Cooks Essentials Air Fryer Review

Hey guys I'm expecting! !! April fools 😂😂. It's Friday and I hope everyone enjoyed their day and didn't get pranked too much lol.
I ordered a cooks essentials air fryer on qvc as an early birthday present.  I saw it on t.v and at first was hesitant. I don't fry anything. Especially now with whole30, and I don't eat the breaded snacks they were showing. But then they proved me wrong by showing meat, steak, potatoes, etc. I have been cooking up such a storm lately. Potatoes being one of them since it's my only "bread" I can eat on whole30.  This looked like it would be helpful. 
When I got the machine I was so excited. The Color was adorable. It was the cutest machine. I'm a sucker for a gadget lol.
I love this!! I have no negative feedback what so ever. It is a healrhy way to cook. It does what they say. You can get crunchy potatoes.  I have made a few different types and look forward to trying meat and veggies.  Nothing ever sticks. You don't have to use oil. You can use to reheat and i made my hubby and sandwhich melt in 4 minutes. It is the quietest machine ever. Sounds like a light fan. Best part, it doesn't get hot!! Summer time this will be my oven, toaster and bbq. They sent me a cute tray to grill meat on. As well as shish kabobs. 
It cooks in half the time it would take in the oven and it's honestly fun! You can put the food in and almost forget about it and do whatever. You don't have to worry about burning anything. I give it 5 coffee cups out of 5. Anyone on the fence should try. Just make sure you have some room. I put mine on my bar cart. Fits perfect and I still have room. Log on to to order.

Signing off an "aired" coffee diva


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  2. This air fryer is absolutely good for health by reduce 70-80% oil.You made nice post :D


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