Happy Father's Day !!

I want to wish a very special Coffee Diva Happy Father's Day to all of the good father's out there. To my dad who has always been there for me. Who has taught me to always keep fighting. He always made me feel beautiful and special. Because of this, I had great self esteem and knew I deserved amazing things in my life. Five years ago I found the most amazing man to be my husband . I couldn't be happier. Thank you Dad for everything. I love you always . To my grandfather's I miss you both and hope you are watching over me always...
A special Happy Dad's day to the mother's out there who had to be single parents ( including my mom) and were forced to be the mother and the father. This one is for you too !!

Here is a video of my Father/Daughter dance song that I had at my wedding....



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    1. Thank you so much " Vending Machines" . Come back and follow me anytime :) I love comments and new friends !! Have a lovely day ..


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