Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sephora/Urban Outfitters Haul

A nice vignette of my Sephora and Urban Outfitters haul. I will be returning some stuff to a different Sephora.  The one on 14th was horrible.  I'm not even going to go there. It's unfortunate that one of the most prestigious beauty companies in the world have people working in them who belong in a McDonald's.  I've been to many locations in Manhattan that I would not shop at again. Very sad. Especially when you are spending a lot of money.  Any who, I loved Urban Outfitters natural beauty line. Their clothes are way too west coast hippie for me. But the perfume and sprays were all organic so I was in heaven! Can't wait to go back. The one in the city is actually open 24 hours a day.

I'll let you guys know when I exchange my Sephora items. I will be switching exclusive to Ulta.  Nicer people. 

Signing off a "Disappointed" Coffee Diva

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New Target Bistro Set

Happy Tuesday all. I'm currently cycling as I'm writing lol. My birthday was Saturday so I been a but M.I.A. I wanted to catch up and share a beautiful Target Bistro Set I found for my balcony. It was part of my birthday present. I have been on the hunt for years for the perfect set. One that would be sturdy. I'm 6 flights up and it gets very windy up here. One that looked visually appealing. One that was waterproof. Rust proof. As well as comfortable chairs and a big table to eat on. I have a very big balcony. Its pretty much an extra room. Usually the sets i would find were small and flimsy. Well this one was all of those things and more. It is so comfortable.  The table is big. I can't wait to use all year long. I want to get some new lights for outside as well as a new outdoor rug.

You can order online if interested.  Hope you all have been having a good March.

Signing off an "older" coffee diva 😀

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Garnier Whole Blends Hair Care Review

Happy Thursday all. Sorry it's been so busy here this month. I hope you are all doing well. I have new reviews to catch you up on.
I received samples from Crowdtap and Garnier for their new Whole Blends hair care line. There are three different varieties that I was given to try. All of them are healthy formulas with good ingredients for your hair as well as being paraben free which I love.

1)Coconut water & Vanilla Milk (Hydrating). This one was my favorite. I absolutely LOVE the scent first off. It is so good it lasts all day. The shampoo made my hair so smooth, which never ever happens using a shampoo I was shocked. Nice foaming lather but didn't feel stripped like usual. The conditioner was the perfect consistency. Not too thick and heavy, but not thin either. Definitely my hair felt nourished. Quenched. Revived. I love this combo. I am definitely buying the full size bottles. I give a 5 out of 5 coffee cups.

2) My second favorite was the Honey Treasures shampoo (Repairing). This shampoo was also like this Coconut water scent. It's enriched with royal jelly and propelis. It lathered nice and the scent was very pleasing. You can smell all day. Didn't strip my hair either. Same went for the conditioner. I would give it 4 coffee cups out of 4.

3) My third and final blend I tried was Coconut Oil & Cocoa Butter (Smoothing). I thought I would like this one but ironically it didn't smooth my hair and make it as soft as the first two blends. I didn't like the scent as much as the others. Still nice though. I would give it 3 coffee cups out of 5.

I would recommend all blends to be tried on your hair because you never know what variety you will like. I don't usually buy or like Garnier hair products to be honest. I think they stink lol. But this whole blends natural line is a whole other story. I want the Coconut Water line A.S.A.P. I just love it. Usually shampoo/conditioners never work on me so I am shocked that I had such nice results. All are about $6.99 per bottle and they come with options for extra conditioning. You can purchase at your local drugstore or online through Garnier.

Signing off a "whole blended" Coffee Diva :)

Thursday, March 3, 2016

L'Oréal Paris Advanced Oil Hair Review

Hey guys. Hope you are all enjoying a cold Thursday afternoon. I have another review for you guys courtesy of Loreal and Influenster. I received the shampoo, conditioner, and serum for free. I was really excited to try but unfortunately this one was no good for me. As you can see in my before and after the shampoo does smooth your hair. For me it was too much "oil". I first just tried the shampoo/conditioner/serum. Then without either product to produce better results but no luck. It completely weighed my hair down. So much so I barely could do anything with it styling wise. Forget about using the serum. My hair turned really greasy as the day went on. I always have had good luck with Loreal hair care products so this was a downer for me. I guess the oil was just too heavy for my hair. I will be giving this away. The shampoo literally feels like you are putting oil over your hair. There is no later. The conditioner was okay. It didn't really get my hair that smooth which was ironic being that it made my hair so flat. The scent was the nicest thing about the product.
I would only recommend buying if you have the driest hair in the world lol. I give it one coffee cup out of 5. Sorry Loreal this won't be a repurchase. I love smooth hair but if it looks like I dipped in olive oil by the afternoon it's a no go for me.

Have you guys tried this yet? You can purchase in Target or any drugstore it's now on shelves. Proceed with caution!

Signing off an "oily" Coffee Diva

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Secret Outlast X-tend Review

Hi guys. Another review I have is for the new Secret Outlast X-tend deodorant.  If you have a busy active lifestyle like I do, you will love this deodorant.  Keeps you protected all day. No white residue on your clothes. Solid bar. Fresh light scent. I give it 3 coffee cups out of 5. Try it out and let me know what you guys think. My only criticism is new different scents.

**I received this product free for testing purposes from Crowdtap**

Signing off a "dry" coffee diva ;)

Amope Pedi Perfect Wet&Dry Rechargable Foot File Review

Happy Tuesday all! It's the first day of March. I can not believe that. My birthday month. My 30th birthday is on the 26th. Not sure how I feel about that one lol. It's exciting and scary at the same time. I feel like I will blink and then I'm going to be 50. I always put so much pressure on myself so I try and take it one step at a time and just be thankful I am well. I am healthy. I have accomplished a lot at my age. I am married to a wonderful man. I have a great family. And just leave it at that right. Who knows what the future holds?

So one of the benefits of being a blogger, is belonging to amazing websites such as I was able to receive a free Amope pedi perfect wet/dry rechargeable foot file to review for free. Say that ten times fast lol. I wanted to do a review because it is absolutely amazing. I will try to compose my thoughts the best I can since I am excited!

Ok. First things first. It is completely easy to use. Upon un-boxing it already comes with a battery so you can start use upon purchase. It has two speeds. Regular and high for stubborn spots. It's a pretty teal color that looks nice kept out in your bathroom. Included is a charger. Making it easy to take with you for travel. It comes with one file head already attached but you can purchase refills every few months. I remember seeing them even in Target. The Amope retails for about $60 on amazon. Each store the price might vary.

If you have dry feet this will be a miracle. My feet were never horrible but I did always have dry heels from standing on my feet for years as well as this one callus that no matter how many times I filed and went to the nail salon still creeped back. Now they are as smooth as brand new skin. It's amazing. I used it dry but you can use wet. They also have different filers for severely dry feet. For me this was enough. I used it three times already. I think once a week will be sufficient. A few minutes and that's all. It does not burn, itch, tickle, hurt, or anything that you might think with a foot filer. It isn't that loud either. I haven't even had to charge mine yet. I think it's fun to use. I usually give myself a "beauty day" once a week. But never was able to give myself a nice pedicure. Now I can. My feet look amazing and this is going to be perfect for the summer.

It might seem like a decent purchase at $60, but you will more than get your money's worth after only a few uses. How much do you spend on pedicures every two weeks? Now you don't have to. Just use the Amope and throw on nail polish and you will look like you went to the salon. No one will know the difference but you. Plus you can use it to touch up in between. You will save money. Feel great. Look good. There is nothing negative here folks! I give it five coffee cups out of 5. I even gave it a 5 star review on I'm even looking into buying the nail one for my manicures. Here is the link if you would like to purchase on amazon or read more reviews.

If you guys have ever used Amope please comment on your own review! If you have any questions and would like to purchase just message me or leave a comment here I'd love to answer.

Signing off a "beautiful feet" coffee Diva ;)