Aroma Milk Frother Review

Happy post Labor Day everyone. I hope you had a safe and fun holiday. I got so much done over this past weekend. I am still tired. I repainted the last wall that needed a coat in my living room. (It used to be bright red. Didn't go with my aquamarine color). It was a project of course. I had to take down this huge shelving system my husband put up (that I hated). Plug the holes. Paint pretty much around a huge flat screen T.V (I didn't want to remove it). Then there were a million wires behind the desk which were driving me nuts after seeing how pretty the wall came out. I added command hooks to the back of the desk to try and corral the wires the best I could. It's not perfect, but nothing is. It's a 95% improvement. I love the color of the wall. Everything goes and has a calming open flow to the apartment now. The color on the wall opened the space.
In between that. We went shopping to a few stores. I needed a new bathroom set. Naturally I can't just do one thing at a time. So I proceeded to wipe down the whole shower rod of dust and mildew. Sprayed it down with DW40 to make it glide and not squeak. (That was another project going around the house and spraying hinges on closets so no more squeaky doors and closets lol). Then I put the new liner and curtain up. Cleaned the whole tub, toilet, added a candle. By then I lost five pounds in sweat because it was so hot and humid. But it looked way better. I had a white shower curtain up there before. Never buy a white shower curtain people. No matter how clean you are. I had to throw it away. The new one I got from Homegoods was very pretty. Nice aqua and brown but vintage. Not bright.
Let's see what else...Oh I purchased a can of white spray paint which you guys know by my last posts I am completely obsessed with DIY with spray paint. I have had this crazy idea for a while to spray paint my Keurig white. It was dark maroon before. I was over the color after even a year or two of having it. I should have gotten the silver or black. Even so I'd probably want to spray paint it lol. Everyone thought I was nuts. But I don't care. I knew my creative genius would shine through like a bright star. I taped up the Keurig. Said my prayers and last goodbyes. And Voila' the Keurig is all white now. The satin spray paint really came out great. It looks very chic. Bright. Contemporary. I adore it. I am extremely proud of how much I've let my talent and creativity come through in designing. I consider myself an "amateur designer" now lol. Each year I become more advanced and knowledgeable. I am still taking my classes online as well. It's the little things make me happy. The spray paint is about $7 at home depot. I did about 5 projects with it. Including the Keurig I spray painted two picture frames and this other decorative piece I have on my bar cart. It's a way to re-use your otherwise outdated pieces. Now I was able to add to the hallway with this adorable mirror I purchased at Homegoods. My gallery wall is finally starting to look like a gallery!
We also did shopping, took my ring to get cleaned and inspected since it was the 6 month mark, and went out to eat every night (we splurged for the holiday. .I ate healthy at least). But I've already taken up half a page so let me get to the review right?

One of the stores I had to go in was Target. Oh my god what a surprise! Me and Target???? LOL Once again I went in only for toothpaste and paper towels and $50 dollars later I was out. I always go in first and get a head start while my husband sits in the car for a little. I picked up everything I came in there for for once. Then as he was meeting me there were herds of people just pouring in. Which was really weird because when I first entered it was empty. Anywhoo I got really frantic and just stood in an aisle to hide from the people LOL. The aisle happened to be with the coffee appliances. (Again go figure?)As I am trying to direct my husband to where I am (mind you I was whistling so he would hear my voice). I happen to look in front of me and see red clearance stickers. Aren't those the happiest sight in the world when you are in Target? It is an Aroma stainless steel milk frother. On clearance for $27.99 from $39.99. I then proceed to put half my stuff back because above all else priority is making cafe' style quality coffee at home!
My husband of course said yes to get it knowing how I am with coffee. I brought it home and immediately took it out to try.
I don't know why it only got about three stars on Target. I found it to be perfect! First off it comes with two attachments. One for making your hot steamed milk for latte's. Another for whipping and frothing for Cappuccino's. Both work perfectly. At first I didn't have the attachment pushed down enough so it came loose. But I pushed it down and it's worked good ever since. I tried both attachments. It steams the milk and makes it hot. The frother whips up so much foam and froth I had extra I didn't know what to do with it! You can add syrups to really make "coffee house" drinks. Vanilla, Caramel, etc. I used to use my handheld frother from Ikea but this is such an upgrade. The best thing is you pour the milk in to the Max line. Press the button once, and if you want it the hottest it can go you leave it for the full two minutes. It stops on it's own. So you know it's done. Even if you only use to heat the milk it's worth it. Every time I make coffee it gets cold in like a minute. This makes the coffee last longer because the milk is hot.
I have used it everyday since. I LOVE it. I know they sell ones for $100 but this seems perfect for me. The foam is high. You get a lot. The steamed milk feature is great too. I love having it on my counter. It's small and doesn't take a lot of space. The design is sleek in stainless steel. It is easy to clean. Just rinse with hot water after use. Or wipe with a clean sponge/cloth.
I give it 4 coffee cups out of 5. Here is the link if interested in purchase.
You can use it for so many things other than coffee. Steamed milk for your tea or chai latte. Hot milk for hot chocolate. Really anything you can think of with hot milk. For me it's to be my own Starbucks Barista. They are SO overpriced. You guys know I've written this many times. This ensures that I really never have to buy outside coffee.
If you are dieting, or on a budget now you can control those variables. Add sugar free syrups or agave to flavor your latte/cappuccinos. I will be trying with flavored milks to see if it can whip them up. I have only used with half/half. You can use your reusable mugs or get the chinet disposable cups for your grocery and take your fancy drinks with you anywhere now!!!!!

Do you guys own a milk frother? What model? What do you use it for?

Signing off a "Frothy" Coffee Diva ;)


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    1. I think it would work with 2%. I used half and half which is richer. I am going to try flavored milk this week too to see if it will work with that as well.


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