Lancome Teint 24hr Foundation Review

Good afternoon guys. It's Thursday and that means it's time for throw back Thursday.  I am throwing it back to the time when customer service meant something when you walked into a store. People greeted you and tried to actively help you. They were pleasant.  As well as educated in their field. Those were the days right???
Not anymore people. If you're a weekly reader of my blog (thank you) you know my distaste for Sephora and their workers. This past weekend was no different.  Another location.  No one greeted me. No one helped me. One worker just stared at herself in the mirror. Let me just state this: I never usually need help. I am a makeup artist and probably know more than the girls working there. But there is 100 different shades for the Lancome Teint foundation.(P.S this isn't about every worker. I know there are some very nice and extremely talented artists that work there. This is about the bad ones). Anyways, I thought to try something different and splurge since it was a birthday gift card I was using. The lancome teint was almost 5 stars online and j as mostly rave reviews.
Since I never tried the brand is why I wanted a second opinion. So I went the the sephora iq app. Typed in my shade in bare minerals. Got my number. Picked my shade. And got out. The shade was extremely orange. I even went to another location (60th and lex). Another do nothing location.  Not one person asked if I needed help. So I proceeded to exchange for the other color sephora recommended.  I hoped it would be good and I would never have to go back.
I was wrong again.  The color was even worst than the first. It's orange. And splotchy.  It covers my chin but not my forehead. I have used it with a similar brush that was recommended for the foundation. A beauty blender sponge(took most of the foundation off) and just my hands. Nothing really gets the foundation on. It is formulated for oily skin types. I get oily mid day and then on. Well i dont know how in the hell you could wear this foundation with oily skin if you look like you put more oil on to your skin?? The only good thing is the foundation is very light and never feels heavy. It's supposed to be medium to full coverage.  I don't think so again. You have to do at least two layers if you want to look covered. It completely wiped off my upper lip while wearing. I have bad allergies and blow my nose a lot. Comes off again. But it says "no transfer". Lies!! I'm like this is $50. Are they crazy? I love Lancome. But I am going back Saturday to just get my bare minerals again. Since I'm sure no one will help me then either. I wanted to try estee lauder double wear it's also on every list for best foundation.  My sister just recently purchased and I was sold. It looked amazing on. 
I will give this foundation 1 coffee cups out of 5. I am just upset I have to go out I  public looking like I rolled off the jersey shore 😩.

Have you guys ever tried this foundation? If so thoughts? Or list your top faves ;)

Signing off an "orange" Coffee Diva


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