GLAMGLOW "Gravitymud" Firming Mask Review

Ciao! How are you all doing this week? Sorry I was sick the past week so I have been a bit M.I.A. Now it's already May! That is crazy to me lol. So many birthday's and holidays this month. It's a peaceful rainy Wednesday here in N.Y.C. I was in the city all day yesterday. It felt good to be in a different area then where I used to work. I'm always networking and connecting for work. Never a dull moment!I have so many reviews and posts to catch up on, I wanted to start with an empty sample I just finished. Glamglow gravity mud firming mask.

I've been using this for the past two weeks or so. I used it once a week as instructed. It is a peel off mask which usually I find annoying to be honest. This mask however left my skin in really good condition after using. You have to put a decent layer of the mask on or else it will not peel off properly. The first time I used it I applied a thin amount and it was hard to get off. From then on I used more and it worked perfect. You let the silver mask dry for about 20 mins give or take. Then just peel off. I don't know about any firming properties but it cleaned out my pores great. I would definitely buy again. The price is $69 for a 1.4oz. Yes Glamglow masks are very expensive. But for good skincare, and only using once a week it should stretch a while. I will give it 4 coffee cups out of 5. You can purchase online here at or other retailers that sell Glamglow.

Have you guys ever tried this mask? Or any other Glamglow products? Please let me know your thoughts.

Signing off a "Peeled" Coffee Diva ;)


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