Free Gift Set from Green Mountain!

Hello my coffee lovers! If you are like me, and you are signed up on Face there are some truly great deals you can get. Anywhere from coupons, to free stuff. One of my favorite coffee brands ( actually I think number 1 in my book) Green mountain coffee, was starting to give away free coffee I think once a month ( could be wrong so check it out online ). The last week they gave away about 2500 prizes. Either kcups like I got or ground coffee. I got it today I couldn't believe how fast they sent it, and how beautiful it was! The sampler box alone on goes for $9.99, and I'm not sure about the cup but probably the same price. In the box was Vermont country blend, and house blend. I have never tried either of these kcups so I am super duper excited. I love getting free things. I am very thankful. This really made my day :) .. So I will be on the lookout for the next contests and I will be posting them on here.....

Have you guys ever gotten a really great free sample like this before ? If so share :)

Signing off A coffee Diva ..
coffee of the day pumpkin spice kcup with froth milk latte style! P.S. I will be posting YouTube video's on how to use an authentic Italian style Espresso maker. I bought one on . So I'm getting schooled on how to use it properly ! OK have a great day let's keep viewing until I hit 1,000 views people Thank you !


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