Pukka Love Tea Review

It's a beautiful Wednesday here in N.Y.C. I am currently cycling as I'm blogging. I love to multi task 😊. I hope you are all enjoying a lovely day and maybe would like to relax with a nice cup of tea 🍵.
You guys know I'm obsessed with coffee but i am also a big tea lover. All flavors and blends. I switch to tea usually in the late afternoon and or at night time. My favorite is any earl grey variety. Jasmine. Chamomile. All green tea types.
This Pukka tea I have never tried. It was in the organic section at my local supermarket and I thought to try. I love to try new products all the time.  This is called "love". It's a heart warming blend. It has organic rose, lavender and chamomile.  I love when teas aren't too overwhelming.  It has a light coloring as well as the flavor. You don't taste too much of either. No bitterness. It's caffeine free so good to drink before bed. I think the whole ritual of tea itself is so calming and restorative.  It's taking a few minutes to be kind to yourself. To your body. To calm your mind and be in the moment. If only for those couple of minutes. I believe the tea was about $4. Give or take.

What are your favorite tea blends?

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Signing off a "loved" coffee diva


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