L'Oréal Paris Advanced Oil Hair Review

Hey guys. Hope you are all enjoying a cold Thursday afternoon. I have another review for you guys courtesy of Loreal and Influenster. I received the shampoo, conditioner, and serum for free. I was really excited to try but unfortunately this one was no good for me. As you can see in my before and after the shampoo does smooth your hair. For me it was too much "oil". I first just tried the shampoo/conditioner/serum. Then without either product to produce better results but no luck. It completely weighed my hair down. So much so I barely could do anything with it styling wise. Forget about using the serum. My hair turned really greasy as the day went on. I always have had good luck with Loreal hair care products so this was a downer for me. I guess the oil was just too heavy for my hair. I will be giving this away. The shampoo literally feels like you are putting oil over your hair. There is no later. The conditioner was okay. It didn't really get my hair that smooth which was ironic being that it made my hair so flat. The scent was the nicest thing about the product.
I would only recommend buying if you have the driest hair in the world lol. I give it one coffee cup out of 5. Sorry Loreal this won't be a repurchase. I love smooth hair but if it looks like I dipped in olive oil by the afternoon it's a no go for me.

Have you guys tried this yet? You can purchase in Target or any drugstore it's now on shelves. Proceed with caution!

Signing off an "oily" Coffee Diva


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