Gevalia Dark Roast K-Cup Review

Today I am in a Pinterest kind of mood. Getting close to fall before we know it, I am getting that itch to buy new linens, blankets, and maybe a cozy chair. I love Pinterest. I have gotten such good design ideas from there. I love to look up apartments. Seeing people's bold designs inspires me to push my limits. I want to become a better decorator.

So I have a good review for you today. I have really loved all of the Gevalia K-Cups I have tried so far. This is another one: Gevalia Dark Roast is the newest one I have tried. It is " an intense complex blend". Full Bodied. 100% Arabica Beans. It smells great. Has a strong aroma reminiscent of when you walk into your favorite coffee house shop. Dark color. Rich and bold but not bitter at all. Nice and smooth. Me and my husband both loved it. I think it is good for every day use if you like a medium-bold coffee. I would give it Four coffee cups out of 5.

P.S. As I am writing, I am listening to the Coffee House station on slacker radio :)

Signing off a " Bold " Coffee Diva


  1. Haven't tried those K-cups yet, but 4/5 is good enough for me to give it a chance!

    1. Hi Jackie :) Thank you so much for your comment, and vote of confidence ! Let me know how and if you like them .



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