New Target Bistro Set

Happy Tuesday all. I'm currently cycling as I'm writing lol. My birthday was Saturday so I been a but M.I.A. I wanted to catch up and share a beautiful Target Bistro Set I found for my balcony. It was part of my birthday present. I have been on the hunt for years for the perfect set. One that would be sturdy. I'm 6 flights up and it gets very windy up here. One that looked visually appealing. One that was waterproof. Rust proof. As well as comfortable chairs and a big table to eat on. I have a very big balcony. Its pretty much an extra room. Usually the sets i would find were small and flimsy. Well this one was all of those things and more. It is so comfortable.  The table is big. I can't wait to use all year long. I want to get some new lights for outside as well as a new outdoor rug.

You can order online if interested.  Hope you all have been having a good March.

Signing off an "older" coffee diva 😀


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