The Heat & Ikea ....

We have been having a bit of a heat wave here in NYC. Everyone seems to be cranky, hot, and lazy. Oh wait is that just me ? Minus the cranky lol. What is it about the heat that makes you feel so lazy! It took me forever to get out of bed today. I probably hit the snooze button a million times. I was supposed to go to my local Rite Aid and pick up a few things, but knowing that heat was out there. I just laid in bed until the last minute possible. Then of course the laundry has piled up. I told my husband I'd do it last week but that never happened. He kept forgetting to give me the laundry card. So finally today he remembered. He has run out of clothes so I HAVE to do all this laundry on the hottest day of the year! I don't mind doing the laundry regularly because I take care of everything in our apartment. That is my job. But I am dreading doing this "job" later. Luckily I have some time to drag it out and sit here in front of the fan with the shades drawn because I am expecting a UPS package. I can't leave now anyway (yay).
I love the spring and beginning of summer when that possibility is fresh of grilling outdoors. Having the windows open. And the positivity of seeing the sun shine. But.... me personally. I'm a winter girl all the way. I adore the holidays. I love the cold fresh air. I love cold/chilly rainy days. It's me and my husbands favorite. Fireplaces. Snow. Snuggling up. I go out all the time in the winter. Some times more than even in the summer. I have my own porch so I go out every morning with my coat on and enjoy that glorious gift we all love other wise known as coffee :)
I will try to endure this heat wave. If you don't hear from me in a while I might have fallen asleep from the heat or passed out doing laundry lol What are your ways to beat the heat? Where you guys live is it very hot? Cold? Or both?

P.S. I'm totally awaiting the 2014 Ikea Catalog. That is like Christmas morning in my home. I haven't been to Ikea since about December. So I am due for a haul. I can't wait to see the new designs !!!!
This photo is of a new chair I am crushing on at Ikea. Looks very modern to me. Love the color. Isn't she a beauty ??

Signing off a " hot " Coffee Diva :)


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