New Dunkin Donuts K-cups

Hello ladies & Fellas :) It's the coffee Diva here. I am super excited for so many things today. 1) A lady contacted me and said she loved my blog and wanted to know if I would like to try her Ginseng Coffee. Which of course I said YES ! lol I was very flattered, and excited. 2) Thanks to all of you guys reading, following, commenting, liking and posting I am up to almost 10,000 views which is beyond me. When I first started the blog it was just as a funny hobby for something I love, but now has turned into so much more. It's my job, and everything to me. 3) I received a few freebies in the mail from Target. And now, my breaking coffee news: Dunkin Donuts has just come out with their newest flavor k-cup Mocha :) Sounds yummy. I tried their French Vanilla K-cup on Mother's day actually, and I did not like it at all. (Which I will be reviewing at a later time. ) But who knows maybe this one is good ? Or maybe you guys love Dunkin. So check your local stores. And everyone have a great Tuesday. Today is our Friday so I can't wait to spend two days off with my husband. . .

Signing off a " happy " Coffee Diva


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