September Pumpkin Favs

Good evening on this beautiful Thursday night. Okay I would prefer it cooler but I don't control mother nature. I hope everyone had a great day. Mine was productive but it dragged :(. I got a very sweaty cardio session in the morning in. I love working out and sweating like there is no tomorrow before I shower and take on the world. It feels cathartic.
One of my many favorite stores is Trader Joes. I took my weekly pilgrimage there last night and found my new two favorites for September. Naturally they are food and coffee 😊. Pumpkin Biscotti and Pumpkin Spice K-cups 🎃🎃. Holy canoli right? They are so dang good. You guys have to try. Let me just preface by saying I have had my many different varieties of pumpkin spice. This one my friends is the best.
First off the smell. It smells like heaven, thanksgiving, and a gorgeous crisp autumn day when you open the package to take out a k-cup. Yes I just said all that! Second, its fresh! You can see the ground coffee and smell the nutmeg clove and ginger. When you brew a cup, even if you add milk it doesn't water down the flavor or coffee consistency like a lot of other brands do. Third the most important. The flavor. I think it is exa fly what pumpkin spice should taste like. The perfect blend of those holiday spices and a medium roasted coffee. It is divine! I had two cups today. I made my own cappuccino with my new handy milk frother 😋. Starbucks PSL ain't got nothing on J.H.C (Jennifer Hope Colon).
I highly reccomend you get a box. P.S a 12 count is only $4.49. I will probably be buying one a week until the end of the winter. Just saying. Stock up and definitely put out for the holidays.
Oh right the biscotti. The biscotti is literally identical to the coffee. Fresh spices and flavor with the backdrop of pumpkin flavor. Not all pumpkin items I like and this one is so good. I give both products 5 coffee cups out of 5 ☕☕. I can't wait to have the coffee in the morning. One before my work out and one after.

I am drinking a nice glass of malbec. If I so have a glass occasionally I like to drink red since it's healthier. I am waiting for Thursday night football. Is there anything better than fall or winter and football??? NO there is not!

Have you guys tried these yet? Did you like? What are your favorite September items? I'd love to hear.

Signing off a "trader Joe favs" coffee diva


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