Keurig Mini Brewer Review

Here is my review I wrote on another website for the Keurig Mini Brewer: This was before I had the big one . I thought I'd post this in case any one was interested in buying the small one ;)

It is hard to even begin to explain how good this coffee maker is, but I will try to get my point out eloquently. I received this coffee maker as a Christmas gift last year from my husband. I usually used the regular "carafe" type of coffee maker. I always loved coffee but when I would make it, it always seemed to come out wrong. Either too strong or too weak. My husband never even drank coffee. So when I had seen this machine on Q.V.C. I was in love. One cup at a time, no mess no fuss sounded great... And it was! There is virtually no clean up. You get the perfect brewed coffee one cup at a time. The way it should be. After all, you only drink your coffee one cup at a time right ? ( I hope so lol) You never run the risk of making the coffee wrong because it is already measured out in the perfectly portioned kcup. You can use one kcup after another. Without running the risk of "mixing flavors". .. Which brings me to the next point, you can choose from like hundreds and hundreds of flavors. There is a kcup for everyone. They have hot tea, ice tea. Hot coffee iced coffee. Hot chocolate. Even espresso in some brands. 9/ 10 kcups I like. Plus it comes with a handy "Kcup filter" that you can put your own cheap blend in. And I guarantee you it will make even the cheap stuff taste good since it is perfectly measured!! My husband even uses this everyday and he loves the coffee and hot chocolate. This coffee maker is so good, that we even upgraded to the mac daddy model from q.v.c for this Christmas :) to eachother as newlyweds.. We can't wait to get it. But if you live alone, or only one or two people in the house this is perfect for you . You will love it 100 percent . It will pay for itself after like a month of use !!You will never waste money at starbucks anymore. You will have your own starbucks home. LOVE LOVE LOVE it !

Signing off " a coffee" diva


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