Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cafe' Bustelo K-Cup Review

It's a cold New York Sunday, and ironically I have off for once! I am delighting in the fact of sleeping in a little as well as all the coffee I want! So I know my Cafe' Bustelo review was such a hot topic. I had so many amazing comments from people all over the world. I loved to hear their stories on what Cafe' Bustelo meant to them. It just goes to show you how coffee is so much more than a drink. It's a memory. It's family. It's comfort.

With that being said, you guys are going to like me again because I loved the Cafe' Bustelo Kcups!! I purchased the Cafe' Bustelo Espresso blend K-Cup. I believe they also make a Colombian blend. I brewed it on the regular 8oz setting on my Keurig with a bit of half and half. It was such a good strong cup of coffee. It really reminded me of a French Roast coffee. You get that earthy back drop on every sip. If you drink it black, I can imagine you would be in heaven. It is very very dark when it brews. I frothed my milk a bit first today and it still tasted great. I was going to try and whip the milk next time and brew it as an espresso shot being that it is an "espresso blend" k-cup. I would imagine it could make a great Cappucinno. I will keep you guys informed when I do that and how it turns out. It has a bit of an after taste, but that is common with most espresso blend coffees'. This definitely redeemed the brand for me after the last few times I tasted Cafe' Bustelo and wasn't exactly a fan. I give this K-Cup 4 out of 5 Coffee Cups. I purchased my box of Cafe Bustelo K-Cups at my local Key Food grocery store. They had them on sale for $4.99. That was for a 12 pack. They sell 18 packs at other stores for $9.99 and up. I will definitely be buying this again. My husband loved it too :)

How is your holiday season going? I have not started any shopping still. Been working so much. Then on my days off I only have time for errands and my day is over before I know it. But I guess I can do it all on Christmas Eve LOL. Enjoy your Sunday all..

Signing off an "off" Coffee Diva

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Weekly Run Down 12/4/14

Happy Holidays! I hope you all had a very happy and thankful Thanksgiving. Mine was quiet but oh so very happy spending it with my husband. We had a nice little dinner together. I worked the next day. But got to see my family on the weekend. I love them all. Especially being with them this time of year. I feel bad for people who may be alone during the holidays. Always invite people, friend, co-workers to your house (if you know them of course lol). You never know who may be sad and alone. This is a rough time of year for so many people as well. Let's spread the love all around :)

Here is your Wednesday Run Down. All things Holiday !!!

Straight from the Ethiopian Highlands to your coffee mug, Gevalia is offering $1 off their coffee of the month Abyssinian Mokka. Good until 12/31. Use promo code MOKKA at checkout.

Get a free pack of T-Discs from Tassimo when you purchase 5 online. Use promo code TA12BUY. Offer ends 12/15.

Whole Latte love has their 2014 Holiday gift guide. Check it out for some great ideas.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Zep Cleaning Mission Review

Morning all. One of my newest "missions" I have gotten to try thanks to Crowdtap is Zep all around cleaner and disinfectant spray. They gave me four bottles in total to try. The first one I tried was the all around cleaner & degreaser with OXY. All in all I thought it was a good cleaner. It got up stains on my white counter right away. It wiped away clean with no residue. I tried it on my oven and that was the only place I would say the product fell short. It says on the bottle you can leave it on a minute and wipe it off. So I did, thinking it would clean the stains on the bottom. But to my surprise it dried up a bit. Made it hard to wipe off. When I did some of the dirt came up but no where near what I was expecting. I would rate the cleaning product a 4 out of 5 stars. If it cleaned the stove better, would have been perfect 5. I like that it didn't have any harsh bleach chemicals. It was clear.
The second bottle I tried was the disinfectant spray. It says it kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria on contact. I love any sprays like this because I clean a lot. I try and stay healthy. I actually rarely get sick. Maybe twice a year. So keeping a germ free home is very important to me. Especially this time of year when there is so much going around. The spray was also clear. No harsh smells. You just spray wherever. What I did was I would clean with the regular all around spray. Then I'd go over the counters and handles, bathroom etc and spray the disinfectant to kill any germs lurking. I forgot to mention another good quality the other spray had that I just thought of. You can use it anywhere which is great and cost effective. It says on the bottle, use on any surface. Bathroom. Kitchen. Any type of counters. Etc. That's another reason why I gave it four stars :)

Would I purchase this product again? Yes, if it was on sale.
Would I go out of my way to make sure I had to have it all the time? Probably not.
The best natural cleaners and most effective for me have been the method cleaning products. Unfortunately I never find them on sale in my local stores so I don't always buy them. They are about $5 per bottle.
But again, if these were on sale I would buy again. They were good at cleaning. Disinfected which is the most important. And no harsh smells. I think they are worth a try guys!
Has anyone tried these products before I'd love to hear your thoughts ??

Signing off a " Clean " Coffee Diva

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Black Friday Coffee Deals

Good afternoon. I write to you from a sad place today. My cousin passed away the other night from ALS. It's such a sad disease because there is no cure. My heart goes out to his family. To all the families dealing with this heavy burden every day. I find that I am a pretty positive person, but some times too much weighs on you. And you inevitably give in to being depressed. I felt like that last night. One of our fish died too. My husband is still looking for work. It's just ridiculous that there are no positions for hire. It all just gets to be too much. But I woke up today. And still found so many things to be thankful and positive for. In spite of all of that.
That's when you know you have courage and faith. When you can smile when things get tough and all signs say give up.
If anyone is reading this and needs some cheering up or a little Hope. I am here for you. Don't falter. Brighter days will be ahead. Hang tight. I am here in the journey with you :)

Here are a few things to cheer you up a little. Black Friday Coffee Deals!!! Some of these I have found so far:

JCPenny has their black Friday ad out. I took a peak and here are the coffee deals as listed:

* Cuisinart 10 cup thermal coffee maker $69.99 reg $180.
* Cooks Single Serve coffee maker $29.99 (After $20 mail in rebate)
* Cooks 12 cup programmable coffee maker $9.99 (After $10 mail in rebate)
The back of the ad says 20% off when you use your JCPenny card or 15% when you use any form of cash.

Whole Latte Love's Black Friday Deal #13
*Saeco Italia Refurbished $325 reg $895.

These are the only ones I found so far but I will keep you posted.

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Friday, November 7, 2014

T.G.I.F 11/7/14

Good evening all. T.G.I.F to you guys who have the weekend off. I will be working until Monday. My day was good. A little long and boring at the job. But I guess it's the calm before the storm. Was hoping for some good news from my husband who went on yet another interview god knows how many he has been on, but had no luck. I'm sad but I am hopeful. I know so many people are in his position. It just hurts he deserves to have something after all this time. But I have faith it will happen eventually! So what are your weekend plans? I am sure they involve coffee right :)

If you sign up for Member Delights here, you will be entered to win a $500 gift card. I love International Delight creamers. They are so yummy! I have many reviews on here for them.

Whole Latte Love is already posting their black Friday deals online. Their "7th" deal for black Friday is a Gaggia Accademia espresso machine. Reg $2,999 now $1,599. Order here

Tired of wasting your money at Starbucks everyday? Why not get their very own machine. The Verismo is now available on for purchase. They have tons of varieties in "pods". Syrups. Pumps. Different colored machines. This looks amazing. Wish I could try this!!! Hint Hint Starbucks reps :)))

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Holidays Are Here...

I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween. I worked most of the week and weekend, so the day of I just stayed in and had a marathon of me and my husbands favorite show. Supernatural. It was perfect for Halloween. I also made mac and cheese for the first time in the slow cooker. It was so creamy and good. (A little too good). I definitely will only be eating that once or twice a year lol.
So I know you are either like me or against me in the fact that right after Halloween I am in Holiday mode. This has always been my favorite time of year. I love everything about it. The food. The atmosphere. I put up all my decorations. The only thing I need now is a little tree, and some lights. I already have been playing holiday music and watching Christmas movies :) When do you guys start holiday decorating and getting into the spirit? I know there are some people who put up their tree the night of (which seems silly to me) only because then you take it down only two weeks later. But it is still special when done with love and family. I will be trying to tackle some of your biggest holiday issues. Such as: Budgeting, gifting, recipes, etc. So please email me your suggestions and concerns so I can get on them right away. As well as doing some reviews on products I will be testing for the season.

So in coffee news: Log on to, they want to power you for Black Friday. Be it working or shopping. You can get a free sample of Seattle's Best Coffee. All you have to do is log on and sign up. I will be working black Friday so this will be a big help!

Sign up for auto delivery on so you never miss out, and save 20% with free shipping as well. Offer ends 11/30. Enter promo code TA11AUT. Free shipping on $25 or more.

Bigelow is known for their tea. Now they will be known for their seasonal tea flavors. The new collection includes: Pumpkin Spice, Salted Caramel, and Apple Cider.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuesday Run Down: Catching up...

Hello my readers. Happy Tuesday. I hope your work week is going well. I have been doing extra hours at my job, as well as many other things in my crazy life. So forgive the absence of posts. Let's play catch up...
So things are going really good in my life. Me and my husband have been working things out. We were separated the past year which was probably one of the worst things I've ever been through. He's going through a tough time still finding work. It's very hard out there, staying positive is a daily struggle. But I am very hopeful. I know things will turn around. We both deserve it.
Work has been great.
 It's getting to be that time of year again when the air gets a bit crisp and all things magical happen...
So that's that. Now for the fun stuff... Coffee, Tea, and everything in between you need to know :)

Here is a great video review from "Crew Review" for Kuchenprofi Tea Infuser. I think this is so cool. I drink tea almost every night especially in the winter. The best way to get maximum flavor of your teas is to use an infuser.
This is also a really good gift idea. I know you might think it's early but we really are only 2 months away until the holidays :)

Get free shipping now from Tassimo. Now through the end of October. So stock up now! Use promo code TA10SHP at checkout.

Another great offer, this one from Gevalia. Save $3 now on their new Vanilla Latte Kcups now through 11/9/14. Use promo code VLATTE at checkout. Get the stainless steel scoop with any $30 purchase. 
Offer expires October 31, 2014. Use Promo Code SCOOP.
 Buy 3 coffees and get a Gevalia Cream Canister for $10. Offer expires October 29, 2014. Use Promo Code OCTCAN

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Dunkin Donuts Now Offers Dark Roast

All my strong coffee lovers rejoice! Dunkin Donuts now offers "Dark Roast" Brew. You can log onto for a store locator to find if there is dark roast in your neighborhood. The dark roast is being offered in hot or iced versions.

Have you guys tried this yet? How was it?

Signing off A "dark" coffee Diva

Friday Shots: Maromas Orphea on Bezzera Galatea Domus

Crew Review: Primula Coffee and Tea Products

Friday, September 19, 2014

Bed Bath & Beyond Welcome's LavAzza !

T.G.I.F everyone!! I have enjoyed two beautiful days off. I spent all day with my dad in New Jersey yesterday. We went shopping. Did dinner. Most importantly, we talked. My dad always understood me without having to explain myself too much. He always made me feel loved. Appreciated. Special. He always made me feel everything would be ok. At least one man loved me:) He's been through a lot so he gives good advice but in a way that is sensitive to my heart. I will always be a little daddy's girl at heart. I'm proud of the man he's turned into. The effect he's had on my life.
He makes me know I am worth something.
Today I got up bright and early. Was out to enjoy some coffee. I donated clothes and shoes at the local donation center. It always feels great to be able to help people in need as much as I can. I wish I could take care of everyone in the world. My heart has always been a bit big. .
Now I am enjoying some nice hot green tea with honey. Still getting over a little cold/allergies. The crisp air is flowing from the windows. Sun shining on my face. You can't help but feel positive. Feel the life force around you. This was always a magical time for me. I hope that it turns out that way now for this new year ahead I am encountering.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Bed bath and beyond has over 100 varieties of K-Cups, and now they can add to that list of a very well known Italian coffee company. LavAzza. They have amazing espresso. I adore them! Click here to purchase and receive free shipping on any K-Cups. Enjoy and let me know what you guys think.

Ciao' " Coffee Diva "

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bigelow Tea Bus Tour

Welcome September. May you bring this new year filled with health, love, and positivity!

Rain rain go away, come again...umm today is just fine for me. I am home on my day off relaxing. Trying to catch up on work. And blogging of course. I need to get my work space set up this week so I can catch up with you guys more often. I have no time/space to work lately! Well I have been feeling a little under the weather the past few days. But I worked anyway to keep my spirits up. I think the combination of the seasons changing and my allergies triggered it. But nothing some good tea can't cure.

Speaking off which, Bigelow Tea will be kicking off their bus tour. Click the link to find when they will be coming to your city!

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Quick Tip: Frothing Practice

Happy Friday All ! Here is a great video on frothing for all of your favorite coffee drinks :)

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Best Coffee Shops In Every State

Happy Monday my little coffee cups :) What is on the agenda for today? I am working from home today. I went back to work yesterday and it was really good. It felt to be back at work. It was very stressful the past few months but it seems to be getting better. (At least I hope lol). It was nice to be able to have a few cups of coffee. Enjoy the nice weather with a quiet empty house this morning. I love little moments like that. As lonely as I might get being separated from my husband, it's good to be able to just be with yourself. Smile. Listen to music. It's really important.

So I found a great article from Business Insider on the best coffee shops in every state. It has really good local places that are where the best coffee usually comes from. Not your neighborhood Starbucks. See if there are any on the list that are in your state you go to or would like to. I love to explore new places myself. I love change :)

Have a wonderful Monday all..

Signing off a " Changed & Quiet " Coffee Diva

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saturday Run Down 8/9/14

It's a beautiful day this Saturday. I am just getting home from N.J. My father had to have surgery. His stent that is located in his heart needed to be fixed. It was scary. There is always that moment when you think what could happen. But thankfully he is strong has recovered and is doing great. So I'm relaxing and resting up after a busy hectic week off. I work tomorrow. How has your summer been? I saw some new comments which I love from all you readers. Here is the Saturday Run Down for all things coffee ;)

What your coffee says about you: A cute graphic on different types of coffee. Which one did you guys get? What if you are all of them like I am! LOL

A yummy recipe from "Mr. Coffee". All Cafe' Frappe Recipes you can find here. Do you own a Mr. Coffee appliance? Have you ever tried any of these?

It's National Coffee Month!!! Let us all rejoice with savings of 7% off items on wholtelattelove.

You can now sip on a special tea blend that was created just for the movie "The Hundred Foot Journey". Cardamom Crème Brulee Tea. Order from the republic of tea. Were you guys planning on seeing the movie? Do you like sweet tea?

Save $15 when you buy a T20 Tassimo brewer and get $25 worth of coffee ($40 value). Up to 2-disc packages. Offer ends 9/1/2014. Use Promo Code TA07SCH. Shop online.

New from Teatulia has a new blend out and it's on sale. Organic Chamomile Tea is available now and for $5.24. Order here Teatulia.

Dunkin Donut K-Cup varities are now on sale for $9.99. Stop it to your local Dunkin Donuts for purchase. Or go online to locate a store.

Buy your student a coffee maker for school and get 4 free boxes of coffee now from Gevalia. Offer good until 8/20/14. Use promo code GRAD at checkout.
Buy 5 boxes of coffee for $20 and receive a free Travel Mug. Use promo code BMKAL.
Save 40% off Karoma Estate Coffee. Offer good until 8/31/14. Use promo code XHMLW

Check out the new Nescafe Dolce Gusto Esperta by DeLonghi. Now available on bedbathandbeyond.

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Quick Tips: Making Better Tasting Coffee

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Catching Up, Moving On & Summer 2014..

Good afternoon East Coast coffee people (and everyone else who reads). June is almost over and I have been away for far too long. Life and work have gotten the best of me. I have been having commitment issues apparently with this blog lol. But I've strayed away for far too long. I'm ready to be committed again.
I miss you all. Nothing much exciting has been happening. I had tried to reconcile with a certain someone in my life but I guess it just wasn't in the cards for us. So I have been continuing to move on the best way I know how. Little by little. Month by month. Work has been very busy and stressful. I am looking into taking classes in the fall. I'd like to get out of retail and be in an "office environment" at some point in my life. Still going to the gym keeping active which has made me very proud.
Summer is here. I have been enjoying it a lot so far. June sucked but I've been to the beach a few times already. Went out to some new bars. Got a tan. Enjoyed the sun. I hope you all have been having a good season so far and continue to enjoy the rest of the warm weather months.

So now the good part. Catching up on all things coffee:

Check out new arrival's from Whole Latte Love

Independence Day Sale from Mighty Leaf Tea. Save 25% on Loose Leaf Tea and Loose Leaf Tea Pouches.

You can now buy a poster from the Online Store : Specialty Coffee Association Of America.

Signing off a " Tanned " Coffee Diva ;)

Monday, April 7, 2014

National Coffee Cake Day

It's Monday, and it's raining again. I'm starting to take this whole raining on my day off thing personal. What happened to that Spring weather? Warmer temps? Nothing yet. It is very depressing. This is why us New Yorkers are so hostile. We all suffer SAD.
Well hopefully this Monday Coffee run down will cheer us all up :)

Read 31 different amazing ways to drink coffee all around the world via

Shop new arrivals on Also save $10, $50, or $100 off your purchase depending on your order amount.

Log on to Gevalia to be introduced to their newest "finest" coffee blends from Papua New Guinea, Toraja, and Mocca Java. Eastern blends beautifully crafted from Asia.

Matcha Loose Tea is the way to go if you are an avid tea drinker. Shop the whole collection as well as the tea from Republic Of Tea. Matcha loose green tea is supposed to be incredibly healthy.

P.S. Happy National Coffee Cake Day !! Eat a piece for me :) Enjoy. You only live once.

Signing off a "Hungry" Coffee Diva

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

South Korea's " Strange Cafe' "

Well it's raining here in N.Y.C. What else could be new? I have off, and I have gotten so many things done this week. Do you try to have a balance of doing nothing and doing everything on your days off? Me too. Well nothing new to report here other than work and the same old. Here is an interesting article I read via Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine about South Korea's "Strange Cafe" . Read here.

Signing off a " Rainy " Coffee Diva

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Inspiration & Blue Bottle's Packaged Iced Coffee

So the weather warmed up just a tad here in N.Y.C. I have the window open as I type. Sipping on coffee of course. I have been away from home for a few months. I can't wait to go back and re-decorate for Spring/Summer. My style and taste seems to evolve and change every year as it should. I have a very modern gray/black design going on now. I am thinking of lightening the whole apartment. I think some of the dark furniture and gray walls are beginning to be a bit oppressive. So with a new fresh start that will begin very soon. It will be a fresh start for the apartment as well. I will keep certain colors/furniture that are new that we have just done recently. Here is an image that is inspiring me. We have a small apartment so maximizing light and space is essential. What is your decorating style? Do you switch it up with the seasons? Or keep the same style all year round? The image above looks so light and airy. Stylish. That's what I want in my apartment. Small size. Big impact. On that Spring note, below is an article on Blue Bottle's new packaged iced coffee.

Check out a first sneak peak at Blue Bottle's Packaged Iced Coffee via

Enjoy the weather all. Signing off a " springy" Coffee Diva

Sunday, March 9, 2014

illy eShop

illy eShop

Spring Forward Sunday Edition

Happy Spring Forward Day! I am an hour behind, usually in most things I do. Especially getting ready. It seems to take me ages just to get out of the house. Is that just me or do you guys feel the same way? Well I have off today (which is much needed after a very busy work week). I have already enjoyed two cups of coffee and it is time to catch up since it's been a while. It is almost Spring. Almost my birthday. Almost for a lot of things in my life. I am feeling more positive and uplifted lately. Some happier things have come about and I am proud of myself for dealing with everything. There are so many lessons to be learned in life from hard times and I can see them already. I am looking forward to warmer days. Being outside more. As well as continuing to get through the rest of this "storm" that has gone on for months. I hope you all slept well and are enjoying many quality cups of coffee.

Signing off a "Sprung forward" Coffee Diva

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cafe' Americano VS Caffe Crema

Hi snow bunnies! I am snowed in today here in N.Y.C. It is about 12 degrees. Perfect day to curl up with some coffee and a good book. Here is a great video on the difference between a café Americano and a caffe crema. Enjoy and stay warm all.

Signing off A " Snowed In " Coffee Diva

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Three Day Flash Sale

Whole Latte Love is having a 3 day flash sale going on now, while supplies last. If your resolution was to brew like a barista get over to the sale and score a top of the line machine now before the sale ends :)

Also take a peek at this baby. The Brand new ECM Technika IV Profi Switchable Espresso Machine. (For serious coffee drinkers only!! lol) $2,399.00

Signing off a " Day Off For Me " Coffee Diva ;)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Coffee Tea News Update 2014

Today is the last day to save 20% off Mighty Tea Leaf tea pouches. Click here for purchase. Free shipping $50 or more.

Treat yourself to a skinny latte for the new year. Click here to watch the video from whole latte Love.

Signing off a " Coffee Diva "

Happy 2014 ..

So I hope you all haven't missed me too much! I have been working still at the new job I told you all about last time. I absolutely love it and hope I stay on permanent. That has been my good excuse for lack of posts. The holiday season was brutal but it is over.
My life has completely changed in the past four months. So much so, at times I just stare out and wonder what really happened? Most of which I have no idea why. 2013 was the worst year of my life. And it still carried over to early 2014 now as well. Trying to find the lesson and meaning in it all.
People tell me just focus on me. It's hard to just think of myself and be selfish. I have been used to taking care of another person for so long. Living with that person. Being with them. Loving them. I don't know how to separate the two. Putting someone before me was just a daily habit. I have always been a giver. But I guess that means you leave your happiness in their hands as well. So if you know what hits the fan, then where does that leave you? If everything goes away how do you rebuild? It's hard to be there for someone who has made it clear they don't want you or your help. They are struggling and I don't know how to cut that cord. I still feel attached and want to cry and be there for them. But I guess my lesson is of letting go even when it hurts. My loyalty always makes it hard for me to do that. If someone doesn't want the help you have to just back away. Right ?
I usually just throw myself into everything and think later. Which is good and bad. So the job has really helped me try and move forward as much as I can. It's a daily struggle to not to be down. I am trying to find the happiness even through the trauma. This way I'll have my happiness from within no matter what circumstances life throws at me. If I'm left with nothing again. I will know how to pick up the pieces.
Well thanks for letting me vent through my writing. I will be catching you guys up on any new posts being that I have a few days off. Thanks for staying with me and supporting me. It means the world to me as it always has. I also wish you all a very happy new year. Health first. Love. Everything else your heart desires :)

Signing off a " Coffee " Diva