4/29 Friday's " Royal " run down ;)

Greetings everyone! T.G.I.F, I hope you all enjoyed the royal wedding very early this morning. It was an absolutely beautiful ceremony. I cried when the two love birds exchanged vows. It was just a piece of history that one day I know I will look back on and remember I watched it all :)
Here is Friday's coffee news round up !

*Log on to vanhouttee.com to take your coffee profile and see what your flavor is. ( Mine was velvety & woodsy ).

* Want a Brikka pot for authentic espresso? Well then log on to bialettishop.com to get 15% off any Bialetti product. Use mother's day code MOKA04.

*Log on to health.com to see 4 recipes involving coffee that will have us coffee lover's going crazy :) Yumm

*Log on to caribou.com to get 20% off your order. Just enter promo code MOM2011 at checkout .

I hope everyone has a great weekend ! Enjoy !

P.S. I wrote on my facebook and I'll say it again.. I might not be from a royal family but I definitely married my prince charming. Love you baby :)

Signing off a " royal princess " coffee diva


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