Friday's Coffee Catch up !

Be sure to check out this weeks Sunday paper for some great coupons for International delight coffee creamers. I could actually use a few to stock up. I have just been using half n half lately. Which is my favorite. But I love variety :) has a few new kcups now in stock : GM Dark Magic, Dark Magic Decaf, Double Black Diamond, And Hazelnut . New Single Serve Coffee Maker

Log on to Nescafe's coffee page and get a free sample pack !

Well how was everyone's week so far ? Mine was great. I am actually a little down today (which is odd for me usually i'm so positive) I think this rainy weather , and worrying about my husband at work has me feeling thrown off. Nothing is wrong, but I'm just worried about some new things they are doing. I started great yesterday and today, but now I'm kind of trailing down lol. I am going to have a cup of tea and just relax after work. Then later I have some shopping and errands to run. So I will try and get out of my funk. I just wish it was nice weather, I know I could use that sun.. Well everyone have a wonderful weekend.. anyone else having bad weather by your neck of the woods have you feeling down too ???

Signing off a " gloomy " coffee diva


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