A new Kcup to review..

Happy Halloween weekend all ! I have just gotten back home after going away for my bridal shower/ dress fitting/ ordering my flowers for our wedding! I am very excited it's a little over a month away.The butterflies are in my stomach and I can't even wait lol....
Well I hope whatever everyone does they are safe, and keep your kids in earlier there are so many crazy people out there ! After I run my errands I am staying in my warm cozy beautiful apartment with a nice hot cup of coffee and scary movies . It's very chilly here in N.Y.C ..
Well when I went food shopping with my future hubby yesterday we picked up a box of Tully's Italian Roast kcups. It was on sale ! $3 off (at pathmark). I will be reviewing this week, as well as submitting my review for the kcup version of Folger's gourmet Vanilla Biscotti ( spoiler alert ! I LOVED IT ) ... 

So everyone have a great Hall O Week End :) you know what's scary ? A world with no coffee lol

Signing off A spooky coffee Diva ! 


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