My Summer Beauty Essentials

Good Wednesday evening! It was a beautiful day here in N.Y.C. I had a productive early morning cardio workout today followed my cleaning, errands, work, and some weekly Trader Joe shopping. My sister was nice enough to give me a Vivofit 2 Bracelet over the weekend. It is so cool. It tracks your steps, calories, as well as your sleep. I downloaded the fitness app to track my calories. I felt that I wanted to be more strict on calorie count. This app even lets you scan items on your phone so you can never cheat! I love it. It makes me not want to eat at night knowing i'll have to account for it in my diary. I have been doing great since I downloaded it! I feel motivated. I'm so thankful she gave it to me:)
The summer is nearing to an end. That might make some people happy. Some people sad. No matter which one you are, I thought I'd do my summer beauty essentials list. It's hard to narrow it down being that I have so many favorites. But I tried to pick out a few that I have been using everyday.

1. Philosphy "Summer Grace" perfume. I have been a philosophy lover for many years. I like pretty much every perfume they have out. I get migraines at times. Which makes it impossible to wear perfume. I've grown fond of lighter perfumes such as Philosophy. This one smells just like summer in a bottle with a hint of amazing grace in the background. Think summer with a girly floral twist! This bottle is huge and I'm finally using it up. I wear it everyday. I think it is great for summer when you don't want to wear a heavy perfume. I purchased this at Marshalls for only $19.99. You can probably get on amazon or ebay online if you look it up.

2. Vaseline Spray & Go Cocoa Butter formula. I am a huge lotion and "product" junkie. In the summer however I just can't be bothered. Between the heat and the smell. I hate it. This lotion is perfect. You literally spray and go. It absorbs very quickly. As well as being light. Which is perfect for the summer. You can purchase at any nearby drugstore.

3. This one isn't beauty technically but I added it to the list since I have been using it all summer. Bath and Body works 3 wicks candle in the scent "Summer Bonfire". It smells AMAZING. Again as I stated with perfume, I don't like anything too heavy in the summer. It makes my allergies act up. This scent smells like the perfect beach day without being overwhelming. I use it all the time. Perfect to make your home feel beach ready! You can purchase online or in stores at your local bathandbodyworks.

4. Philosophy "Renewed Hope". My friend Jenny happened to give me this great face lotion a few months back. I believe it was April. It has lasted until now. That makes this wallet friendly. It smells good and feels even better. It's consistency is of a lotion but light. Not heavy at all. I have been using every morning before I put on my makeup. It feels great. It hasn't broken my skin out. I get my usual "hormonal breakouts". Nothing was extra though from this cream. I definitely saw a difference in the overall appearance of my skin after using this product and I would definitely recommend as well as buying again myself. It might be a little to come out of pocket now but lasts a long time. You can purchase in Sephora or

5. Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Ginseng and biotin volumizer. So this product I received in my August Ipsy bag. I used the whole bottle already! Lately I wash and spray a leave in conditioner like this one and just let my hair air dry in a bun and then take down later to wear wavy. It smells great. Doesn't leave any residue. Gives you a noticeably thicker feel. The best thing is it is sold at Sephora. Has great reviews. Its supposed to stimulate the scalp for more hair growth! It's about $18 a bottle but I am definitely going to be buying it next time I can order. You will love the smell for summer. Plus the benefits.

Well I tried to narrow down my list as much as I can. I have so many other picks but I wanted to do a quick summer list before it ends!! lol Have you ever tried any of these? What are your summer beauty picks?

Signing off a "Summer Beauty" Coffee Diva !


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