Ikea 2016 Catalog Is Here!!!

If there is one thing I surely look forward to all year, it is the end of summer. For many reasons. I'm not really a "hot climate" type of woman. I much prefer wearing a fur vest sipping champagne and watching a fire foar while snow falls. I of course don't own any of these items. But in my mind I do lol. But really. I love the end of summer. It's when the seasons are about to change. There is that whole feeling of rebirth. We go into cozy mode. We get back to comfort. Back indoors. The holidays will be coming before we know it. The best thing yet is receiving your new Ikea catalog in August. I just love Ikea. They have really good quality products at amazing prices. I like that they offer a different variety of styles for your taste. I just took a trip two weeks ago with my dad and I am ready to go back. Me and the hubby are planning to go on the weekend. I have another wall to paint with the leftover color I used in the kitchen and bedroom. I would like to do that Friday night. Then go Saturday to get accessories. I have my heart set out on a tall bookshelf for being the couch as well as a stand lamp for the living room. Oh and hundreds of little nick nacks and accessories of course!I can't wait to go. I have been prepping today. Taking measurements of every inch of the apartment that I can think of. When going to Ikea let me give you a few tips that I have learned over the years.

1. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. If you walk through the whole store you can easily spend hours there.

2. Eat first and bring a little nosh with you even. Ie:Powerbar of some sort to keep your energy and metabolism going. As well as many cups of coffee.

3. Take all your measurements beforehand so you are prepared.

4. Make a list of your budget. This one is the hardest to stick by. But you have to. You can easily go over your budget by hundreds in Ikea. There is always so many fun items to purchase. Everything is $2.99. The more structure you have the better.

5. Most likely at some point you are going to fight with your spouse. This is funny when you look back on it. While shopping things can get heated lol. We all get cranky at some point mid way through the ten hour ordeal. People have different tastes. The guy likes modern. She's french country. Compromise people. It's only furniture and will save your marriage!

6. When you get home you will be exhausted. You will still want to put all of your furniture together. You will curse. You will curse your spouse out. The directions will never make sense to you. It will seem like sorcery. You will say you are never going back to Ikea. In the end you will love the results figure it out and be so happy. And return next August.

Those are my best tips I can think of at the moment. I hope this helps.

Signing off a "Ikea Pro" Coffee Diva


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