Pupkin Spice Kcup review...

Well I have yet another great review on all things with pumpkin or spice in them :) . My latest kcup review is for Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice. My hubby bought me 2 boxes at kmart as surprise gift. ( I have been bugging him to restock the kcup collection for the past month lol). So I tried the kcup yesterday and I loved it. I have to say Green Mountain, makes the best coffee I have ever tasted in my life hands down. There is not one kcup I don't like. Every single one of my favorite kcups are green mountain! They just keep nailing the name of the kcup on the head. This kcup was similar to the coffee creamer I reviewed last week. The undertones taste like a pumpkin flavored coffee. Medium body. But strong enough to carry over the spices. Not sweet like sugar or anything that you'd be like yuck I need more coffee. It was perfectly balanced. The aftertaste is like cinnamon and nutmeg, and all those yummy spices. It is absolutely PERFECT for fall. And for going all the way into the winter. I can see drinking this on Christmas night, or even in the cold months January/ February. Today was my second time trying it and again, I drank it literally to the last drop. Now that I have a new microwave, if my cup gets cold I just reheat it. Because I do not want to waste a drop of this coffee , and you won't either! Definitely a 5 coffee cup rating :) You coffee enthusiasts like me have to try :) Weather you are a keurig lover or not, this coffee comes in a bag as well !

If anyone has tried this post a review as well I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Signing off A coffee Diva

P.S My hubby eyed a "holiday collection assortment kcup pack" at kmart too, and he was saying he will be buying me this to have for november/december holidays. I can't wait to try and review. This will be my first holiday season with our keurig!!


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