The Republic of Tea Deal

Happy Sunday all :) What are your usual traditions for Sundays? A morning paper & Coffee ? Brunch with the friends.. Catching up on the weeks shows ? Mine is a little of everything. My hubby always works on the weekend so my schedule is the same. I love to catch up on the the new sales, read the paper, have 2 cups of coffee in the morning, do my work in the afternoon, and everything in between ! Today I will be touching up my painting job from yesterday and making over some sad picture frames I have for my hallway lol.
I found a great deal today if you are more of a tea lover. The republic of tea has a special deal for today only, with any purchase of $30 or more get a free Ginger tea tin . I love this website and their products. I am equally a tea junkie as I am of coffee. So I hope this made your day if you were checking the weekly deals as most people do on Sundays.. and enjoy your day :)

Signing off a "tea " coffee Diva


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