Synergy Organic Kombucha Review

Happy Weekend Friends! I hope you are all happy and healthy. I have had a very rough past week. I haven't had one like this in a while. It was just one bad thing after another. I am glad I have my husband to always put my mood in perspective. He doesn't get as depressed as I can. I also suffer from bad anxiety. It's sad that it isn't as recognized as other conditions. A lot of people thing you "over react". Or you can just stop whatever you are feeling. If only they knew that at times you have no control over it. I try and reel myself in from letting it get worst. I usually am a hopeful positive person. But if I get down, I get horribly down.
When I am feeling anxious or sad I usually look for projects to do. Or I "nest" a lot. It makes me feel better and keeps my mind occupied. I decided to cleanmy balcony this morning after coffee. The weather finally has turned warm here in N.Y.C. It's dark and gloomy but I am enjoying it. I Rearranged my table and chairs. Cleaned the windows. Added some flowers. A rug. I just need some lights now. I have so much to do this weekend and a very big day ahead of me on Monday. I am nervous and hoping it's some better luck next week. I will need it.
On my whole30 journey I have had the pleasure of trying so many healthy food items that I probably would have never tried if I wasn't on whole30. I stumbled upon this bottle of Kombucha at my local supermarket and thought to try it as a treat. I have read so many health benefits in drinking Kombucha. It is said to be healthy and regulate your gut. Boost your immune system. Aide in weight loss. As well as ward off cancer or heal during. I tried the "Trilogy flavor". I found it very tart and bubbly but invigorating. I usually drink half the bottle then save half for the next day. I purchased two at Trader Joe yesterday. I was excited to see they carried them as well them being on sale for $2.99. The supermarket was $3.99. I really love how I am drinking something that is very healthy for me, and tastes great. It only has 30 calories so people who aren't on whole30 can enjoy.
I have never felt this healthy in my entire life. It really is empowering and feels great. There are days I struggle like any woman, but the good outweighs the bad. I am proud. I've been on whole30 probably 5 months now. Give or take.
I would definitely try if you are looking for a healthy drink. An alternative to ice tea or that bad sugar habit you have. It's very tart and sweet at the same time to me. Also if you are looking for good ways to nurture your gut/stomach issues. It's a nice treat to splurge on once a week. It's the simple things in life that make me happy. I give it 5 coffee cups out of 5. P.S. If you try don't shake and be careful the Kombucha shoots everywhere lol. I learned the hard way. Have a beautiful weekend all.

Have any of you ever tried Kombucha? This brand? Thoughts..

Drink in good health all :)

Signing off a "Fizzy" Coffee Diva


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