Good deal on a really cool single serve maker

Hi guys ! Happy weekend. I have been eying this single serve machine for a while. I almost ordered it yesterday ( it was even $20 cheaper) But I hesitated. Being that I have the biggest Keurig machine out there, it's hard for me to ration buying another single serve machine. My only defense is the Keurig is by far the best coffee maker I've ever used my whole life, but you can't really make espresso, or cappuccino, or machiatto. Unless you use the little milk frother like I do. But this one is just so beautiful. Design wise. And it's smaller. Has a little LED light that lights up when you pop the coffee out. Well maybe i'll splurge in the summer and save up and buy. I just hope HSN still hast this great deal. Free shipping and it comes with 60 capsules . ..

Do any of you guys have this one ???

Signing off ' a coffee diva'


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