ) ):

Donut Day coffee sale !

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Great brewing tips! A must read !

Happy Tuesday all :) Another gorgeous day here in NYC. I already went out and treated myself to some much needed beauty treats at Rite Aid. I feel if you watch your weight, and work out all the time and sacrifice for your health and looking good. You should reward yourself the right way. No put the cookie down, and pick up a lipstick instead . lol. Anywhoo here are the best tips I have ever found on brewing espresso, machiatto, coffee, storing, etc. Check them out they are amazing ! And enjoy this beautiful day with a nice espresso on your porch .. that's what i'm doing....

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Happy Memorial Day !

Happy memorial day again to all those serving our country or those who have served. That includes my father, and both grandfathers. I hope everyone is having a gorgeous weekend . I am. I am by myself because my hubby works, but I am loving my day outside. If you are grilling, and you love coffee, then here are some great recipe's I found involving coffee ! Enjoy

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Hello Summer.. and goodbye Infection !

Hello my coffee peeps! I am sorry for my absence of posts. I had a bad sinus infection that I was battling on and off until my mother in law got me antibiotics ( she's a nurse) . And it finally cleared up with that, and some clarinex, and some pain pills lol. Do you guys suffer from bad allergies ? Anywhoo summer has arrived in full force. Today 88 temps and tomorrow 90!!! Holy moly. I am actually sipping on hot coffee right now as crazy as it seems. But I have a bit of a headache, and sometime's the caffeine helps. So what are your plans for memorial day weekend ?? Well I will be posting a lot of stuff this week. Here's a great device/review from coffee cup news my favorite blogs. It is to clean your french press. Take a look. And enjoy this gorgeous weekend ! And don't forget about our troops who served us years ago, and who still do to keep our freedom! We live in a great country and let's never forget it :)
Signing off a " patrio…

Green Mountain Nantucket Blend Review

GM Nantucket blend kcup was one of my favorite kcups right in the beginning of me trying the Keurig. It came with the sampler pack. It was so good, and I always remembered that just recently I had to pick up the box when I was craving a good cup of medium roast coffee. Some months or weeks depending on my mood I will crave different types of coffee's and lately I just wanted a good cup of coffee. No flavoring, nothing sweet. And Nantucket is just that. It is a nice medium bodied coffee. Not weak by any means, but won't kill you that you can still have it early in the morning without it bothering your stomach . ( as with some coffee's have that effect on me ). It has no aftertaste. No nutty tones. Just smooth coffee flavor. To me it is just the perfect cup of coffee. Green mountain just nails it again. I give it 4 coffee cups out of 5. You will love this coffee I promise you. If you hate flavored coffee's then this is for you. Even if you love flavored coffee this is st…

Best Big-Brand Coffees - Cooking Light

Best Big-Brand Coffees - Cooking Light
Happy National Coffee Day everyone! How will you be enjoying national coffee day ? Regular, decaf, espresso ?? None for me today, I am going with green tea since my allergies have been acting up, I'm trying to build up my immune system. There has been a lot of colds and germs going around. And I am trying to get as healthy as can be. I had a cold, and it went away, but now it wants to try and creep back in, or my arch nemesis allergies! Do you guys suffer from allergies ? They say it is the worst allergy season ever. Well drink up to health! And here are a list of the best big brand coffee's from cooking light magazine! Enjoy..

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Breville Espresso Machine

Happy Saturday all. Here is a video on the new Breville BES900 espresso machine, and perfecting the art of extraction. . What a beautiful thing ;)

P.S. thank you again guys I've hit 4,000 views !!!

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Friday the 13th round up !

Happy Friday the 13th all. BOooOOOo. Are you guys supersticious ? Me, not so much. I just think it's fun to watch scary movies on these type of weird days ;) Here is the Friday the 13th coffee news round up !!
If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the keurig. Check out some of these pod brewers from
I love this shirt. And it's so true. There is no X in espresso !! lol
Learn about fair trade and why it is so important.;jsessionid=589FF68EA6D0D3FD5E5DF12F3EE66A23
Brazil & Coffee
Nespresso & ipod!!

Have a great weekend all ! Signing off a "spooky" coffee Diva ;)

New European Single Serve Machine

I stumbled upon this on " the design blog . org " . I was looking for new innovative coffee machines. This one is apparently called the podi and will be launched in Europe in a few months it said. Take a look . I wonder if this one will come to the U.S. Looks pricey don't you think ? But really really cool :) What are your plans for the rest of the week ? Another gorgeous day here in N.Y.C. I am so happy to have two days off with my husband finally. He worked so much this week I feel like I haven't seen him lol.
Have a great day all :)

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Folgers Coffee Videos

Happy Monday all !! It is a gorgeous Monday here in N.Y.C . I am in a great mood even though I am still getting over my cold (and my allergies are kicking my butt this week lol). Who could be in a bad mood with this weather ??Here are a few video's on on how to make some great coffee drinks/recipes .. enjoy ;)
Have you guys ever tried any of these recipe's yet ??
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How to make Cuban coffee :)

Happy mother's day to all the good mother's out there. To my mom, grandma, and aunts. Here or not. Happy mother's day. To my sister who maybe never had a child yet, always was a mother to me in so many ways and I look up to her and love her very much :)

I tried Cuban coffee this way a while ago but it was way too sweet for me, but I'm sure many people who love sweet/or strong coffee will love this. So here is the authentic way to make it. I like this guy in the video he describes everything well and takes his time .
Do you guys drink cuban coffee ? Do you make it the same ?

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La Creme Coffee creamer review

Well I was really disappointed to try La Creme coffee creamer. I thought it was going to be really good being that it was lactose free. And came in a few flavors. I tried the French Vanilla flavoring. The first time I used it I tried it with a french vanilla kcup, and it tasted really bad. Plus the milk separated in tiny little pieces and wouldn't mix well . Now I tried it a few other times with "regular" coffee ( thinking that maybe the first time was two different french vanilla taste's mixing bad)but no such luck. It just has this bitter taste. Nothing like the french vanilla I'm used to or like. I would give it 1 coffee cup out of 5. My husband seemed to love it but then again he uses two big scoops of sugar with all his coffee so I can't trust him lol. I never use sugar in my coffee. and besides the flavor part, not mixing well with the coffee just did not sit well with me. I would maybe be willing to try the regular one just to try it again. But who kno…

5/6 Friday Run Down.

Sorry to my daily coffee diva readers, I haven't posted in a few days, I definitely did come down with a cold that I was feeling earlier this week. I finally feel better. My nose is still a bit stuffy, but I definitely got my energy back mid day today. I watched this amazing documentary called " The human experience " today. It was the most moving thing I've ever seen. It made me cry, and feel so lucky for my life. And really proved to me that every one does have a purpose, and we are all on our own path. It was just so beautiful and moving. I wish negative , ungrateful , rich, nasty people would watch it to make this world a better place . We really need it....

How to roast your own coffee for all you DIY out there :)
Coffee News from Green Mountain:

Starbucks has " happy hour" every day until 5/15 now for all frappuccino's.…

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Feeling sick.. & Tea :(

Hello all. It is the start to yet another week. For me the days have just been flying by. I can't believe it is May !! This month it is my dad & husbands birthday on the 28th ( weird right lol) and my father in law's the very next day :) All Gemini's oh boy lol. Well I didn't sleep at all last night because I had a really bad sinus headache, and then I took allergy pills in the morning to put myself to sleep, and my throat felt dry and scratchy all day :(. Plus I was in a fog from the pills all day. I went food shopping, and I didn't even know what I was doing . I hate if I am feeling down, because I try to be as healthy as can be for the past year and a half, I rarely get sick, and I take vitamins. So I take it super personal. But it's just a bad time for allergy sufferer's as my sister put it. Do you guys suffer from allergies ? Do you take medicine on a regular basis ? I read today was very high in the pollen count, and the rest of the week. So this …

I've hit 3,000 views !

Thank you so much every one for reading! I have hit over 3,000 views now and I am so excited. Every month I try and bring new topics, reviews, and exciting offers. I am glad to see every one is reading and enjoying my blog. It is much appreciated :)

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4/29 Friday's " Royal " run down ;)

Greetings everyone! T.G.I.F, I hope you all enjoyed the royal wedding very early this morning. It was an absolutely beautiful ceremony. I cried when the two love birds exchanged vows. It was just a piece of history that one day I know I will look back on and remember I watched it all :) Here is Friday's coffee news round up !
*Log on to to take your coffee profile and see what your flavor is. ( Mine was velvety & woodsy ).
* Want a Brikka pot for authentic espresso? Well then log on to to get 15% off any Bialetti product. Use mother's day code MOKA04.
*Log on to to see 4 recipes involving coffee that will have us coffee lover's going crazy :) Yumm
*Log on to to get 20% off your order. Just enter promo code MOM2011 at checkout .
I hope everyone has a great weekend ! Enjoy !
P.S. I wrote on my facebook and I'll say it again.. I might not be from a royal family but I definitely married my prince charming. Love you bab…