Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla Ground Coffee Review

Well as I am always on the hunt for a great bagged coffee to use in my Keurig Single Serve brewer, I've finally found the perfect one ! I had use DD French Vanilla before, but truly forgot how amazing it tastes :) I bought a whole pound of it with a gift card I got for my birthday. Me and my husband opened it up right when we got home and drank two cups one after the other ! It just to me is the perfect French vanilla because it is medium bodied. I hate French vanilla flavored coffee's that taste like your just drinking milk . Yuck ! I want flavor AND a nice medium bold coffee too. Well this one is just that. No matter how many times I used it in my Keurig brewer it tasted perfect! I made it in regular sized mugs, or bigger one, and the flavor still held up nice. I give it 5 out of 5 coffee cups. There is no negative, or down side to this coffee that I can think of. I know that DD is coming out with kcups and I can't wait to get this in kcup form. But this is a way to make your money stretch by buying the bag. It is $11.95 but really worth the taste.

So has anyone else tried Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla? Or any other coffee house favorites ??

Signing off a "vanilla' Coffee Diva ;) Enjoy this beautiful warm day out !


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