I'm back from Vacation..

Hello my coffee friends. First off, Happy Friday. Hope everyone is having an amazing "love month". Or do you just hate Valentine's day ?? Well everyone has their views. I think we've all been on both sides at one point or another. Or maybe not for me, since I've always been a hopeless romantic lol. . Well I just want to say thank you guys for voting for my blog , reading, and commenting. I am loving this. I see I have viewers across the seas. So you might be reading this in French in Italian. So ciao or bonjour !!!
I have been away on vacation with my husband for a little over two weeks. We are both back at work now. We did tons of renovations to our apartment. We painted so much. Put together great furniture. Went shopping. Ate out way too much lol. But hey that's vacation right !
So now I am here to bring you the best of the best. For all things blog-like, coffee-like, or tea-like :)
I hope you enjoy my little coffee song to get you energized today. I started off good. Then slumped in the middle. Now my energy is back up. It is hard to get back into routine after slacking for two weeks. Have you guys been on the healthy kick since new years or did you fall off by now ? Well I started eating healthy a year ago this time. And I've went down a few dress sizes. But it was extremely slow because I did it the right healthy way. No crazy fads. But I kind of hit a wall since my wedding. With the honeymoon , holidays, and now recently vacation, I haven't been as strict as I've been and I feel like I bloated up a bit lol. I don't weigh myself ever. I can just tell in my clothes. Well I started fresh today , and I know once I get into my groove I'll be set. I just want to feel healthy again I don't care about loosing weight. I love my curvy body and my husband thinks I'm gorgeous :)
Anyways, enough of my ramblings... Oh no wait this is a blog you are supposed to do that right lol !

So questions of the day ... How are you guys doing with your resolutions ?? Did you fall off also ??When do you go on vacation usually if you even get vacation ??

A "determined and focused " coffee Diva


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