Happy Halloween !!

Happy Halloween to all. I hope it is safe, and sound :).. I'm not one to really go out and mingle with the freaks. I can't stand people as I've gotten older, and grant it I'm only 24, but I've seen it all already. And from what I've seen, I'd rather have a nice cozy romantic night in with my hubby watching movies and having a nice hot cup of java !
So today I was on the hunt for Decaf coffee. Of all the coffee I have in the house, probably 7/8 different bags of variety, and hundreds of Kcups, you would think I'd have one that was Decaf right? Nope. Not one. I used to have Timothy's Colombian Decaf and I truly loved it. You would never have even known it was Decaf unless I told you. Even my better half would drink it. So I ran out naturally. I only have Decaf when it's that time of the month lol, they say women shouldn't drink caffeine so I try my best to be healthy ( especially when it's that "time" I need all the help I can get that my body is feeling so tired and messed up! Don't want to screw it up some more ) . Anywhoo.. I went out shopping during the afternoon and picked up New England Coffee Hazelnut Creme ( Decaf of course). I brewed a cup earlier in my Baby Keurig, and it was soo friggin good . I couldn't get over it. Immediately I smelt it from the other room which is a plus. Great aroma. Then it had a nice crema on it, which not all bag coffee's have so another plus. I only added 2 spoons of half n half no sugar. Tasted great. You got the hazelnut flavor , but there was something in the background that balance it out. Which I loved. I have tried some hazelnut's and some time's they are too "hazelnutty" ( not a world I get it people ! ) and then I want to vomit. So this one was perfect! It is nice medium boldness for a Decaf coffee, this like the other kcup I don't even think you would know was Decaf. So I've found yet another coffee treasure I am in love with! This made my day , along with many other good things :) .. It is only $6.99 bag, and I got it on sale today at my local Key Food for $4.99 steal ! So please try them out. They have a lot of other flavors too.. let me know if you've ever tried this one...

Signing off A Scarrrrrry & spoooky Coffee (decaffeinated) Diva :)


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