Earth Day Freebie !

Happy Earth day all ! It's a nasty cold rainy day here in N.Y.C, and what better to cheer you up then some free coffee or tea from your favorite local coffee house, Starbucks. All you have to do is go into your local Starbucks with a reusable mug ( which you should be using anyway for the environment)and they will fill you up with some hot coffee or tea. Sounds like a good deal to me !
So are any of you doing anything Eco-friendly to support Earth day ? Well I am not that extreme. You wouldn't find me chained to a tree to save it or anything that radical, but I do try to do my part. I buy Eco-friendly products for the kitchen, bathroom,and cleaners. I like to buy my coffee Organic/Fair trade which supports local farmers. I use a reusable mug. All of my light bulbs are the energy saver kind. I am not perfect, but at least I am doing something on some level to help this beautiful earth. And you should too. Even if it's just one thing :)

Everyone have a safe day
Signing off a " green Coffee " Diva


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